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This roleplay takes place after Stargate Atlantis

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After the story of Atlantis ends this story begins

Milky way Galaxy

The Tauri have begun setting up more offworld bases and with more bases means more SG teams are needed with the Lucian Alliance trying to steal their tech and the wraith trying to get to the milky way they need all the help they can get

Goauld Remnant
With the defeat of Anubis the Goaulds last hope for a unified empire disappeared any remaining Goauld joined up with Baal or went into hiding Now with the Ori gone the Goauld are free to begin conquering the galaxy again and they are smarter and sneakier then ever

Free Jaffa Nation
The Jaffa Nation lost most of their leadership when the Ori attacked Dakara but now they have returned to Dakara to rebuild what was lost However technology is scarce and the Lucian Alliance have begun taking advantage of the Jaffas situation

Lucian Alliance
The Lucian Alliance is made up of a council of powerful humans and the Alliance is made up of mostly Humans they seek to control the galaxy as the Goauld once did though they employ mostly Goauld technology they are learning to create their own new technologies

The Tokra have finally found a new Queen and have begun growing in numbers they no longer hide underground and have begun building cities and have also begun building some new Tokra prototype ships

Retu Rebels
When the Ori invaded the galaxy support for the rebel faction grew and now the Retu are preparing to go to war with the galaxy

Pegasus Galaxy

Coalition of Planets
The coalition of planets want their planets to be safe from the wraith and are collecting any technology they can find

Though they are a part of the coalition the Genii continue to only act in their best interests and may decide to turn on their fellow humans

The wraith are still in Civil war however the wraith are constantly hungry and no one knows where the wraith will appear next

Ori Galaxy

Ori army
The Ori army only wants whats best for their people and are in a constant struggle with the Ori Remnant and Ori warships are rare the Ori army now employs smaller ships to patrol its territories

Ori Remnant
The Ori Remnant is an army of Fanatics that believe the Ori are still with them even though their leaders know the Ori are gone they continue to fight to one day defeat the Tauri and have their revenge

Toggle Rules

One major character per faction

Original characters only

Only pick factions you are interested in

People may have secondary characters but they must be tied to a persons major character

No killing of peoples Characters without their permission

You can choose to give yourself missions to planets if you wish

You can be creative with ships and technology but it must be believable and technology must have weakness’s

If you get sick of a secondary character you own feel free to kill them off or give them to another member of your faction

You can not control an entire faction by yourself but you may control a faction within a faction for example a Goauld Domain

In battles non character ships can be destroyed at any time but conquering planets owned by other factions will require a sacrifice from a character

If you don’t know about stargate don’t worry just learn about these factions and do your best to fill a roll

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Character Portrait: Sobek

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Orbiting a large lush green and blue planet was a fleet of Goauld Motherships.
This planet was the jewel of his empire.
Sobek commanded a Serakh class Mothership which was about the size of an Ori Warship which orbited Sobeks Homeworld.

Sobek sat upon his golden throne thinking about his next move when he heard loud footsteps approaching

"My Lord"

Sobek stared at the jaffa that had approached him his first prime waited patiently for a response from his Master.

"what news have you brought me Crauc?" Asked Sobek

"The battle did not go as well as you had hoped my Lord the false god Renos has been slain and his armies have surrendered to us however we lost two motherships and many hundreds of Jaffa".

"It does not matter Crauc"

Sobek rose from his throne

"I simply needed Renos out of the way now all shall fear me".

"What is your next plan my Lord?"

"Now it is time to make myself known to the galaxy"

"I demand a new fleet be prepared for my next orders!"

"At once my Lord".

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Faiyum by ShadowLord

Faiyum is a beautiful planet with lush forests and bright blue oceans

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Character Portrait: Sobek
Character Portrait: Atlas "The Last Titan",


Character Portrait: Atlas "The Last Titan",
Atlas "The Last Titan",

"The Dragon of Knossos", "The All Father"

Character Portrait: Sobek

Sobek is a Goauld Lord


Character Portrait: Atlas "The Last Titan",
Atlas "The Last Titan",

"The Dragon of Knossos", "The All Father"

Character Portrait: Sobek

Sobek is a Goauld Lord

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Character Portrait: Atlas "The Last Titan",
Atlas "The Last Titan",

"The Dragon of Knossos", "The All Father"

Character Portrait: Sobek

Sobek is a Goauld Lord

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Faiyum by ShadowLord

Faiyum is a beautiful planet with lush forests and bright blue oceans


Faiyum is a beautiful planet with lush forests and bright blue oceans

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