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Start Your Engines

Start Your Engines


8 racers. The ultimate job. The prize? 100 million dollars. This group is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Money and Cars. That is all they care about. Drivers. Start. Your. Engine.

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Drivers, start your engines

4 guys. 4 girls. They drive for a living, and the law? It means basically nothing to them. Money and Cars. That's all they want or need to be happy, and they'll do anything they have to do to get it. They are the fastest drivers in the world, and they all have a record. 5 of them are high security prisoners who've escaped. One's an ex-cop. On the outside they may look like ordinary street racers, but for those who really now them, which basically means the cops, they are so much more. They move as a group, winning races, and winning money. They all live in a house thats bigger than most, because hey, when you make bets with top racers, it has its perks when you win. They do what they have to, to win. But if you get on their bad side, they will not stop until they make you regret it. The group has blown across many borders to elude the authorities.

Now, the group is in Rio de Janeiro, on yet another job. This time, its to take down a group of drug lords and confiscate 100 million dollars to share within themselves. At that amount of money, the group is all in. So, drivers. Start. Your. Engines.

Guy 1
He's the top-dog, the one who organizes the missions. He is the one who managed to get them all in one place for the mission. He's the one with all the information about the target. He'll know their complete profile. He knows about the targets, and those in his group.

Isobel Toretto
She's the hacker, and the one who helps fix the cars. She may look like a sweet flower, but under the exterior, seemingly innocent surface, she is smart, vindictive, manipulative, and will do whatever it takes to win. She is the one who maps out the locations and rebuilds the guns.

Guy 2
He's the smartass and the fighter. He is also the one who gets the parts and helps out by redesigning the cars to make them faster, and gives them other little perks. He's got good aim, so if he's got a knife or a gun in his hands, and you're in his line of fire, basically all hope is lost for you. He is usually in the garage if he's not provoking someone into a fight for money.

Max Dresden
She's the one who comes up with new little gadgets for them to use. She's the one who will kick your ass if you say one wrong word to her. And if you screw up a mission, you've just put yourself squarely on her hit list. So be careful. She's the girl for the stealth missions, being able to sneak around anywhere.

Guy 3
He's the guy with the muscle, who is also usually breaking up any fights within the group. He's the one with the smooth tongue, and is able to get information out of almost anyone if he wants to. He's the one who is always talking others into joining in on the missions. But for a mission with a prize of 100 million dollars, persuasion isn't really needed.

Girl 3
She's the girl who is at the base for one of their ultimate missions, staying off the grid, and staying away from the cops. She is always the one they turn to for information on where the cops are and what routes to take to elude them.

Jet Brooks
He's the guy who takes out anyone he needs to. If they're in his way, then they are a problem, and this guy doesnt like problems. So dont get in his way. He's protective of the group, and will do what he needs to protect them.

Girl 4
She's the distraction. Anytime a distraction is needed, she'll cause some sort of situation to draw away the focus so that the team can do what they need to. Whether it be little explosions or a fake cop call, she is the girl to call.

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how many times you've been arrested, your personality, history, you're part in the group
give more than one image/link to an image, to show the vehicles you own.
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anything else we should know

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Character Portrait: Mackenzie "Max" Dresden
Character Portrait: Jet Brooks


Character Portrait: Jet Brooks
Jet Brooks

"Just back away slowly."

Character Portrait: Mackenzie "Max" Dresden
Mackenzie "Max" Dresden

"Wrong, right, doesn't matter; just as long as you don't get caught."


Character Portrait: Jet Brooks
Jet Brooks

"Just back away slowly."

Character Portrait: Mackenzie "Max" Dresden
Mackenzie "Max" Dresden

"Wrong, right, doesn't matter; just as long as you don't get caught."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Jet Brooks
Jet Brooks

"Just back away slowly."

Character Portrait: Mackenzie "Max" Dresden
Mackenzie "Max" Dresden

"Wrong, right, doesn't matter; just as long as you don't get caught."

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Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

ive submitted my character but im still working on him so he still in editing but im doing some more army training and havent had much free time but im still interested

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

Ok the other characters aren't up so if you know anyone who might want the art PM them and have them set up a profile.

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

no. So I'm going to PM both of them, and if they dont get the charactars up by Tuesday, I'm giving the spot to the next to people who make characters.

So if you know anyone who might want the spots, explain the situation and have them make a character if the others dont by the deadline.

I really just want to get this started.

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

Any word on our last two guys?

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines


I'm sorry if I didn't make it clear, Blake is Guy 3

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

hello i am not silent assassin he had toleave for military drill this weekend and will be home sunday he just told me to let all of you know he's sorry he hasn't made his person/guy what ever for this yet and it will be done as soon as he gets back

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

now we just need our two guys.

then we can get started

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

will have character up soon or later today

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

um so yay im a little confused because ireserved guy 2 jet brooks and i went to submit my character but before i did i noticed someone else already made him....

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

I'll see who I can recruit for the 2 girl roles. ;)

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

we still need 2 girls.

so if you know anyone who you think might make a character, talk to them about it

oh and when we get all the characters, I'll make the starting post

they've all been in different places, and Guy 1 (the leader) has called them to Rio de Janeiro, where they meet in an abandoned garage.

we'll go from there.

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

Submitted for guy three...

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

hmmmmmmmmm i wonder what this is lol :P

but i call dibs on guy 2

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

Oooh! two Lambos (One gallardo, one 679), a Veyron, and an Audi R8

But really, do you need anything besides the Veyron?

But I digress, Imma keep an eye on this one.

Re: [OOC] Start Your Engines

Might I reserve girl 2?

[OOC] Start Your Engines

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