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StarWalkers: The First Journey

StarWalkers: The First Journey


Welcome aboard the StarCrawler! The first ship capable of going to the deepest reaches of space! You are one of the crew. What worlds await you? What dangers? What new discoveries??

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The year is 3045.

The world has changed greatly. The earth stands united, without war, without conflict. It is alive with energy, covered in mega-cities and super-towns. Science has gone beyond what anyone would have been able to imagine even 100 years ago... Robots walk the streets just as men, working, living, thinking like people.

All kinds of technologies are open to everyone, and affordable by all. The earth stands under the flag of UCE [United Countries of Earth], all held together by a strong economy fed by a global currency: The Earth Credit [Credits, for short]. Health care is ultra-cheap and poverty is almost unheard of. What with all of this; the world united; a utopia, a perfect vision, man looks onward to the next step: Space.

It was announced 40 years ago that the top scientific minds of the world were working on a ship that was capable of taking a small crew of people well into the deep reaches of space. Today, it is completed.

January 1st, 3045: Man's first steps outside of his crib.

The ship meant for inter-stellar travel has been nicknamed the Star Crawler. It was built to the size of an average apartment building. There's a room for practically every need of it's potential crew, unlimited air created in an 'air farm' located in the medical deck, which consists of a large room filled with engineered plants that produce 600% more oxygen than normal, which is then filtered by a simple ventilation system.

As far food, it is all grown on another part of the ship. There is roughly three year's worth of meat produce, that can be kept unspoiled indefinitely, but when it runs out, the crew will have to stick to the ship-grown vegetable produce. All of the ship is monitored, and maintained by an advanced AI within the ship called R.O.S.E, she can control all of the ship's android workers and shut them down should they malfunction. She is programmed to think logically, but never to disobey an order, and over time the AI will allow her to form a personality of her own, along with her own set of thoughts, beliefs, and philosophies.

As for the crew itself, they will be handpicked by the government from the public for their scientific knowledge, general intelligence, or other important skills. The public are completely aware of this, and as such, schools have seen an increase in student focus within the classroom, along with standard grade levels shooting through the roof.


This role play will follow the small crew of the Star Crawler on their adventures into the unknown. Do remember that your character has been chosen for a special skill, which can be anything that would be useful upon such a ship; such as mechanical skills, android repair, scientific knowledge, medical knowledge, that kind of stuff. When on the ship, everyone will have control of ROSE, the ship's AI, and hopefully our collective hold on her will help establish a small personality as she takes in the personalities of your own characters.

Note: Your characters must be at least 25 years old, which is when they are legally classed as adults under the UCE's laws. [I.e. when they are able to do as they please. Drink, smoke - whatever.]
I do not expect you to be the best writer in the planet, but at least spell-check and write, at minimum, 2-3 paragraphs.

Well, I hope this can be the first of many role plays within this vast universe.

What should be included in your Character Profiles:



Description: [If you use a picture, it MUST be provided alongside a full description. Realistic pictures only, please.]

Short Bio/History:

Reason For Being Chosen To Be On The Crew:


Other: [Any other info you wish to add]

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Character Portrait: Cpt. Marcus D. Hume
Character Portrait: Leonardo S. Quinn


Character Portrait: Leonardo S. Quinn
Leonardo S. Quinn

Chief Astronomer of the UCE Star Crawler

Character Portrait: Cpt. Marcus D. Hume
Cpt. Marcus D. Hume

Captain of the UCE Star Crawler.


Character Portrait: Cpt. Marcus D. Hume
Cpt. Marcus D. Hume

Captain of the UCE Star Crawler.

Character Portrait: Leonardo S. Quinn
Leonardo S. Quinn

Chief Astronomer of the UCE Star Crawler

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Cpt. Marcus D. Hume
Cpt. Marcus D. Hume

Captain of the UCE Star Crawler.

Character Portrait: Leonardo S. Quinn
Leonardo S. Quinn

Chief Astronomer of the UCE Star Crawler

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[OOC] StarWalkers: Crew Manual

Welcome to the UCE Space Fleet Explorer-Type Vessel StarCrawler.

Most of our crew, yourself likely included, are in need of become more familiar with the vessel itself. Thus, this crew handbook was written. Within this small log all the details you should need to know about your ship can be found.

