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Dracones J. Alexander

I will bring her back......

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a character in “Stars of Arina”, as played by dimon lord


Human Form:Image
Fighting Form:Image
"Everything and anything can happen if you are smart and powerful"
Name:Dracones J. Alexander
Nickname: Joker, dark one, The sorcerer, countless others.
Age: "No" (honestly does not know)
Gender:"..........really?" male
Kingdom: Nila
Powers: Joker has a large verity of spells that are at his disposal though they take time to cast and are not very useful unless they are prepared beforehand.
The Network: In jokers kindom he has set up a magical network that lets him keep track of the movements of everyone is the kingdom and can influence those of week will by the masses.
Multi mind: A passive ability that allows Joker to think and set up plans at incredible speeds, not making him smarter but can think faster. This is often used to in combination with the Network to influence the masses to make him gain what feels like a control over destiny
Family:"Me beloved children Kira & Ken
Who works for you?:Tobias Stromline, a useful pet.
Personality: Joker is a man who is 100% serous all time. He is quick to anger and slow to forget and can loose himself in his rage. He craves power more then anything else though his love for his family is almost right behind that.
Bio: Joker's story is a very long one and a very strong one that has become one of the many legends surrounding him. It was countless years ago when The old kingdom fell apart and the land was covered in dead. The furthest back Joker can remember he was a child living on the streets. He was filthy, covered in rag's and was covered in bruises and scratches, his was incredibly skinny and had long, raged, and messy hair. He could not not remember is own name or whether or not he had any family, nor did he have time to worry about such things, the only thing he keep in his mind was survival. Living was his number one priority, getting the scraps of food that were thrown out was a war onto itself, often the other children would kill another for a scrap of crust. It was in one such fight that the boy who would be know as joker was critically wounded, stabbed by a shank under his left rib. As he lad bleeding out on the ground in a back ally he saw someone approach him before he passed out. When the boy awoke much to his surprise he was in a bed in a house, his wound bandaged and cleaned. A old man walked over to him and gave him some food then explained that he was the one who had saved him and offered to take him in. The boy quickly excepted and was given his name Alexander. The boy found out the man who had taken him in was a mage, one who studied the arcain. When the boy asked why someone like him was living the life a present and not participating in the current power struggle's the mage simply replied "Because I only want to use my gift to help others, not harm them" And Alexander follow the mages teaching believing his words to be true, and often help in casting spells to help the local community and life was good. But this was not to be. One day Several Men who had some beaten up uniforms came to the small house. The men's lord had herd of the mage and gave the order: Bring him into my service and bring me his head. The mage of course refused and was ran though in front of the boys eyes.

As the man retrieved the spear from the mage's corps they turned to the boy. These men seemed to be smarted then the average man because they took Alexander With them, and presented them to there lord as the mage's apprentice. Alex was forced to serve the lord while expanding his knowledge of the world and of magic. This continued for years and time after time Alex won battles for his master until he had a clear supremacy of power in the area but finally after many years Alex's plan came together, Alex Activated a spell during a meeting of the senor staff and the lord making them all go mad and kill one another. When Alex Came into the room with a few of the other commanders they found the lord hugging is knees spouting out nonsense, covered in blood. Seeing as there lord was no longer fit to rule, they turned to Alex being the last surviving member of the inner and a mage they made him there new master. Alex Led his men in a Brutal campaign where he established himself the kingdom of Nila.

From there on Alex Obsessed with gaining more power, not thought conquest but though his arcain might. He want throughout the land killing all other mage's and taking any magic artifacts he could find. After 6 years in power, Alex had whipped out almost every other mage throughout most of the content and had obtained a spell that stopped him from aging. For years he lived his life in his castle searching for more and more power making the legends around him grow larger and wilder until one day he met a woman. This woman was different then every other he had met. She was beautiful, kind, strong of will and of mind. When Alex approached her and told him who he was she did not fear him nor did she try to treat him any differently, she treated him like a person. Alex fell in love almost instantaneously. He whisked her away to to his castle and married he. He loved her and she loved him back and they had two wonderful children whom he loved deeply, yes sometimes he was to harsh on them and yes he did not spend a lot of time with them but loved them deeply. But once more sadness griped Alex as his wife fell ill to an unknown disease. Despite all of his magic Alex could not cure her of the disease. She passed shortly after and Alex yelled out in pain of his loss. From that day onward Alex had a new goal. Alex from that day onward was determined to become a god for if he became a god he could reverse death itself! Alex after years of research found a way to accomplish this and has all but one thing needed for the ritual, the five legendary stones.
Skilled at almost everything he does, he has had a lot of time to practice.
Weapons: A sword that can open any form of lock and cut though any shield.
A book filled with prepared spells
Loves/Likes: Loves his daughter and son
loves power
Hates/Dislikes: Weakness and those who would harm his family
Wish/Desire:To be a god and to revive his wife so he can be with his family forever.
Fears: loosing his family and his power
Foolish when Angy
Losses almost all battle capability if separated from spell book
Crush: "My wife still holds my heart"
Relationship status:" I am still my beloved's"
Theme song:

So begins...

