Annice Mavery White

Lonely and distant.

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a character in “Stay Alive: Baccano!”, as played by Demon girl


Annice Mavery White


"My name is Annice Mavery White."


"Anna or Mave, I don't really care."


"I'm a female, obviously. Are you blind or something?''


"I'm 23."


"Straight, sorry ladies."


"I am 170cm or that would make me 5 foot 6."


"Well, aren't you rude?"

She weighs around 110lbs.


Annice is not like any girl her age. She's quiet, reserved and likesknowledge. She'll do anythign to get her hands on what she wants. Anna work for the local news paper, meaning she's also the local information broker. This means she tells information and is either payed in return with money or new information. She is skill with a machine gun and carries around a small pistol in her back pocket as well as a couple knives by her side. She's a lonely girl who believes it's best not to have friends and is dedicated to her job, not speaking a word even if she was tortured.

Born and raised on the outskirts of New York, Anna has endured a harsh childhood, her parents and her older brother all she had as they all struggled to find food during the depression. When she was 16, she had lost her parents to starvation and was left to work in the newspaper with her brother just to survive. She will refuse anyone buying her food, thinking that it shouldn't be wasted on someone like her, rather saved and spent when it is most needed. Anna is able to go for days without sleep and often does, usually spending the night taking care of their night time customers and protecting the store from thieves.







~Bad Habits~

Horrid language
Biting her nails
Biting her lip
Threatening people


Annice is often found wearing modest and loose clothing. Whenever she wears a dress, it is always past her knees, with sleeves and usually with a long sleeved, denim jacket over the top. If not, then she wears a plain brown tee and black pants. She has a slim build and a light tan from being outside a lot when she was little. Her hair is long and blonde, and even somewhat wavy. Her eyes, however, are green and seem distant, sometimes even lonely...

~Face Claim~

Chloe Moretz

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