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Korin Morningstar

"You think being a smugglers hard try being a Nerf herder"

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a character in “Star Wars The Old Republic: Outcasts”, originally authored by snipergirl24, as played by RolePlayGateway


Korin Morningstar

Age: 24
Race: Human
Class: Smuggler
Force or Non-Force?: Yes, Korin has force abilities, but has never been formerly trained. It's something she doesn't like to talk about.

Appearance: Korin is beautiful and womanly with brilliant blue eyes and long dark hair. Her features are soft and young; she often mistaken for being younger than she actually is. This grates on Korin's nerves because no one wants to take her seriously. But it can be an advantage at times making it easy for her to take an enemy by surprise. Korin way of style is one of convenience and the need of being able to move freely; as to doge laser blasts and slip away unnoticed. Still this is hard because she easily distinguished by the blue in her hair, something natural that her father's only explanation had been her mother's hair was blue. Other than that Korin doesn't know much about her mother; because her father refuses to speak of her. No matter how may times Korin has tried to die the azure hues out of her hair it never changes; which makes it hard when you have someone trying to kill you.

Personality: Korin is cocky and a smart ass, this often gets her in trouble; as a child she would find herself in fights because she had made a comment to someone bigger than her. Her father gave up on sending her to school not that it really mattered on Tatooine anyway. Her father's trade was good enough for her in fact she preferred the life of a smuggler and found it exciting. She likes to keep to herself but wont hesitate to protect herself or her father if threatened. She's not quick to anger, and can keep a level head in sticky situations; but she is typically not willing to stick her neck out for someone else other than her father. Korin is always looking for a way to make a quick credit and will smuggle just about anything, anywhere. She also has a bad gambling habit that gets her in trouble most of the time; but pays out well when she has a lucky streak.

Starting Equipment:
Blaster in holster attached to her thigh
Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter "The Dawnstar"
Droid T3-41

History: Korin was born under odd circumstances; she was the result of what her father, Cylus Morningstar thought was a one night stand. But nine months later a baby was found on his lab table on his ship with a holo recording. Korin's mother let him know that the child was his and that there was no way that she would be able to care for the child. Her father was in a quandary on what to do with her as well, his line of work was not the type to have baby with you; and he hadn't the slightest idea how to take care of child. His father had been a smuggler before him and so on and so forth; most had died before their 30'th birthday. So he went to only person he knew that might be able to help him; his grandmother. The elderly Tatooine woman had worked hard to raise her grandson to the best of her abilities but found that he went the same way the her son and his father before him had taken. Now her grandson dropped a girl baby with blue and black hair in her arms; she was furious with him at first he was too young in her opinion to have a child. But she took the girl in anyway she would never turn away her own flesh and blood. The old woman named the girl Korin and raised her with hard work and principles; but the girl had a wild streak and mouth to go with it and found herself in trouble allot.

Korin tried her best to do what her great-grandmother tried to tell her but she was just so... old fashioned and Korin wanted to have fun. She very rarely saw her father he would stop in from time to time but not much interaction took place between father and daughter. When Korin was five her great-grandmother noticed that the girl was capable of doing amazing things; this worried the old woman she didn't want some Jedi coming and taking the child away. So she decided to punish the child when she use these unwanted abilities and eventually Korin learned to not do those things around her great-grandmother. She hated being different and the other children treated her that way, they would tease Korin mercilessly. Eventually Korin gave up on going to school and started roaming the streets picking pockets and conning people out of credits. Sadly her great-grandmother passed away during this time; this forced her father to return home to Tatooine and do something with his young daughter. He soon found out what his daughter was doing instead of going to school so he decided she was old enough to come with him on his ship. So at the age of twelve Korin began her training in the world of smuggling.

Now that Korin is and adult she has adopted allot of the beliefs in life that her father has taught her over the years. Get money how ever you can, never stay in one place too long; and any one can be played for a chump if your convincing enough. She works along side him and has become a well known smuggler in her own right one of the few females that do the job. But the years are catching up with Korin's father and is beginning to turn more and more over to his daughter.

So begins...

Korin Morningstar's Story