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"I will not allow my existence to be worthless."

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a character in “Stars of Arina”, as played by pepperx3



❝I will not allow my existence to be worthless.❞


+Nickname(s): None



+Position:Shadow of Life

+Kingdom: Antara Kingdom

+Who do you work for?The Emperor

-Ability to give/take life away for a limit of time
-If she over uses her limited powers it can take her life
-Transforms into Dark Angel Shadow

+Family:"I guess you can consider my creator..Death to be family, and the other shadows as siblings."
+Side(Do you want the Holders to die or live):"I promised Death that I will destroy one of the stones for it will be the last thing I do." (Dies)
+Personality: Rin is what you describe insane. She has an evil laugh that turns the room cold, and is also very mysterious. Rin is very determined to do what Death wishes her to do. Rin is also described cold, she has no feelings towards anything accept for Death. She is not a leader, she is a follower. She will always follow orders, she is also intelligent and very good at tricking people with illusions.
+Bio: Rin was created when the stones were not in Death's possession, she spent her life so far doing dirty jobs for people just like all the other shadows. She will do anything that will get her money, or anything that will please Lord Death. When Rin looses her mind sometimes she can go a bit too far with her powers, and will easily take away the lives of innocent people, but she really doesn't care.
-Shape shifting
-Confusing targets

-Her sword
-Her power to control water for a limit of time

-Making Death happy
-Making lots of money
-Messing with people's lives

-When she disappoints Death
-Being tricked herself
-People who show emotion

-To get rid of the Stone of Life

-Disappointing Death

-People with emotions
-When her wings

+Crush: "What's love?"

+Relationship status: Single

+Theme song:


So begins...

Rin's Story


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Joker looked over the boy once more. It was clear that he was the one that Joker had been looking for after he had found the tome that was currently leading him onto his quest. " The story of Raphael is an old one, and not many people know of it. Raphael was a king from long ago who rules over what is now known as the five kingdoms. He was a good king, wise, strong, kind and the kingdom flourished under his rule. But sadly this was not to be for there was a mighty dragon called Thanatos. Thanatos was a monstrous dragon of unspeakable power who threatened too destroy the entire kingdom. Now the Mighty king Raphael could not just sit by and watch to he took up the five legendary stones of power, holy relics that could makes cities bow before whomever possessed them in a number of ways, and confronted the legendary beast in what is now know as the forbidden mountains and lost. For some reason Thanatos did not come and destroy the kingdom afterwords and seemingly vanished. The five life stones were lost, never to be seen again and the kingdom fell apart. As time went by, the five kingdoms you know of formed and order was once more restored to the land." joker took a breath.

Joker looked the boy in the eyes. They were filled with a strong will, joker did not like that. Joker pulled out his spell book and flipped it open to the correct page for the spell he was desiring. "Leave us" he ordered to the various men who left the room hastily. "The reason I have summoned you is that the five stones have emerged back into our world. You have been born with a power that I need and yet I can not take" Joker activated the spell as the words faded from the book a ring of ice fire surrounded the boy. "So I will make you my pawn"


Mizu could not help a chuckle escape from his lips "Hardly," he said jokingly "My father will never give up the thrown no matter what, its more likely that I will be killed by him before the night is over then him just giving it to me." Mizu walked over to what seemed to be a normal wall "I honestly have a lot of questions from you right now but I will save them for latter. I decided to trust you for now, and if you say my life is in danger we should probably leave soon" Mizu pushed in a block of stone which made a section of the wall open "lets drop by my room and get some gear then we can leave though a secret passage" Mizu looked at the wall hanging open. "Well the other secret passage"