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Empire of Cendalia


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Empire of Cendalia

The Empire of Cendalia is a complex one. A single Emperor with several wives, the first of which is the Empress. Many princes and princesses, each with their own guard. A new rumor every month. Nothing seems to be going right in Cendalia, an Empire once envied for its prosperity and peace. And on top of everything, the Emperor is dying. He is to leave the throne to an heir of his choice, but recent complications have left the man unable to read and write.

Inside the walls of the Imperial palace, a family falls apart. Siblings vie for power. Nobles and priests back their obvious choices. The servants plan a rebellion.

History of Cendalia

Cendalia was once a small nation, blocked off from the Endless Sea because of its far inland location. It saw little growth and little expansion and for a long, long time remained a tiny insignificant country with just enough militia to protect itself.

And then Prince Arseny was born. Arseny was not the first prince nor was he a particularly strong boy or well-beloved by his father. In fact, he was geuinely disliked by his father as Arseny's birth had caused the death of his mother. Arseny was a fourth son, mostly forgotten in the grand scheme of things, likely to be married off to some foreign princess. But this was not the fate he wanted, so it was not the fate he followed.

While Arseny was not particularly strong, not very good with a sword or a bow. But Arseny was cunning, ambitious, and charming and that was all he needed to move forward with his plans. He did as he was told, marrying a wealthy noblewoman.

Within three months of each other, Arseny's father and older siblings all fell mysteriously ill. The physicians said it was the plague but many suspected Arseny, the only royal untouched by the disease. When the rest of his family, inevitably, passed away, he was crowned the King of Cendalia.

But it wasn't enough.

Over the next decade, Arseny built up the strength of his military, pouring all of the royal coffers into the campaign. And then he marched on the country of Sorprend, a country with little military might. He won the battle and absorbed the country into Cendalia, thus beginning the Empire of Cendalia.

Over the years, Cendalia has conquered over twelve countries. Of those twelve, the Emperor has married four royals from four of the countries, whether as part of a peace arrangement or for love.

imperial blood

The House of the Empress, Velicylus is the house of the First Prince of Cendalia, who would be the most likely candidate for the throne if not for his mother whispering in his ear. It is no secret that the Empress and Prince have been baptized in the new faith sweeping across the nation, a faith not endorsed by the crown of the nobles of Cendalia. This faith is known as the Path of Varso, a religion that follows a Prophet, a cunning and well-spoken man that speaks of a great calamity approaching the borders of the Empire. Many believe Varso to be a madman and the Empress and the House of Velicylus's devotion to him are viewed by many to be just as mad.

The Empress was the first wife of the Emperor and is the only wife from the original Cendalia.

:: Open Roles ::

|| First Prince of Cendalia || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Empress of Cendalia || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Varso's Daughter & Wife to First Prince || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Guardian to First Prince || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Various Other Roles ||

Taken Roles


|| Prophet Varso || FC : Oscar Isaac || Played By :: Starlight Keeper ||

house of flowers

The House of Reqold is headed by the second wife the Emperor and her daughter, the First Princess. Known as the House of Flowers, the Reqold family is known for two things: their beauty and their lands. The House of Reqold holds more lands than any other Imperial Family, giving them an advantage over the other houses in terms of population and sheer militaristic power. In recent years, the Reqold family has made another play for power by marrying the First Princess to the foreign prince of Yeskoydor. A wealthy foreign prince with enough gold to pay for ten thousand sellswords. The First Princess is also known as a kind and generous noble, her beauty both inside and outside revered by the common folk of Cendalia.

The House of Reqold once ruled over the country of Remanik before it was absorbed into Cendalia. They, historically, surrendered without little convincing and were absorbed peacefully. Because of this, some consider them cowards. But some consider them patient, waiting to take the throne when the time was right.

:: Open Roles ::

|| First Princess of Cendalia || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Second Wife || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Guardian to the First Princess || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Various Other Roles ||

Taken Roles


|| The Foreign Prince of Yeskoydor || FC : Richard Madden || Played By :: Starlight Keeper ||

house of worship

The House of Hypatia is ruled by the Third Wife and the Second Princess. It is also, historically, known as the House of the Goddess. While the Second Princess has few nobles backing her, she clearly has the vote of the main religious faction of Cendalia: The Religion of Three, a religion that worships three primary deities: Lux, Marquis, and Keir. Many even rumor the Second Princess to be Godtouched by Keir, marked with a handprint from the God on her left wrist. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen. Regardless, the rumor has garnered the support of the common folk that worship the Three as well as more religious nobles and merchants. The Second Princess remains unmarried and many wonder if she will ever marry at all though there are rumors of a relationship between her and her sworn guardian.

