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Zebron Kooladi

Feisty Jedi Padawan

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a character in “Star Wars: Time of the Ancients”, as played by Schwuldubist


Zebron Kooladi


Full name: - Zebron Kooladi
Alias/Nicknames: - Zeebs
Gender: - Female
Species/Race: – Miraluka
Birth Date: - 1516
Age: - 19
Descendent(of): - Chikit Kooladi (father) and Wismin Kooladi (mother)
Current Residence: -
Job/Profession: - Student
Title: - Padawan
Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): - Jedi

Height: - 5’1”
Weight: - 110
Build: - Skinny
Eye Color: - N/A
Hair Color: - Pale blue
Handedness: - Left
Skin Shade/Color: - Tan
Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: - None
Description: – Zebron Kooladi is a skinny, short Miraluka whom does not wear any designed eye cover, instead she uses simple bandages to help her remember the many lessons of the Jedi teaching. Her pale blue hair is draped in front of her bandages. Her skin is mostly covered by the padawan robes she wears, but what skin is seen is has a rich tan from meditating outside in the sun. She wears tight fitting clothes to help her move for combat training, but she doesn’t have much of a figure being so skinny.

Sexuality/Preference: - Bisexual
Sanity: - Sane
Friends: - None at the moment
Likes: - The way of the Jedi, her old Master, Animals
Dislikes: - Her Current master, being showed up
Hobbies: - Meditating, taking care of stray animals
Personality: - Zebron has a kind heart, but also has all the worst traits of a teenager. She helps others when she can, however she often acts on impulse instead of logic, and is often ending up the one who needs to be helped.

Weapons: – lightsabre
Combat Attire: – Padawan robes and full leather outfit.
Accessories: – Eye bandages

General/Preferred Style: – Zebron prefers distance using force powers instead of lightsabres or blasters
Weapons Style: – Zebron uses a defensive fighting style aimed at putting distance between you and your attacker

Force Sensitive: - Yes
Force Alignment: - Light Side
Major Powers: - Force Sense, Force Sight
Minor Powers: – Telekinesis, Force Speed, Mind Tricks

Relationship Status: – Single
Family: – Chikit Kooladi (father) and Wismin Kooladi (mother)
Known Languages: – Miralukese
Personal History/Background: - Zebron Kooladi was born into an average family. She was not exceptional but had fantastic dreams of becoming a Jedi master. As all Miraluka are gifted in the force she began training herself in the arts of the force as long as she could remember. It was obvious that unlike most of her kind, she was gifted beyond force sight. She was accepted into the ranks of Jedi, and began official training quickly. Her master was a young Zelosian, only 15 years older than her, by the name of Cerix Lod and she became as loyal to him as one could. It wasn’t long before she grew madly in love with Cerix. She knew it was wrong, and that it was against everything that the Jedi code taught be she couldn’t help it. He was smart funny, and incredibly brave. Then everything changed, when her master died.

With this death she was transferred to a new master, Vividy’aru’wessinidid, or Yaruw.. She couldn’t understand what was the purpose of this transfer. She was old enough, and ready to be a knight. Obviously, she was upset when her master died, and there was no way the council could not have known that she was in love with Cerix. She made no mention of it to anybody, and she never talked to anybody about her feelings. Sure Yaruw was good with the force, be she was innate with the force, she was a Miraluka. Zebron decided to play these council games, she would earn her knighthood one way or the other however, was not going to make this easy on Yaruw. She would prove that she was ready to be a Jedi Knight.

So begins...

Zebron Kooladi's Story


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Yaruw and Zebron

Vividy’aru’Wessinidid, or Yaruw as any non-Chiss called him, had just woken up. After several weeks of talking to the leaders of the Gran, they were ready to meet with the Dug’s appointed representatives and discuss things. Next, he had to go meet with the Dug and discuss with them. But first he had to go wake his apprentice.

