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Starwars multiverse

The Jedi temple among the clone wars

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a part of Starwars multiverse, by Ahala_Saas.


Ahala_Saas holds sovereignty over The Jedi temple among the clone wars, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Jedi temple among the clone wars is a part of Starwars multiverse.

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Qi'Jeivas Kaba'allo [89] A reluctant student of the Jedi Order.
Ezell Ohi [80] A Jedi foundling from the streets of Coruscant.
Ahala Saas [64] Looking for Jedi master that will take Her under their wing
CT-1009 [22] Clone soldier CT-1009.
Ness Mevarr [7] A kind and sensitive Jedi padawan.
Maylin [7] shy, hates interrupting [like me], is human 9 year old girl.
Master Fol Sheena [7] Jedi Master of the Coruscant Jedi Temple.
Darth Arack [3] The Sith Emperor
Lore Grimsoul [0] A young man who is lost in the world. He wields a power called the force, but has never had training. He’s never even been in a fight. Some
Darth Morgoth [0] Darth Morgoth is a dark lord of the sith that traveled from another universe.

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Ahala would nod and would then stand up and would walk over and take a small sandwich and would then look at everyone as she left the mess hall "see you guys in a bit, I will be at the ship updating the star map" she said and would then walk back to the ship and would see that something was different then before. As she walked into the ship she saw that it was a little bit bigger then before. "what in the world" she said and would keep going deeper into the ship and would see Boe with the other clones. "what are you guys doing?" she asked as they were putting a small rapid fire gun on the side of the ship. "Well we got to thinking, if we are going any deeper then we need to be ready. The station had some parts they dont use, we upgraded them so they work with the ship and able to function." Boe said to her and she looked the one clone who still had his helmet on. "Boe who is this one, he never told me his name and he always keeps his helmet on" she said and would then look back at boe who waited a minute to answer. "We call him Hell, because his face looks like hell and he doesnt want to scare anyone with how he looks" Boe said and the clone, who boe knew as rex kept working. "Fair enough, im gonna update the star map if you need me" she said and walked off.

Rex took off his helmet and looked at boe after Ahala was gone. "thanks for covering my ass" rex said and boe looked at him "you are gonna need to tell her at some point, I mean i know what Ashoka said to you but I think its close to time you tell her rex" Boe said and rex nodded. "I know but im waiting for the right moment to tell her" rex said as he watched Ahala retreating form and how he remembered her as a young child when they find her after her family was gone.