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Cpt. Marcus D. Hume

Captain of the UCE Star Crawler.

0 · 244 views · located in 'Space, and the many universes beyond.'

a character in “StarWalkers: The First Journey”, as played by Sheoul


Captain Marcus D. Hume


Description: Captain Marcus Hume is a man of average height, and well built. His neatly cut hair is a dark brown which is beginning to grey at the sides. He has quite pale skin and dark blue eyes, that can appear either warm and welcoming or eerie and cold, depending on his mood, or his attitude towards someone. He has a thin beard which is also beginning to show signs of aging, more so than his hair.
Upon his right eyebrow is a series of short, thin scars, that he received when an aircraft he was piloting crashed.

Short Bio/History:
Captain Hume has spent most of his life on the air, from helicopters to the less common AirShips that are used for military and industrial purposes. He was born to a scientist mother and a Colonel father, who raised him to become the talented pilot he is today. He is best known for his work in the middle east, where a small conflict broke out. He was using a Gunship to save a group of civilians from a small explosion that had damaged an oil rig, but when the rig exploded, it caused the Gunship to swerve out of course and into a small mountain. Only two of the civilians died in the crash, and fewer were wounded [the Captain was one of those people wounded] he lead the remaining survivors through the tough country's weather and daunting landscapes to a small city where they would be safe.
Since then he was asked to take part in the STARCRAWLER program, and was eager to sign up. He was the first to be asked, and the first to be trained. He went through the training simulations with ease, and was put into another training program. He was tested on his battle tactics, and handling of emergency situations that might arise in space. Without preparation he handled them brilliantly, and after he showed that he was already a keen friend of the ROSE AI [She was used for the piloting training simulations] he was made Captain of the UCE Star Crawler.

Reason For Being Chosen To Be On The Crew:
Fantastic tactician, and a distinguished pilot.

Favourite Food:
It is a little known fact that Cpt. Hume's favourite food is in fact Calzone, a well known Italian dish.


- A Tactician who has learned to be able to adapt when under extreme stress, especially in battle.

- He is one of the few people on Earth who are fully qualified to pilot the Star Crawler.

- He has basic skills with weapons, and can use a rifle with high efficiency.

- Hume has a complete knowledge of how to use the computers and equipment that control the Star Crawler

Captain Hume may appear to be a little distant at times, but he can be a warm and caring person - especially to those whom he trusts. He is extremely anxious to meet the crew he will be working with over the next few years as they step onward to write history.

So begins...

Cpt. Marcus D. Hume's Story