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Master Xalyrion

Xalyrion can use both light and dark side. He is not dark nor light side. Favorite powers: Force Grip and Force Lightning. Wielding a double-bladed fire-orange Lightsaber, he is a force to be feared.

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a character in “Star Wars: The Old Republic”, as played by Zahktuthal


Average body, 180lb. He has brown, short hair with dark green eyes. Stands 5 feet and 11 inches tall. Has no mustache, and is clean shaven.

Class: Sentinel.
(Former) Rank: Jedi Master.


Calm, 'nuf said.


Black Jedi Master robes, a fire-orange double-bladed Lightsaber.
( ... tsaber.jpg) Is the lightsaber.
Has black boots to match the robes and black gloves. Wears a mask just like Revan and always has his hood up over his head.

He also has two droids: HK-49, an assassin droid he built himself and Z4-M9, an astromech droid similar to R2's model, also built by Xalyrion.


Trained under the greatest of the Sith. And killed him. He pilots a Starfire (Jango Fett's model of ship), named the Sharp Talon. He knows all the powers of Light and Dark and in between, and has mastered Force Persuation, Grip, Lightning, and Heal.

Xalyrion was born on the planet Ylesia. The harsh conditions there made Xalyrion a toughened veteran of combat at even the age of 6. Then the Jedi found him and took him in. 20 years past and Xalyrion had become a Jedi Master. But then he left. He joined Revan in the Mandalorian wars and earned himself a reputation as one of the greatest warriors of all time. He had mastered The Force, as well as the use of a Double-Bladed Lightsaber.
After Revan had betrayed the Republic after he won the Mandalorian Wars, Xalyrion went into a self-exile. None have seen him since.

So begins...

Master Xalyrion's Story