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Yoko Izumi

"Failure is not an option. I am there for them as they are for me."

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a character in “Starry Sky Academy”, as played by C O S M I C


I cannot make your choices for you. However, I can punish you for them.


No problem. I can turn you into dust. Don't stain my clothes though.



β˜… Name β˜†
Yoko Izumi

β˜… Age β˜†

β˜… Role β˜†
Libra ; She Who Meditates Balance

β˜…Gender β˜†

β˜… Grade β˜†

β˜… Roommate β˜†

β˜… Ability β˜†
Manipulation and Conjuring of lightning

β˜… Face Claim β˜†
Rui Ninomiya


β˜… Theme Song β˜†
AZEDIA || Thunder & Lightning

β˜… Personality β˜†
Graceful | | Peaceful | | Diplomatic | | Idealistic

Graceful || Just as the Libra's before her, Yoko is completely about grace and elegance. She is polite and precise whether it's on the battlefield on everyday life. She will not allow herself to become sloppy and ill mannered. She is known quite well as a neat freak but she doesn't let comments like that get to her.

Peaceful || Yoko is at a balanced state of mind. As expected, she is a neutral ground for the zodiacs. She sees no pleasure in peace or war. However, her neutrality helps her understand what true tranquility means. She may not be able to answer the 'what is the meaning of life' question but whatever it may be, she is one with it.

Diplomatic || She is very justice driven. She lives to bring fairness and equality to all kind. It isn't in her to just sit back and watch someone be treated terribly. She will bluntly stop it at once to resolve the problem.

Idealistic || As expected, Yoko wishes for perfection. She does what she can to make everything as perfect as possible. She doesn't like having the feeling of something out of place. It bugs her completely.

β˜… Bio β˜†
lSince the beginning of her creation, Libra had been one of the gods most trusted creations. She was a warrior. A strong and lawful woman who stood for peace and kindness where ever she went. Her followers were by her side and stood by whatever decision she made because they knew that her choices were always right. And they were correct, because she couldn't bare to pick anything wrong. She saw all the signs as friends and allies; whether on the battlefield or among the council.

However, she could sense the darkness within them brewing. One after another terrible events began to happen resulting in them being reincarnated again and again. She wasn't sure what was getting into her fellow allies. She wanted to prevent anything from happening. She wanted to stop them at any cost so keep the gods favor upon them. Her mind was far too clear to be fogged by darkness so it was only fitting to know.

Her attempts were in vein. She couldn't prevent these things from happening. She felt as though she had failed the gods. It then struck her. Someone knew this would happen. Someone had the capability to warn not only her but the gods as well. This angered her greatly. Having to be recreated over and over again. It could have been prevented. Virgo had to be smitten at once. She set out to travel to defeat her before encountering the man she now till this day feels complete and utter despair for. He ended her life so swiftly. She didn't stand a chance. Capricorn had betrayed her and now she had truly failed.

However, it was a new day. Finally a new chance at life. With her newly reincarnated form, she ensures to keep watch of all of her allies; even Capricorn. She will not fail her gods again. She will do whatever it takes to make sure the council survives and keeps the gods favor.

β˜… Talents And Skills β˜†
β˜† Technology || Yoko is quite accustomed to this new ages technology. She can work anything from a high tech computer to a military advanced weaponry unit.
β˜† Swordsmanship || She was and still is a strong warrior gifted in the sword arts. She still spars from time to time.
β˜† Sense Of Direction || She will never become lost. It's simple impossible.
β˜† Neat Freak || She refuses to allow an environment to become messy. She's quite skilled in cleaning.
β˜† Lightning || Her ability itself. Her lightning is a part of her being and she controls it with beauty and elegance.


β˜…Extra β˜†
Yoko is quite the fashionable piece. Everything she wears is, in her words, simply fabulous.

β˜…Likes β˜†
β˜† Thunder Storms
β˜† Dogs
β˜† Sugary Foods
β˜† Interesting Literature
β˜† Swords
β˜† Guitars

β˜… Dislikes β˜†
β˜† Her Height (4'7")
β˜† Mistakes of her allies
β˜† Failure
β˜† Messes
β˜† Being Underestimated
β˜† Unfairness to others

So begins...

Yoko Izumi's Story

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Another day, another year ahead of her. Yoko was looking forward to her first day at the academy in Skiya. She had heard good things from it and now that she was a 3rd year, maybe she would get some respect. Well, she already had a lot of respect but she could always use more. The 4'7" girl hopped out of her bed and stretched ready to get herself dressed and preped for the day.

She could already smell the food coming from down the stairs. Her mother worked from home while her father was out the house most of the day. She was use to it by now. She opened her closet and pulled out a lovely sky blue dress. Quite fitting for the first day, but if anyone got the wrong idea, she'd pound them. She placed her hair into two flowing tails and began to put on a bit of make up. She had often had dreams about the gods telling her about what was destined for not only her but the rest like her. She knew they would be there today. She didn't live too far from it, so she was able to move her things into her new dorm room.

