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One of the few primal pack leaders left, He seeks to destroy the "corrupt zerg", can can be easily "encouraged" to fight with the promise of essence or the death of corrupt zerg.

0 · 171 views · located in Set in the far future in the kropullu sector

a character in “Starcraft 2 Roleplay”, as played by T_Ax


I lumbering primal monster about 15 feet tall. purple goo oozes from it's gaping maw, its eye glow purple, its wings make it look a a airplane when it fly's, and it has been recently seen by a group of raynors raiders attacking a feral hive cluster.

This monster is very determined to see the extinction of the swarm, not much else is known about it

It has huge claws the size of knives, teeth the size of a small ursadak, and has been seen using some kind of purple energy laser from it's mouth, and carry's primal broodlings on its back which it hurls at its enemy's

Nothing is know about its backround

So begins...

Axelagra's Story