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Starwars multiverse

The Jedi temple among the clone wars

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a part of Starwars multiverse, by Ahala_Saas.


Ahala_Saas holds sovereignty over The Jedi temple among the clone wars, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Jedi temple among the clone wars is a part of Starwars multiverse.

8 Characters Here

Qi'Jeivas Kaba'allo [74] A reluctant student of the Jedi Order.
Ezell Ohi [66] A Jedi foundling from the streets of Coruscant.
Ahala Saas [58] Looking for Jedi master that will take Her under their wing
CT-1009 [20] Clone soldier CT-1009.
Master Fol Sheena [7] Jedi Master of the Coruscant Jedi Temple.
Maylin [7] shy, hates interrupting [like me], is human 9 year old girl.
Darth Arack [3] The Sith Emperor
Ness Mevarr [3] A kind and sensitive Jedi padawan.

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Jei snickered to himself, "Time sure flies, huh." He said aloud.

He nudged Ezell next to him with his elbow. "You excited to go?" He said with a smile.

Ezell scoffed, "Oh yeah," she deadpanned. "I'm bouncing up and down in excitement."

Jei laughed, "Aw, it's not going to be that bad. I like goin' to new places, it's kinda' fun, for me at least." He stretched his arms behind him and took a breath. "Come on," he gestured toward the hall with his head, "Let's meet with Ahala."

With the soldiers and the Jedi students standing together in the bridge, Ahala gave her announcement.

“Okay so, after this I’m heading to the Outer Rim. Your welcome to stay or go with me,” she said. She seemed pretty dead-set on this, if her voice was any sign. But even if her language was clear and confident, something about her vibe felt off.

He knew that others considered it invasive of him to constantly sense how people were feeling, but he couldn't help it. It was normal to Miralukas, and he certainly didn't know how to stop doing it.

Ahala continued, "Let’s just hope we can get what we need, and that they have it.”

Ezell raised her hand, "Question! What're we looking for again?"

"Yeah," Jei added, "I thought we were going to a planet?"

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#, as written by Ahala_Saas
"It is a planet. A planet on the outer rim. There really aren't that many. But I've done some research and" ahala said as she brought up a star map. "This planet here was last attacked around the time I was found as a child. So I'm pretty sure its this one." She said and would then pull up the coordinates of the planet.

"This planet isn't to far from here. Maybe about a couple of hours, maybe a day" a boe said to her as he looked. "True but you and the other as I know are supposed to go back after this to the front lines" she said sadly. "Nah not me, I'm staying with you kid. I like not fighting all the time. If I get in trouble then I get in trouble. You let me worry about that" boe said to her and she would nod her head