Starship Vocals

Starship Vocals


Being a good singer isn't such a good thing when it threatens your life. Be the best of the best on this starship or your dead.

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Arisa Takashia was happy whenever someone told her she had a beautiful voice. And after she was picked up by an agency, she thought she had the greatest life ever. That is until they locked her in and forced to sing for her life. She has to come out on top, or she will be erased from the universe completely. Arisa must tour the different starships and perform at concerts, then the rich people who run this 'competition' decide whether she lives or dies. Along the way, she meets other artists and regular people when she travels around. She hates the fact that she has to compete with others for life, but she doesn't want to die just yet.

Not everyone needs to be an artist, some can be regular people or even workers for the agencies.

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Character Portrait: Arisa Takashia
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I'm guessing this is dead...

Re: Starship Vocals

I'm going to be a female contestant in the game! I want to be one of the last few standing too if that's possible :) Reserve please ^w^

Starship Vocals

Starship Vocals
I hope to make this RP a success with the help of you all! You dont need to reserve characters, but lets try and keep the balance of male and female even!!! :)) Thank you!!!