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Fallon Sky B.

Basic Information.




Fallon has a very soft, feminine look to her, as if she were one of the most delicate things out there- that is, if she can keep her mouth shut- but that’s another story for a different day. She is a petite girl, only standing up to be about 5’5ft, and weighing roughly 105lbs. Her hair is wild and crazy, coming down in mink brown tendrils, often worn back in loose braids that frame her heart shaped face. She often is unkempt, looking as if she had just rolled out of bed; Fallon’s clothes are always wrinkled, her hair always has fly always and it seems as if she just can’t her face clean enough to make her seem as if she is fully awake. Fallon hardly wears any makeup, and gives little care to her faded grey eyes or her porcelain like skin, and she often sports mild sunburns along her cheeks and nose.

Despite Fallon’s look, she is very hard to deal with. She’s outspoken and doesn’t seem to have much of a filter in her head. Fallon is often blunt and says things without much though, which often means that she ends up offending someone without meaning it. Fallon has a very short fuse, and toppled with that spoiled brat attitude of hers, she is often bursting out in public over things that probably don’t deserve the reaction.
Although her personality does have various faults, she is a loyal friend and is easy to be around. Fallon isn’t very popular amongst her peers, but she doesn’t get much attention to her either. Or, at least, that is until a fight breaks out then perhaps she may be the talk of the school for a measly five minutes; she is fairly easy to forget about, not leaving a heavy impression on anyone.

✯Anything sweet.
✯Cute things.
✯Getting her way.
✯Plants and animals.
✯Tee shirts (she is a collector).

☒ Bitter Things.
☒ Assignments.
☒ People who ‘take’ her things (ex., things that aren’t necessarily hers to begin with).
☒ Dark Places.
☒ Fire.
☒ Losing.

Mana Arm.

Weapon Name:
Mors Vivificate

Weapon Appearance:

Weapon Ability:
Light Razor: Mors has the ability to form its arrows out of pure light; even Mors itself is made out of pure light. It burns anything it touches down to ashes excluding its user; anything living it kills, a small, blue rose forms out of its ashes, signifying life from death (hence, its name).

Additional Information.

Battle II:


  • Handedness: Right.
  • Fitness: Average.
  • Allergies/Medical conditions:
    Fallon suffers from small seizures that were a lot stronger when she was younger. Now, she just stares off in space, turning a slight shade of purple when under a lot of stress or after battles.


So begins...

Fallon Sky Banthon's Story


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Fallon Sky B.

Unlike everyone else who left for break, Fallon stayed at the dorms with various visits from doctors and even her mother came out to visit her on the occasion- why? To simply put it, Fallon was sick. How she got it? No one knows; one thing is for certain though, Fallon was in fact, bed ridden throughout the break and anyone knows what that can do to a person.
“Well, your fever has gone down a lot- which is nice but you still are experiencing symptoms so I’d continue to take the medicines and spend today relaxing. Try not to move too much and take it easy when school starts again.” The graying doctor said, holding up an electronic thermometer as if it was still a mercury one.

Fallon, who had tissues stuffed up her nose and in her footy-pajamas, thrust upwards, her hands locked in place, suspended in air as her legs flailed, getting tangled in her sheets. “No way!” She yelled, agitation coating her voice. “I’ve spent my entire break here, there ain’t no way I’m spending another day!” With quick movements, she launched herself out of bed. Though, the sickness was quicker and crept up her spine and knocking her upside the head real hard, causing Fallon to drop to the floor with a rather loud ‘thud’.
The doctor smiled smugly as he put his tools away. “Fine, do whatever you wish- it is your body. Don’t listen to me, I’m only a certified doctor who not only works for the school, but is also one of the best in the area.” His sarcastic voice made Fallon want to vomit even more.
“Alright, alright, alright! I get it; you’re smart and I’m stupid.” She growled, hopping to her feet before pointing a finger at him. “But I’m still not listening to a quack doctor!” With that, Fallon turned on her heels and walked out of the room- of course, without realizing she her appearance; her hair knotted and tousled, her stained footy pajamas with the butt flannel hanging wide open and her face, which hasn’t been washed in a week and by now, was covered in dried food and dirt from her late night adventures to the garden- which, by the way, was only worsening her illness.

