Steamworld: The Abandoned

Steamworld: The Abandoned


Far into the future, cyborgs and AIs have become as abundant as humans- but they've been cast out of society to fend for themselves. [MORE INSIDE]

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Steamworld: The Abandoned

Cyborgs, artificial intelligence, robots, androids and automatons- they all used to be revered and somewhat worshiped by humans. However, they grew too many in numbers, and eventually, the humans cried out and pushed these 'lifeless' beings away into what used to be known as Siberia. They built a giant wall, and left them be. However, all these cyborgs, androids and other AIs were not 'lifeless' as the humans thought, they all possessed unique emotions, personalities and quirks.

One day, in Steamworld, the dwelling of the AIs, a 'young' group of AIs found a crack in the wall, and daring to do something nobody before them had done, escaped into the human world. In the human world, the humans had reverted to a somewhat simplistic life, the only technology being electricity and radios. These AIs decide to abandon Steamworld, and try to prove the humans wrong by integrating into their society... But can they do it?

Artificial Intelligence #1: taken by yeastyy
Artificial Intelligence #2: OPEN
Artificial Intelligence #3: OPEN

Human #1: reserved by DumbLuck
Human #2: OPEN
Human #3: OPEN

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[center][img]  put gif here [/img]
[b]Serial Number:[/b] ***applies only to AIs,
[b]Age:[/b] 17-25
[b]Sexuality:[/b] Yes, AIs can love too! c:
[b]Species:[/b] Human, Cyborg (more robotic looking) or Android (more human looking)
[b]Appearance:[/b] Realistic picture, and if cyborg/android, you can just describe robotic features
[img] another picture [/img][/size][/center]

Serial Number is formed by:
CY (cyborg); or AN (android)
Day and year of birth
Number of unit
example: AN311990-301

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Siberia by yeastyy


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Re: Steamworld: The Abandoned

Hello, I was wondering if I might be able to reserve a spot for artificial intelligence? Please? Thank you.

Re: Steamworld: The Abandoned

I was wondering if the automatons would have human emotions as well as be humanoid. If so how similar to humans will they look?

Re: Steamworld: The Abandoned

Hi, may I reserve an artificial intelligence spot? Thank you. ^ ^

Re: Steamworld: The Abandoned

While this all looks interesting I would like to point out something. While Androids are robots made to look and act Human, Cyborgs are living people who were given mechanical parts. Anyone with a pacemaker, hearing aid, or synthetic arm can be considered a Cyborg, but I'm guessing the modifications were a bit more extreme in the case of the RP.

Just thought I'd point that out. Androids are completely mechanical, Cyborgs are people that were given mechanical parts. Big difference. However that does bring up the question as to why the human race became so paranoid that they even sent humans to Siberia as well.

Re: Steamworld: The Abandoned

They can definitely be human in appearance!

Re: Steamworld: The Abandoned

I could be interested in playing an AU. Are they completely human in appearance?

Re: Steamworld: The Abandoned

Hello. :) Could I reserve one of the human spots, please? c:

Steamworld: The Abandoned

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