The House of Hypatia once ruled the country of Icari until it was conquered by Cendalia. It is known as the country to last the longest against Cendalia's forces. The Hypatia family, however, is most well known for converting the Imperial Family, and therefore the Empire itself, to the Religion of Three. It is unknown why the Emperor decided to convert his country, but the Third Wife is well-known as the most beloved wife of the Emperor and many like to believe it was because of his love for her that he converted.

:: Open Roles ::

|| Third Wife || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Guardian of Second Princess - Secret Lover to Second Princess || FC : || Played By : ||

High Priest/Priestess || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Various Other Roles ||

Taken Roles


|| Second Princess || FC : Adelaide Kane || Played By :: Starlight Keeper ||

house of gold

The House of Gracely is headed by the Fourth Wife and her young daughter, the Third Princess. While the House of Gracely carries little political influence, it is well-known as the House of Gold and is the wealthiest house in Cendalia. As a result, it has the backing of the merchants of Cendalia and, because its lands border the sea, it controls many of the major trade routes in and out of Cendalia. The Third Princess is still young, barely thirteen, but she is very intelligent for her age.

The House of Gracely once countrolled the country of Helmut. It held its own against Cendalia for a while before inevitably falling. The Lord Gracely historically paid off the Emperor to leave his lands alone alongside offering his eldest daughter as a wife to the Emperor. The Fourth Wife is known to hate her husband and her marriage, living apart from him until recently when he fell ill.

:: Open Roles ::

|| Third Princess of Cendalia || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Fourth Wife || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Lord Gracely - Fourth Wife's Father || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Various Other Roles ||

Taken Roles


|| Guardian to Third Princess || FC : Nikolaj Coster-Waldau || Played By :: Starlight Keeper ||

house of vengeance

The House of Vero is the most recently acquired house in the Empire, headed by the seventeen-year-old Second Prince and the Fifth Wife. Before the Emperor paused his conquest seventeen years prior to the start of the story, he took over the country of Yris. Yris has never truly assimilated to the Empire. Revolts and rebellions in the streets are common, dissent breeds amongst the people like a plague. And it is no secret that the Deluir family follows the same ideals as their people. Many suspect that the Fifth Wife poisoned her husband, causing him to fall ill. Others believe that the House only wants the throne to tear the Empire to pieces. Regardless, the House has a history of rebellion against the Imperial Family and the unconditional support of their people. The Second Prince has also recently become engaged to the Princess of Ozyas, a country known for its warlord practices that borders Cendalia's Yris lands. And the Princess has been accompanied by her sibling: the Red High Prince of Ozyas.

:: Open Roles ::

|| Second Prince of Cendalia || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Princess of Ozyas || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Guardian to Second Prince || FC : || Played By : ||

|| Various Other Roles ||

Taken Roles


|| Fifth Wife || FC : Indira Varma || Played By :: Starlight Keeper ||


[font=times new roman][size=110]|| Red Prince of Ozyas || FC : Merve Bolugur || Played By :: Starlight Keeper ||

for the people

These are people outside of the main five houses, people that only want the best for the people of Cendalia or the people of Yris or for themselves really. People vying for power, people vying for peace. Who will they support? And what will they do to get what they want?

Taken Roles


|| Captain of the Imperial Guard || FC : Alexander Dreymon || Played By :: Starlight Keeper ||

Religion of Three

The Religion of Three follows three main deities: Lux, Keir, and Marquis

Lux is the goddess of many things, most notably the day and the sun and light. She is also the goddess of mothers, plants, and children as well as invention and progression.She is considered the patron of the Ere Life, which is where people’s souls reside until they are born.

Keir is the god of darkness and night, of shadows and tradition. He is also the god of death, history, fathers, and the Twin Moons. He is the patron of the Late Life, which is where poepple wait to be judged by the deiries before they enter the next plane.

Marquis is the deity of dusk and dawn, of truces, oaths, the elderly, the stars and the clouds, animals, and the present. Marquis is the patron of the Middle Life, life spent on the Centerplane, the land of the living. Marquis is the parent of Keir and Lux.

Path of Varso

"Beware the Darkening Seas"

One day, a man that called himself Varso wandered into a town in the western country of Betzhin. Varso sang in the streets, tales of visions that plagued him, dark and terrible visions that showed the end of the world and the darkening of the seas.

And Varso was hailed as a madman and thrown back out into the world to die a madman.

But a great storm struck the village, a great and terrible storm. And overnight, a flood of which they'd never seen annihilated the villagers.

Word spread of the lost village. And of the man that had visited it and Varso was dragged before the Queen of Betzhin where he spoke once again of his apocalyptic visions. And the Queen bowed to him and worshipped his word.

Varso travelled. And Varso spoke of his visions. And the people, fearing an end like the Lost Village, fell to their knees and worshipped his words.

So begins...

Empire of Cendalia's Story