“Fallon, my dear,” The doctor said, crossing his covered arms over his chest. “I can see your underwear.” At those words, Fallon stopped in her tracks and placed her hands on her behind; pulling up the flap and walking robotically back inside her room, causing laughter and giggles to be heard throughout the dorm area. “Why don’t you clean up before doing something so rash and caveman-like?” He raised his eyebrows up over his thick framed glasses at her, enjoying her embarrassment.
“W-Whatever! I don’t need advice from you!” With that, Fallon walked into the bathroom, not undressing until she heard the doctor leave. Once she was alone, she showered and got dressed, braiding her hair in its usual, messy braids. She brushed her teeth and pulled on some shoes before leaving her room and dorms.

The aura was truly laced with pink; everyone seemed happy to be back or excited to start anew here. The talk of how the returning students spent their break made her feel a bit glum and even envious, but all was well over all. She took the sidewalk down to the garden, greeted by the white duck that always seems to follow her around the place. It nipped at her ankles and flapped its wings for some much needed attention.
“Hello Mr. Duck!” She said energetically. “How was your break?” Fallon squatted down and petted the squawking thing, nodding her head as if she could really understand it. “Hmm, yeah, me too- I was sick.” She stuck out her tongue before standing up, the duck flapping its wings in attempt to fly but failed. Fallon never really knew why the duck couldn’t fly- ever since it was a baby; it would always flap its wings but never left the ground. “Anyways, how did the roses do? I haven’t seen them since last Friday- oh!” She slapped her hands over her mouth. “That was supposed to be a secret though.” Fallon gave a little wink to the duck before entering the garden area.


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Fallon Sky B.

Fallon, once she made it to the roses she planted, admired her own piece of work; her hands on her hips as her nose suddenly became longer with self praise. The white duck who stood by her twiddle its head and quacked loudly before scuffling itself over towards the rose bush and began to pull each one by its roots.
“Ah!” She yelled, pointing at the outright culprit. “Mr. Duck! Knock it off!” Fallon charged after the duck, causing it to run in between the rose bushes. Of course, Fallon, being the ditz she was, didn’t realize that she was too big to fit as nicely as the duck did in the bushes and dived right in the small hole the duck started to make.

“Ow! Damn it!” By passers looked over in shock, wondering why the hell she was digging through the bush. “You know,” She said, squeezing herself through two branches, scratching herself up real prettily. The duck simply looked at her and grabbed a branch in between its beak. “It’s not too late to fry you up and serve you for supper!” She growled, reaching out to try and grab the duck before it opened its beak, snapping the branch back into her face. “OW!”
Her voice was so loud that it echoed, causing birds in the trees nearby fly away. Fallon pulled out of the bush, holding her bleeding face. “Fine, be that way you stupid duck!” She mumbled, looking at her hands and completely ignoring all the thorns and branches that were entangled in her messy braids; not to mention the small cuts that covered her arms and legs.

The duck looked at her, sadly before coming out and resting its beak on her leg. That was when she heard about the opening ceremony; it was something that all students must do and Fallon was no exception. She raised to her feet, the duck flapping backwards and stopping at her feet. Fallon turned on her heels and began walking to the assembly, by passing an oak tree with various people around it also speaking about the assembly. Fallon wasn’t very acquainted with the others, although some may know her by her ridiculous actions, a lot haven’t even spoken to her, or even just ignored her.
Fallon tried to ignore the stinging sensation all around her and the fact that she was now bleeding from various places, more specifically, her face with had blood smeared across her cheeks and nose. "I'll only forgive you, Mr. Duck, if you can stay out of the plants." She said, holding up her hand before turning around and finding the tail of the white duck burrowing into the rose bush. "FINE!" She stomped, her hands balling into fists. "I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON A THORN!" With that, Fallon turned on her heels and made her way angrily to the assembly hall.


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Jette Raynehell

The infiltration was a success. Jette had managed to make it to the Garuda dorms without being stopped by anyone. Not that anyone normally would think to stop him but...nevertheless, the boy would take what little adrenaline rush the rule-breaking gave him.