1.1 Introduction

The StarCrawler is the first ship created for space exploration with the intention of housing a small team who will spend a their time recording data they find in space. They will be using all the tools supplied to help with their task.

This ship marks a landmark in technological achievement and the crew should know that they are making history and shall be remembered for ever as heros should they complete their mission.

1.2 a. The Star Crawler - Over View

The ship is bigger than any commercial ship used for ferrying around earth, to the mining colony on Mars. It houses a 40 by 90 foot generator that powers it, specialised engines bigger than a tank that can propel through space at a low fuel cost.

Its walls are reinforced and can withstand up to 300,000,000,000 [Three hundred million] PSI. This ship is well defended with military grade weapons and guidance systems that will be more than enough to stop any threat should you come across it.

Coupled with this the ship can utilise a lasershielding system that will be able to protect it from any kind of weapon on Earth. We are unsure if you will even come across lifeforms with advanced weaponry, but the likely scenario is this: You will be able to defend yourselves.

1.2. b. The Star Crawler - Rooms

Inside the ship there are many rooms. For each crew member there is a personal bedroom and bath room. Each bedroom comes fully equipped with king sized beds, televisions, a personal computer, a personal audio/video log recorder, and even a computer filled with hundreds of films and television programs to keep you entertained on down time.

Each bathroom is a full suite with bath and shower. There are also quick-drying towels if you're short on time, and all the hygene and grooming accessories you'll ever need.

If you're in need of relaxing, the ship has a rec room complete with snooker table, various computerised and hologram/virtual reality games, and even a tennis/squash court.

The ships is equipped with a full kitchen and dining area that has enough room to serve as many people as you need.

The front of the ship is the main deck where most will spend their time. It has a main screen that displays what is directly out side of the ship, and the main controls for the ship are in this room. Here the Captain of the ship will be able to take contact anyone he wishes, and can activate or deactivate weapons systems.

1.2. c. The Star Crawler - Engineering Deck

The engineering deck is filled with all of the machanics necessary to keep every running smoothly. All main enginges and reactors are on this level. This are is STRICTLY authorised personel only. From here several of the access tunnels can be found.

Everything else needed to be known about this deck will be directed to your onboard engineer.

1.3. R.O.S.E.

ROSE is your the brain behind the ship. She is an artifical intelligence that is capable of learning and forming her own thoughts and opinions on the world. She can give detailed information the status of the ship, where repairs are needed, and can give reccomendations in tough situatuions to the captain.

ROSE is responsible for making sure that all auto-matic systems are in check. This means she will be able to make sure that all oxygen levels are safe, and that everyone else is free from any contamination or infection should one be spreading.

ROSE is completely able to think for herself, but she will not ignore orders from the Captain. She is ranked as a second lieutenant and as such, she has authorisation to overrule orders from anyone below a lieutenant rank.

At the end of the day the Captain has the main authority over ROSE, and thus, no one should have to be afraid of her. While your lives are in her hands, she has been taught to do everything in her power to protect, care for, and serve the crew members of UCE Star Crawler.

1.4. Weapons Systems

Star Crawler is armed well and has many weapons to use. It comes equipped with a photonic-ionising-canon [PIC] which is its largest and most destructive laser-based weapon.
Along with this there are also several hundred automatic rifle turrets, canons and missle launchers.

1.5. Land Equipment

The ship has 2 vehicles for land use, and 1 personal hover craft. A lot of equipment in the ship under this category is for gathering land samples, plant samples and even life form samples.

1.6. UCE Thanks and appreciatio

UCE would like to thank the entire crew who will be giving their best aboard the UCE Star Crawler. They would also like to extend their utmost gratitude to the following people:

- Charles Widdimore [Senior CEO of DynaCo.]

- Harrison F. Ord

- Daniel Weatherby

- Elizabeth Hudson

- Lindsey H. Quebec

- Darren Miller

- Adrien Rune

- Sean S. Hamilton

- The UCE Military Weapons Research Team

- Atticus Finch, Head Architect

- Reginald Thornes, Assistant Architect

- Dan Mosely, Chief Engineer

- Hamstead Security

- From everyone at UCE and all those who support this project, Thank you! And God Speed! May your mission and exploration be fruitful.