Since her birth, the gods had always spoke to her, just like the others. They foretold the stories of her past lives. All in detail. She was conflicted, angry and saddened. Was this what the previous zodiac was like. She promised them that she wouldn't allow failure ever again. She was a woman of her word. If she would encounter the zodiacs today, she would surely give them a piece of her mind; nice or angry.

She hurried down the stairs and kissed her mothers cheek before eating with her. Her parents didn't know what she was capable of. She was quite well and keeping it secret too. Once she finished up, she grabbed her bag and began to head out the door. She took this time to be by herself and practice her lightning. She could see the light sparks forming in her hands. It was beautiful. Almost like a dream. She still couldn't believe that she was capable of such a thing. She hummed and began to stroll down the path to the academy. She could already see some students in the courtyard. She found a nice bench to sit at and sighed slightly. "Well, first day better be filled with good impressions."

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Katsu lay under the covers of her bed just a lump under the covers. She had been awake for over an hour, awoken by another nightmare of that terrible night.



So much crying.

A woman holding a child ran by.

How could you?!

You're killing us!


Katsu shot out of bed, throwing the sheets away. Shaky deep breaths racked her body and slouched.

The guilt never went away. Never stopped. It tore Katsu apart and the only thing keeping her together was the idea of Skyia. Maybe there she'd get....something. Not revenge, just....justice.

Sighing she stood and shuffled towards her clothes. She had decided long ago that a shower wasn't worth it. Putting on a plane gray button up and jeans Katsu grabbed her bag and made her way down the hall. Her brother was already awake and waved as he entered his own room.

In the kitchen there sat a plate of food with a note. Katsu picked it up with dread in her heart.

Kat. Gone to the store. Sorry I can't be there when you leave. -β™‘Mom

Eyebrows wrinkling Katsu tossed the note and scrapped the food away. She didn't feel like eating today.

Her mom didn't know about her past life and Katsu would have it stay that way. She didn't want her to know about what she did.

Yelling a final goodbye to her brother Katsu left the house and began to slow trek to the Academy. What she'd find there, she really had no idea.

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Gerard knew nothing of the others, other than the vague, haunting memories. "Cancer, they called me." He recalled the horrors of his confrontation with Capricorn, he shuddered. He could not imagine swallowing mother person, then again he deserved to die. He killed Libra, for no reason. Speaking Of Libra Gerard was dying to meet her, he had always felt strongly for her. He was deep in thought now as he had been last night, as a result he hardly got any sleep. He rose, being a senior he would only be in the academy for a year but he would take advantage of it fully. While he didn't really plan to have a plan to make friends he did want a sparring partner. Gerard had trained most of his life, his parents thought he simply wanted to defend himself, not that he was the reincarnation of Cancer.

A gentle knock on his door shook him out of his thought cloud. "Gerard honey, you'll be late for class if you don't hurry up." He smiled softly opening the door. "Okay mom, I'm ready." He walked out grabbing his bag and a case holding his spears. He hugged his mom, grabbed his lunch and made his way out the door. "I love you son." He nodded, he loved her as well she did her best for a single mother and he appreciated it all. He walked out on his way to school.

It took him an hour to get there on foot but he didn't care he rather walk than drive at the moment so he could work out his thoughts and worries. He played with his fingers turning them to steel and back again several times until he lost his breath. It was hard for him to change so rapidly but he used these quiet times to exercise his ability. It wasn't long before he reached his school, "Early guess I'll just hang about."

He got his schedule and decided to head straight for his home room. Upon arriving he noticed he wasn't alone and slunk into a desk in the back corner. He looked out the window, and saw her sitting on a bench. He suddenly stood and walked outside. Particularly bold on his part he walked up to her. "Uh hey, I'm Gerard. Mind if I sit?"

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I'm a lovable asshole.

The winds whirled around two figures, a knife glistened in one of their hands. The moon behind them was full, and it held a bloody-crimson glow, foreboding the horror to come. The two figures seemed to be arguing, the one wielding a blade had backed the other against a wall. The one with deadly intent in his red glowing eyes shouted.

"Love me like I love you! I'd destroy anything, I'd murder nations for you! Why. . . Why don't you love me?"
He hunched over sobbing a bit. Then he jerked back up, swaying and stumbling a bit as he did, then he stared at her, his eyes full of a terrifying light. He sauntered towards her, like a broken machine doll on a loop. Step, shake, step. The woman shook her head, tears running down her face silently.

"You're mad. I could never." She cut herself off and looked away. This enraged the man, he charged her, screaming and stabbing, over and over. Showing no mercy at all as he stabbed, cutting flesh, mutilating as he did. Blood stained the earth and even the red moon seemed white. Dropping the knife and looking down, the man fell to his knees, clutching the woman in his arms, shaking and moving her hair with trembling hands.