A quick glance at the simple dorm room showed that the bed by the window was unclaimed. Good ol' Geneveaux! At least that dunce knew enough to let him have it. A grin creeped its way across Jette's face. His roommate was okay...as far as roommates go anyway. Jette knew he could have done a lot worse. Like Zero. That pretentious loser was aptly named. Saphiron didn't talk much, so he wasn't really annoying. Although sometimes that made him more annoying. The kid wasn't very smart, that much was obvious to Jette. Still, there was something endearing about Saphiron's dopey charm that made him one of the few people Jette actually didn't want to get mauled by the Shari.

Reaching into his hoodie, he felt the warm fur of Remy and grabbed him, putting the rabbit gently on the bed.

"Excellent job, Remy! Nobody suspected a thing!"

He held his hand out to the tiny rabbit, who flicked at his fingertips with a single paw. Jette laughed to himself.

"Maybe later we can work on that trick again where you" -


"Aaarrrrggghhhhh!" Jette growled and smacked his forehead. "Goddamn it!"

All this bullshit so the stupid professors could just say, 'Welcome back, kids! Now get to work! Oh, and don't forget to join a stupid extra-curricular activity! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!'

Jette grit his teeth in irritation.

Still...it had been a while since he'd last spoken to anyone here. The boy had spent his entire vacation alone with Remy after all. This could be a good opportunity to, daresay, meet people and talk to them. 'Friends' seemed like too committed a word. For now, he'd settle with just talking to anyone who didn't suck.

'Hmph. Fat chance.'

With that, the boy gave a farewell pat to Remy before making his way to the assembly hall.


Nearly twenty minutes later, Jette was regretting his overly optimistic decision to show up. The large influx of students had caused a sort of traffic jam, and now a huge crowd of blabbering, blithering idiots had him stuck in the hallway as people filed into the auditorium one by one.

'I should have just skipped this thing...'

Tapping his foot with irritation, his narrowed eyes caught sight of something rather peculiar... A girl was standing nearby. Like him, she was seemingly trapped in the maelstrom of students. Also like him, she was wearing a mildly disgusted look on her face. Or maybe that was the blood that was smeared across her once-porcelain cheeks.

'What the hell...?'

Jette stared at her, his mouth hanging slightly open in wonder. She seemed to be unaware of his gaze...and the fact that she did indeed have blood on her.

It was such a strange sight. Comical, even. Jette's lips curled into a smile as he stared at her, wondering about the story behInd the stain.

Was it fresh blood?

'Looks fresh enough I s'pose...'

Did she just come from a fight?

'She doesn't look so tough...'

Had she just murdered someone?

'A fellow student...? Oh! Oh! A teacher!?!?'

Jette wanted to get this girls's attention, and was suddenly startled when he actually realized it. He'd always had trouble talking to others. He never had any problem with expressing himself, and yet something always got lost in translation somewhere. Still, that was part of the reason why he'd agreed to come to this stupid school to begin with. He'd been here just over a year now and still spent most of his time pouting around. Time to change that. This lucky gal would be the first step to the new-and-improved Jette Raynehell. With a deep breath, he tried to speak, not actually thinking about what should come out...

"Hey..." It was barely a whisper.

"Uhm...you...hey, I..." Jette felt his face growing hot. The sensation irritated him.

"What are...I mean...I'm...argh! Dammit!" Giving up, his mouth was once again ahead of his mind as he called out...

"What the hell is with your face!?"

His voice was caustic but his eyes shone with instant guilt. And with that, the ice had been eloquently broken...


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Fallon Sky B.

The instant she got close to the area, Fallon wanted to turn away and go back to her precious garden and help fight against the evil white devil-duck that kept pulling the plants from the roots. The crowded place made her seem ever so small, and because she was often unseen unless she made a scene, Fallon was simply being pushed around; this made her scowl grow even deeper, creasing her forehead and making her seem older by years.
She didn’t even notice the curious stare from a person who was only a few feet away from her- hell, she didn’t even hear him come up to her and greet her.
“Uhm…you…hey, I…” Now this caught her attention. Fallon turned towards him and looked upwards. Her grey eyes examining him from head to toe to reveal an awfully tall boy- or at least to her- with blonde hair that was seemingly unkempt but seemed to suit him in a way; he was stuttering something and whatever it was, it made him slightly gain color in his face and she could tell he was slowly growing irritated. “What are…I mean… I’m…argh! Damnit!” The agitated exasperation in his voice made her take a small step back. “What the hell is with your face!?”