They were staying in a small housing unit set aside for diplomats in the Gran-run capitol on Malastare. Fortunately they had been given housing with separate rooms. Their astromech saw him pass, and beeped a question. Yaruw paused then said, “No, 3C-DC, I have to get Zebron first.”

He had already grown accustomed to the heavy gravity of Malastare. He had actually added training weights to wear about during the day. The stench was something else. The entire planet stank of methane. Once he arrived at the door to Zebron’s room, he knocked loudly and waited for a response.

Zebron’s response was to roll out of bed and flop onto the floor. “I’m so done with this gravity, Yaruw.” She called through the door. She quickly put on a robe, her eye bandages and opened the door, her hair a mess, her robe wrinkly and unprofessional, and she still didn’t have her shoes on. There were about seven or eight scented objects in her room to drown on the smell of the methane. She had wanted to light candles, but that was dangerous on this horrible planet.

“And with brushing your hair and folding your robes apparently,” Yaruw said with a hint of a smile in his eyes. He ignored her refusal to address him as master this morning. He had something to justify it he supposed. “However that reminds me, I got you something,” he continued, holding out a pair of weighted gauntlets and calf covers, almost identical to what he himself was currently wearing under his robes.

Zebron grabbed what looked like leather armor, “I didn’t realize it was going to be dang- What the hell?” came a terse response as she dropped the weighted gauntlets. “Why would I add even more weight? I’m already tired by noon every day.” She pushed them into her room with her foot then turned inside to brush her hair to please her master. After a mediocre job of brushing her hair she came back to the doorway.

“You need to wear those. Once we leave this planet, you’ll feel the benefits of this. Consider it training. Everyday. The body must be kept well-toned, as the mind is kept honed. You really must learn to care for your robes as well. Although you will be the one to meet with the Dug today looking like that,” he lectured her, feeling slightly disgusted that he was lecturing at all. He sighed inwardly, wondering if he could just trade her for a Dug apprentice. He was beginning to feel even they would be better than this terror the council had bestowed on him.

Yaruw’s padawan grumbled a lot as she put on the weights. She then began pulling at her robe in a cheap attempt to pull out the wrinkles. It didn’t take long for her to realize it wouldn’t work. “Fine fine, I’ll change.” She gave him a slight nudge out of the room and rustled a bit behind the door, coming out in a much cleaner looking Jedi robe.

Yaruw nodded in approval. He wouldn’t thank her for doing what she should have already done. He constantly felt her resentment towards him. He couldn’t understand it. He knew her previous master had died, but that was not his fault. He faced her constant fights and provocations as he would any other test. He wondered if he’d ever get another padawan after this.

“We need to go get 3C-DC and have him contact the Dug leaders and inform them we’ll be on our way. We have a speeder and protocol droid outside courtesy of the Gran consulate here,” Yaruw told her as he began turn, although he paused and gave her one more glance, furrowing his brow a bit. This was highly effective intimidation when one has glowing red eyes, “I’m driving.” He frowned as he turned, remembering Miraluka had no eyes with which to appreciate the terror of his gaze. He sighed again when he heard her reply, not even needing to see the smirk.

The intimidation has little effect on someone who could only see with force sight. Still she could tell this was not worth the argument. So she smirked, “I’ll make sure to wear my seatbelt.”


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Zebron could not stop fidgeting with her weights in the passenger seat. They made this uncomfortable world even more unbearable. She hadn’t said a word since they got into the speeder and picked up 3C-DC. Even though she would never admit it to Yaruw, she was nervous about what was to come.

