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"...men do become wolves and if you have the privilege to be witness to such a transformation it is the most natural and right thing you have ever seen."

A Lesson In Me

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Markus Gains




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A Lesson In Anatomy

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A Lesson In Psychology


Markus is charming, he's a showman with a long line of useless skills, stage magic tricks and quick fingers to ensnare people's attention, but he is never well-liked. He abhors emotional connections, doing his best to avoid them like the plague that he considers them. A hard truth is that he has never needed someone as much as they need him. He has a constant fear of being put in a cage. Which is both literal, and figurative. He's a werewolf, and he seems at least passingly aware of hunters, of being locked up, imprisoned. He's scared of other peoples' needs, of having to deal with people in an emotional context, of having people's feelings pressed upon him. This is not just inclusive of the people he has the closest connections with, but almost typifies their interactions – trying to hold him down, while Markus has at least one foot out the door.

He has a very evolved “hierarchy of shit he can do without”. And that amounts to, quite honestly, just about everything that doesn't directly affect him. Persistence wins the day when it comes to Peter, friendship or otherwise; he tries to avoid confrontations where possible, so the right person seems to be able to get under his skin no matter how much he sees attachment as its own sort of cage. Tied into this, is the fact that Markus hates violence. Both in general, but especially when it's directed at him. This isn't just part of his personality, it's also biological. He has “abnormally low levels of adrenal glucocorticoid, indicating that the animal ... is by nature non-aggressive”. However, this doesn't mean he wont fight. He understands necessity, he knows when violence is the only choice. And it might absolutely terrify him, but when the cards are down, he'll be there. If he has to. He has little faith in his own propensity toward courage.

But, when things aren't do-or-die, he's mostly an exceptionally poorly behaved teenager. He's a pervert, he listens to people having sex in the bathroom, reads 'tits and motorcycle' magazines in the cafeteria, he drinks as if he doesn't even recognize that he's underage. He seems to have little respect or acknowledgment for the things that public school values as education.

He has an exceptionally receptive Swadisthana chakra, which gives him access to that “secret, sacred frequency of the universe”. This seems to mostly translate out into a bad feeling, intuition that he perceives as agitation in his balls when something bad is happening / going to happen / has happened, mostly for him personally. Through it, he has a connection to the earth.


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