"Why. . . Wh-what am I?"

Eisaku opened his eyes screaming and clawing at his face and eyes. Crying, he wiped his eyes and clutched his sleeping bag as he swung his legs over the side of his hammock. Today's the day, stiff upper lip. Then with a nod, Eisaku grabbed his hoodie, put on his skinny jeans and Converse and headed out of the apartment.

He had always felt different. He knew what he was. He was a Zodiac, Capricorn. Murderer. A man's voice in his head echoed over and over. Murderer. Shaking his head and crying again as he rubbed his eyes with the large cuffs of his hoodie he tried desperately to tune it out. Then as he walked he thought to himself, would the others today know? Would they hate him right off the bat? Maybe they wouldn't know who he was. Oh shit! What if they asked for your sign or something weird? I'm so fucked.

Eisaku walked slowly around the bend and boarded the bus to take him to Starry Sky Academy. Sounded like a pain, a pain for him. People he didn't know. People who would judge him, people who would hate him. He knew he wasn't any good. He had considered suicide on many occasions, however the thought of a woman always stopped him. That and his own voice, was it his? Inside him. A scary, raspy, version of his voice that dared him to submit to his dark desires.

Eisaku wasn't ready to give into that just yet.


Eisaku stepped off the bus and saw the Academy. He gasped a bit and stood on his tiptoes to get a look. With a whistle he smirked, don't let them know you're dying inside. Don't let them know you hurt. Don't let them know you cry yourself through the day. Don't let them see your flaws. Don't let them see you. He stepped into his homeroom, sat down in the back, and he repeated his mantra over and over again.

Terrified and excited all at once.

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It's difficult to convince your parents that you're a devout member of a certain faith when you were brought up by voices that disprove that very faith. But, much like the others, Apis had to wear a mask of a certain degree in front of them, because to leave them ignorant was to protect them. Every morning his parents would go over the Sunni Islam creed with him, including reciting pieces from the six pillars of Iman, and each morning Apis would nod along and recite with them even though he knew there was no one, true God.

In fact, there were several.

They were the ones that created him, along with the others.

They were the ones that forced their creations into a council.

They were the ones that stood idly by as their creations descended on each other.

They were the ones who shamed their creations, ignoring their own lack of control.

Apis was certain in his belief that if the Gods had actually provided them direction, instead of leaving them with a responsibility and their own devices, that the need to retire the council for several thousand years and them grant them life again for a 'second chance' wasn't a necessary one. But regardless, the past was the past. They all did wrong by each other or by their followers. Apis himself had been tricked into selling his own people into slavery, but he had a long time to forgive and forget. And he had done just that. There was no use for age-old grudges, especially not in this new life. But he refused to be fooled again.

He would have to be wary, naturally, as he always had been wary, but this time he would have to keep a close eye on the others. Regardless of his trust being hard to earn, when it was earned, it was very much so worth it. There's no denying the value of his allegiance. A fierce determination and powerful control of self are often sought after in an individual. If he had his way, he'd be able to ally with all of the others, but that is one thing he doesn't have faith in. There are always some cogs in the machine that just don't turn the way you'd like them to.

After the routine with his parents, the three of them embraced and Apis set out for the academy, idly raising a hand to tug at the bit of hair that fell in front of his face. This was a habit he did often as he became lost in thought, one that had carried over from his previous life. Perhaps some of the others would be keen to pick up on it. He almost hoped so. It's nice to feel remembered. At least, it is for the good things.

He took the bus, and so it seemed, so did some of the others. Not that he was aware of it at the time, but still, he would later suppose that it was some sort of cosmic irony. Perhaps even intentional. Regardless, he didn't interact with anybody for the ride, and he didn't interact with anybody else after the ride, not even the two he saw by a particular bench, which he would later come to realize were another pair of Zodiacs. Funny how that works out sometimes. The thing is, however.

He probably wouldn't have spoken to any of them even if he had known.

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Yoko began to go through her phone and wonder. She hadn't met her roommate yet but through their messages she could tell they would be great friends. She wondered if she even had classes with her. She smiled slightly before noticing someone walking towards her. She raised her head from her dim screen and glared slightly. Oddly enough she felt she had met this person before.

"Um... Sure?" She said while rubbing her neck. "I mean, it's not my bench and all." She then looked at the time and quickly shot up. "Actually I need to get to class so. Goodbye." She said while walking away. She wondered why that guy seemed familiar. It was almost as if she had met him before.

She sighed and walked down the hall observing the people as usual. Man this school was so crowded all of the time. It was annoying and kind of exciting at the same time. She didn't have many friends nor did she intend on making a million of them. Many of them follow her on various social medias so I guess that counts to some standard.

Once she approached her first class, she opened the door and smiled to a few people before going to a seat and siting down. Now all she had to do was survive the first day without someone getting on her nerves and everything would be peachy. Hopefully.