Fallon just looked at him for what seemed like seconds, her eyes blunt and her face emotionless before her hands rose to her face, now knowing that what he was talking about was the blood. She touched it gently, before slowly jerking her hand away from her cut.
“Oh,” She began, looking back up at him. “You see…” Suddenly, Fallon raised her hands as if she was in some dramatic scene. “I spent all break planting this huge rose bush,” Her hands swelled in the air to show its extent. “It was really important because I was out sick throughout break so I had to hide and sneak out at night to prevent that quack doctor from seeing me.” Her hands shot down under her chin as though she was planning something evil for the doctor. “Anyways, Mr. Duck- oh, this white duck that follows me around all the time- yeah, well he hates plants so he always tears them apart; I usually don’t mind because its Mr. Duck, but the rose bush was just too far!” She stomped a little, remembering her little adventure that made her all hot in the head.

“So he went inside the bush, and I went to go get.” Fallon smiled at the tall boy, standing up on her tip-toes to try and get eye level with him. “But the stupid Turducken went all crazy and attacked me with thorns!” This time, Fallon raised her hands over head to try and seem bigger, but instead, stumbled backwards and bumping into a person in front of her. “And now,” She said, counting on her fingers as if there were more. “I’m here.” She looked up at him and walked towards him. “What’s wrong with your face?” She asked in retort, not really meaning anything but decided to ask him to not ‘seem rude’, or as others said she was when she didn’t ask them the same question in return.


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Lonan Cain

Lonan laughed at Elysia's comment. As they began to walk, he noticed Elysia fall behind to talk to some freshman.

"So, you ass hat, who did you terrorize this time to have to break into my bloody room?" He said to Seran, with a half smirk and a soft laugh.

Getting closer to the hall, Elysia manage to catch back up to the two.

"Well, nice of you to join us miss tour guide." He said, with a joking smile.

"At least they haven't started yet. Anyway how was the break for the both of you?"

"Nice enough..." He said. "Though a bit boring. I didn't get to see my father much, he was in Reynden for most of it on an important business trip. I mostly just hung out with my little brother and some old school friends. Oh, and my cats. I miss my cats. Mimi is total-" Realizing he was rambling on, he cut himself short. "Because everyone wants to know about your uber-manly love for cats." he thought. He looked over at the other two, curious about their breaks.

As they arrived at the now-packed assembly hall, they unsurprisingly struggled to find seats. The three had split up to look for a trio of unoccupied ones. Finding a perfect place for them to sit on the ground level, somewhat close to the stage, he waved over to Seran and Elysia to come over to where he was, though they weren't very far away. Just on cue, the assembly began. The lights dimmed slowly, and a tall figure walked on stage.

"Students. Please be seated immediately." He said, a microphone carrying his intimidating presence through the room. The man was no other than Vice-Chancellor Endrad, or as most students called him, behind his back of course, "Ender". He was a large man, with a slim, but intimidating figure, which was crowned by a serious, no-bullshit face, marked with a scar over the bridge of his nose, just extending just to touch his high cheekbones. His thick black hair was neck-length and always slicked back and his figure was always suited in a black designer suit. He was a stark contrast to the beautiful Chancellor, who's regal looks and scarlet hair had earned her the nickname "The Red Lion" though now it was more of a title then a moniker. She along with most of the other Academic staff, sat behind him, almost invisible in the dim light.

"On behalf of all the staff, we welcome you back to Stella Academy. We have but a few brief announcements before we let you finish unpacking your belongings and settling in. First off, we would like to address the rumours that have been circulating as of late. There has been a few, unconfirmed sightings of a class 3 Shari near the school grounds. Once again, it's presence is unconfirmed, but any further sightings should be reported to staff immediately and no student should engage the creature in combat under any circumstances.

Second, there will be a dance at the end of the week, to celebrate the first day of the festival of the dead. Then, on the final day of the festival, there will be a tournament held at the Holo-field. Participation in both events of optional, but encouraged. If you would like to volunteer for either event, please speak to Mr. Tevin as soon as possible.

