"Don't worry about life, you're not going to survive it anyway."

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Name: I[][][]II[][][]I[][[]II
Age: 18
Abilities: Psychic
- Taste thoughts, but can't read them.
- Telekinesis
- He can plant a suggestion in someones mind and enforce it to get people to do what he wants.
Race: Mu
Occupation: Mu Covenant Special mission squadron soldier.
Image Image
- height: 6'0"
- weight: 140 lbs
- hair: white, eyes: Crimson
Personality: He is a narcissist who is extremely confident in his own abilities. This causes him to appear heartless and rude. He's been trained to use his mind and instincts rather than his emotions causing him to hold a stoic expression. His loyalty to his people is deeply driven into him, he would rather die than betray them. He takes pride in being Mu and isn't afraid to endure great pain or go through extreme lengths to complete his missions.
-Reworking tech equipment
History: I[][][]II[][][]I[][[]IIwas born on the Mu mother ship decades after his home planet was destroyed in an unexplained incident. The majority of his race was saved while a few were left to their doom, including his parents. On the ship orphans were put to work and made useful. Some had remedial jobs while others were trained to become soldiers. After nearly three decades of drifting through space, they locked on to the Earth after discovering that it had many of the same properties as their home planet, Lyrr. When they landed and were exposed to the planets air, changes occurred to the foreigners. Some's flesh became soft and melted off of their bodies, killing them while others remained completely unchanged. A small portion of them shed their blue skin and scales, leaving them with pale human-like skin and crimson red eyes. He of course was one of those few Mu who appear human.

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