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Welkin Relique

"A date? But I'm a teacher and...Well, it would be awfully rude to say no...Alright but only one!"

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a character in “Stella Academy”, as played by Golgari


Welkin Relique

Basic Information




Appearance:Welkin is about 5"9 in height with neck length blonde hair, though it turns white as his powers are used, returning back to its original color about 30 minutes after use. He has very pale skin and curious turquoise eyes that seem to sparkle in the light. His palms are covered in scars from previous training with his Mana Arm. While on the job, Welkin dresses formal in a grey suit and tie. However, as soon as class is out, he switches to a jeans, scarf and jacket. Welkin is very attractive but is much too modest to take advantage of it.

Personality:Welkin is, in a single word, kind. He always has a smile on his face and is wiling to help anyone in any way he can. Not really one to force people to his will, Welkin considers himself to be more of a guide then a teacher, helping his students find their own paths to take and supporting their decisions, even if they aren't the best ones. Despite this kindness, something else resides inside him. A sadness that only Welkin himself knows the cause.
One flaw Welkin has is his inability to say no. Unless it severely conflicts with his morals, he will go along with whatever crazy plan or task a student asks him for help with. This has resulted in many dates with the female students of the school, much to his wallet's displeasure.

Likes & Loves:
✯Helping people
✯Music, especially stuff you can groove too
✯His students

Dislikes & Fears
☒Saying no
☒Being helpless
☒Manual labor (sports don't count because they're fun)
☒Spicy Food

Mana Arm

Weapon name:[Weapon]Libro Mortuorum

[color=SpringGreen]Weapon appearance

Weapon's ability: Death's Revel: Allows the weilder to summon a multitude of different undead servants to fight for them and do their bidding. Mana is expended to summon the unit and is returned when the unit has been destroyed or recalled back into the book. The undead servants are classified as follows.

Zombies: Basic undead infantry. No special abilities. Follow basic orders (Protect her, attack him, ect...). Can wield basic weapons(Swords, maces, ect..).

Wights: Advanced undead infantry. No special abilities. Can follow advanced orders (Flank him from the right, Create a ladder, ect...). Can wield advanced weapons(Crossbows, guns, ect..)

Lich: Undead mages. Able to cast basic spells(fireballs, ice shards, drain life, ect..) each spell cast over Lich's mana pool takes from summoner.

Revanant: Able to possess other corpses, gaining all the abilities they had in life. Each corpse can only be possessed once and only for 1 hour maximum.

Wraith: Undead suited for recon. Able to fly and pass through physical material. Can attack foes with a freezing touch.

Dracolich: Undead dragon. Can only conjure one at a time. Very powerful. Able to breath a very powerful acid. Very hard to control. May drain the summoner's life to resist being recalled.

Additional Information

General:[url=Anti Gravity - Lindsey Stirling][/url]
Battle:[url=Scarlet Dawn - Varien][/url]
Battle II:[url=Battle in the Forgotten City - Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children][/url]

Handedness: Righthanded
Fitness: Very high stamina. Not very strong physically but agile.
Allergies/Medical conditions: Due to his Mana Arm being about death, Welkin is unusually resistant to disease.


So begins...

Welkin Relique's Story


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Character Portrait: Welkin Relique
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#, as written by Golgari
It was a beautiful day on the campus of Stella Academy. Birds were chirping, a light breeze was floating through the trees and an air of happiness seemed to hang over the school. The opening ceremony had been a great success and it was looking to be an amazing year. Unfortunately for Welkin Relique, these facts were shrouded in a dark, mysterious force known as just waking up. The room was rather bare as is the rest of the house. A large wardrobe stood on the left opposite a small television. As the bright sunlight cascaded over his blonde hair, the teacher looked groggily at his alarm clock.

His flashing alarm clock that read 5:08 am.

"A power outage?! God dammit!" In a sudden burst of speed, Welkin flung his covers to the side and quickly did his morning routine. After twelve minutes of panic he stood at the door, dressed in a pinstripe suit. A worried expression crossed his face.
"Headphones...headphones...where are my headphones? Marcus!" A small skeletal dog came trotting into the room, a set of headphones dangling happily from his jaws. Bending down, Welkin plucked the headset from his pet's grasp and patted him affectionately on the head.
"Alright boy, ready to go?" The dog barked in reply, his bony tail wagging furiously.
Changing his playlist to "Gotta go fast: Songs for when I'm late", Welkin ran down the streets to the start of a new school year, the clip of small skeletal feet not far behind him.


"Ahh, Relique. It's about time you showed up." The Chancellor chimed, watching with slight amusement as the young teacher ran into the quickly emptying auditorium. "I was getting afraid Garuda wouldn't have a homeroom this year."
"Sorry m'am, I slept in a bit." Welkin said shyly, running his fingers through his hair. He had always had a sort-of crush on his superior, a fact that she was constantly egging him about.
A gruff voice from behind startled the teacher. "Just don't let it happen again Relique or you'll be working as the janitor." Vice Chancellor Endrad stood as stiff as a board, exuding his authority over the much smaller man.
"Y-yes Endrad. No more lates from me. Promise." Endrad simply nodded and handed him the schedule for the week. With a respectful bow, Welkin ran to his homeroom to get ready for tomorrow's classes.


The "classroom" that Welkin taught in was not a classroom at all but a large building on the edge of the Holo-Field, a large wall separating the room into Three large parts.
On the left was the biology lab. This space looked like a cross between a morgue and a library, with freshly polished steel tables and countless books on the subject of anatomy. Currently, there were no bodies in the laboratory. These could be easily conjured with his Mana Arm for research materials.

On the right was the school gymnasium. Here, all kinds of sports are played with the undead serving as extra players if need be. Finally is the entrance to the Hole-Field itself.
This was Welkin's favorite part of the day. Using the Holo-Field to create specific situations, the teacher could summon undead enemies for his students to fight. It has become a running challenge at this school to be one of the few able to defeat "The Never-ending Army", a simulation pitting you alone against an army of ten thousand Wights. Though some students have come close, none have succeeded and thus revealed the special prize Welkin promised to the victor.

With a smile, Welkin plopped down in his chair. Tomorrow's classes were the start of a new year. Welkin closed his eyes.
"I have a feeling this is going to be our most exciting year yet, don't you think so pal?" The dog barked happily from his lap as they both fell back to slumber.