Finally, keep in mind that while there is no class today, classes do start at 8:00 sharp tomorrow morning, so do not be late. That is all." He said, as the lights turned on and students began to file out of the building.

Lonan looked over to the other two as he got up. "Of course he had to end it with "Don't be late!". What a jerk." He yawned, stretching his arms into the air, "But a tournament, now that sounds fun."


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Jette Raynehell

"What's wrong with your face?"

Jette was unprepared for this sudden outburst. The girl's story had been a long and confusing one. Between her drawn out explanations and her over-the-top body gestures, his insides cringed with regret for ever having spoken to her. And then she'd retorted with that.

The boy felt his face growing hot as a hand instinctively reached for his cheek. How dare she!? Did she have any idea who he was?


He should be disgusted...right? Get angry and yell in her face to shut the hell up...right? So when Jette heard his own laughter, he felt as if he didn't know himself any better than he knew this mystery girl.

"Heh... Hahaha!" There was something so...so comical about her! Almost endearingly so. Here she stood, alone, with blood on her face and some bullshit story about a duck cutting her with thorns...or whatever. In this moment, looking at her pathetic, bloody face, Jette decided that he liked something about this girl. It appeared as if today's social experiment was a success.

After his fit of laughter faded into a large grin, Jette was about to speak again when he was bumped to the side by another, larger student. Just then, more and more of them pushed by, seemingly filing into the auditorium faster now that the assembly was about to start. A sea of bodies separated him from the duck-girl and soon, he couldn't find her at all amidst the crowd.

And then the wave of all-too-familiar rage swept over him.


Cursing aloud, Jette barreled through the crowd, forcing his way to the front and into the assembly hall. Green eyes scanned the dimly lit room to find a chair in the last row and he stomped over to it, dramatically flopping down with a thud. Seething with negativity, he waiting for this annoying little presentation to be over. Then he could get away from these disgusting people and back to Remy.


The assembly was an even bigger bore than Jette had predicted.

Blah, blah, blah, Shari... Blah, blah, blah, dance... Blah, blah, blah, tournament... Gods! Would this ever end!? Jette passed the time by imagining what would happen if that fool Ender just suddenly burst into flames and exploded. The panic he envisioned made him chuckle aloud more than once.

Lost in his twisted little daydream, Jette only knew the assembly had concluded when he saw everyone stand up and begin to exit the auditorium.


Slipping out one of the doors, the boy looked about the room. It seemed that everyone was picking up their pointless conversations where they had left off before the assembly. With a scoff, Jette began the trek back to his dorm. As he passed a group of students who looked especially familiar, he stared curiously. His eyes narrowed in irritation when he saw it was merely that annoying overachiever, Lon-Lon and a few of his friends. That dope Geneveaux was with them too. Turning his head, he continued walking past them.


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Fallon Sky B.

Fallon was a bit startled to hear this boy laugh, so much that she jumped a little. Was what she said funny? Perhaps she should ask that question more often, it seemed as though he enjoyed it. She opened her mouth, preparing herself to say something but before she could, a crowd came in and swept him away like a wave. Instead, she just waved sheepishly at him, as she too, got drifted away in the crowd and into the assembly room.

Due to her recent illness, Fallon practically missed the entire assemble; spending her time sleeping. Her head was propped back as she sat in the chair, her hair crazily stuck to her face as a long string of saliva dripped from her mouth and onto the floor; causing quite the ruckus for students behind her.
As soon as the assembly was over, Fallon snapped out of it instantly, as if she wasn’t even asleep and once again, she was swept away with the crowd. Thanks to her small stature, it was quite easy to make her way through the large crowds and finding herself out in the open once more.

Once she was free, Fallon walked back to the garden, wiping away the eye boogers that built up in the corners from sleeping and the dried drool that seemed to form while the man was speaking. Looking at her closely as she walked, wiping her face, Fallon did seem like a young child who had no business in such an elite academy, but she did.
She walked along the concrete path that lead her back to the garden, greeted half way by the white duck. Still a bit angry at it, Fallon ignored it as she continued to walk.