Yaruw knew they were getting close; he could also sense his padawan's anxiousness. Of course he didn't even need the force to tell that. She had been uncharacteristically quiet since they left. The red stone hills ahead were their destination. It was an eerie sight as the sped alongside a black lake giving off green fumes of methane. The sky was a dark red as well, making the hills difficult to see. Yaruw looked down at his hands on the steering console, probably the only blue thing on the planet. "They Dug may be aggressive and belligerent, but the best way to through them off is to keep your calm. They're used to being intimidating. They are strong and tough, but we aren't here for a fight. Just steady yourself. Meditate. We'll be there within the next half hour," Yaruw shouted over the roar of the speeder. He tried to keep his tone kind though, so she wouldn't mistake him for lecturing her
A simple nod was all he received. Zebron closed her eyes and did her best to meditate. In all of her training with her previous master she had never done diplomacy. He had always been there with his silver tongue and she wasn’t required – for that matter even asked – to attempt it. The wind rushing past became white noise to her as she began to drown out her outside in meditation. She could do this, if a jedi knight could do this then so could she, she was ready to be a knight, and this was just another test to prove that she didn’t need Yaruw.

Yaruw gave her a sideways glance, unaccustomed to her being silent. However, this was their first mission together. The council seemed intent on heaping difficulties upon him. Hopefully Zebron would prove herself soon, and in turn help him to prove himself. And he could go on to a more traditional padawan. His specialty was diplomacy. Chiss in general made excellent diplomats, and often had to be skilled with their tongues. Chiss could not initiate violence on another sentient unless attacked first. Even if they knew it was coming. They could only raise their hands in defense. Many Chiss would faint if they attempted it. Those with stronger constitutions would just vomit. Yaruw on the other hand... well he was a Jedi, his training gave him... some advantages.

They finally pulled into what looked like a sandstone castle on their speeder. Yaruw killed the engine and motioned for the droids to exit and follow. He turned to wait for Zebron, and see how she was looking. She, in turn, stood up and brushed herself off, straightening her clothes to look as presentable as her morning grumpiness would let her. Her face no longer showed any signs of anxiety. “Alrighty, Y-” There was a paused, she would need his help know and it was time to act like it, “Master Yaruw, what is the plan.”

"The Gran are willing to work on a compromise with the Dug. Now we just have to convince the Dug that they want a compromise. Follow my lead. I may have to... get bossy. Don't question anything I say or tell you to do. The fact that you will do what I say without any threat will impress them. Also, don't get jumpy if we walk into a dozen blasters pointed in our faces. It took a lot of talks and meetings to get the Dug leaders to even tell me where they were located. And I don't think this is their real base of operations," he looked at her and continued, "Do you understand? Will you please trust me here?"

Zebron sighed lightly, but realized it was probably for the best if she listened to him. Getting shot by a dozen blasters didn’t sound like the best ending to her life. “Fine. Can do.” She covered her annoyance and followed him inside, thankfully it was only seven blasters aimed at them instead of a dozen, so much better than he predicted.

Satisfied Zebron would not make this any more difficult than it needed to be, staring into the barrels of blasters seemed almost relaxing to him, "I am Vividy'aru'Wessinidid, we spoke over the communicator. This is Zebron. We are the Jedi mediators." ---- the blasters didn't waver. Yaruw smiled disarmingly and slowly pushed his cloak out of the way and withdrew the lightsaber at his side, he slowly and with purpose moved to a table at the side of the large conference room and sat it down. He motioned for Zebron to do the same.

Matching the confidence of her master, Zebron strode toward the table, pulling her lightsaber out and walked toward the table, hesitantly she placed it down. She knew she could pull if back to her, but would it be fast enough to save her life. This trust was already pushing Zebron’s boundaries of comfort. Even if she wasn’t very good with her lightsaber, at least it made her feel comfortable.

The blasters lowered finally, and Yaruw went to take a seat at the head of the table. He sat watching the door at the other side of the room, expecting the Dug delegate to be watching to see how he would react. Yaruw made a show of stretching a bit for assuming a relaxed position. If they wanted to make him wait by golly he'd be comfortable as he could get while he did.

Zebron took a seat beside him, the side closer to her lightsaber. She, however, could not get herself to relax like her master had accomplished so easily.