Dracones J. Alexander's Story


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Joker looked over the boy once more. It was clear that he was the one that Joker had been looking for after he had found the tome that was currently leading him onto his quest. " The story of Raphael is an old one, and not many people know of it. Raphael was a king from long ago who rules over what is now known as the five kingdoms. He was a good king, wise, strong, kind and the kingdom flourished under his rule. But sadly this was not to be for there was a mighty dragon called Thanatos. Thanatos was a monstrous dragon of unspeakable power who threatened too destroy the entire kingdom. Now the Mighty king Raphael could not just sit by and watch to he took up the five legendary stones of power, holy relics that could makes cities bow before whomever possessed them in a number of ways, and confronted the legendary beast in what is now know as the forbidden mountains and lost. For some reason Thanatos did not come and destroy the kingdom afterwords and seemingly vanished. The five life stones were lost, never to be seen again and the kingdom fell apart. As time went by, the five kingdoms you know of formed and order was once more restored to the land." joker took a breath.

Joker looked the boy in the eyes. They were filled with a strong will, joker did not like that. Joker pulled out his spell book and flipped it open to the correct page for the spell he was desiring. "Leave us" he ordered to the various men who left the room hastily. "The reason I have summoned you is that the five stones have emerged back into our world. You have been born with a power that I need and yet I can not take" Joker activated the spell as the words faded from the book a ring of ice fire surrounded the boy. "So I will make you my pawn"


Mizu could not help a chuckle escape from his lips "Hardly," he said jokingly "My father will never give up the thrown no matter what, its more likely that I will be killed by him before the night is over then him just giving it to me." Mizu walked over to what seemed to be a normal wall "I honestly have a lot of questions from you right now but I will save them for latter. I decided to trust you for now, and if you say my life is in danger we should probably leave soon" Mizu pushed in a block of stone which made a section of the wall open "lets drop by my room and get some gear then we can leave though a secret passage" Mizu looked at the wall hanging open. "Well the other secret passage"


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#, as written by reap
The story interested him as The Joker told it. He had sat through the entirety of it without interrupting once, and was curious to see how it all connected to him. "Leave us He said demandingly while turning through the pages of a book. Tobias instantly got the feeling something was wrong, his vision got hazy and a flash of images showed in his mind. First him kneeling in submission, bound by a great power, than him killing hundreds, finally to a death at the hands of the Joker. It wasn't the first time this had happened. his whole life he sometimes caught brief...glimpses of his destiny. He had learned long ago not to ignore them.

You have been born with a power that I need and yet I can not take" Joker activated the spell as the words faded from the book a ring of ice fire surrounded the boy. "So I will make you my pawn"

The fire rose up, burning strongly and Toby felt the impulsive urge to kneel, as if something was forcing its way inward and shutting him out. He resisted with all his might, causing his veins to bulge and his muscles to tighten up. It was a losing battle, he fell to one knee with a grunt of pain. Now the fire seemed to be dancing, taunting him and commanding him to follow. Tobias shut it out.

Stop fighting, he cannot make you his pawn when your already mine young shadow. A voice spoke in his head, it was dark but strong, and as it spoke Tobias felt the need to kneel reside, in its place was an unspoken loyalty to this voice and the owner of it. As if it had been here all along. Who are you? he thought at it, searching for some answer. The voice was silent now, its presence remained bu its sound did not. The ring of Ice fire enclosed Tobias and rose, obstructing him from all sight.

You will play the good pet, as if his magic has worked. Serve him until the time is right to reveal you're resistance. Afterwords you may have what you always desired; life beyond the restrictions of mortal age. Now the presence faded completely, but Tobias understood and would listen. Lightning erupted from his body and its crackle resounded through the throne room. It mixed with the Ice fire and danced around until all three had dissipated, and Toby sat, on one knee and looking up at The Joker with apparent submissal. "What is you're bidding my liege?" His body would play the act of servant, though it disgusted him. However in his mind Tobias was as independent as ever, waiting and patient for the time when he would make The Joker pay for this foolish attempt at control. The Wolf might get the sheep, but the Fox clever as he was, got the meat.


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Mizu slipped into the changing aria and begin to take of his wet clothing. "yes very much so. I have many questions for you. Were do you come from? How do you know about the stones, how do you know my life is in danger and what the hell you meant by dragon." Mizu finished changing and walked out in some fresh clothing that would be fit for travel. He opened a draw and threw Cordelia some of his clothing "You may want to get dressed" he said and sat down in a chair in the corner.


Joker felt irritation as he looked down upon his new servant. There was still a strong will inside the boy but it would not matter unless he ordered the lad to do something that would counter his very nature. "What I need of you is to hunt Down five stones, Inside you is a power that will let you do so, the spell I cast should have help awaken it. The five stones are scattered around the land. If you do well you will be rewarded with riches beyond your wildest dreams. If you fail you will be punished accordingly. You will have access to everything you will need for the hunt, also send word to any family you have if you wish for them to be taken care of. You are dismissed, good hunting my new toy." The joker could not help a smile from touching his lips. Finally things would start to be moving once more. Joker had not been this excited in over 400 years.