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Lonan Cain [15] "We are the masters of our fate."
Elysia Hunt [14] "I'll be gentle"
Seran Nyx [13] "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a hail of blades for my oppressors."
Saphiron Geneveaux [12] "Enjoy each snowflake for its personal beauty, lest collectively they bury your heart in ice."
Zero Hunt [11] "I can, and I will blow your brains out"
Tessa Phers [7] "If the Shari attack, I'll just wit them to death."
Jette Raynehell [6] "Aww! Don't be such a goodie-goodie!"
Tasnim Lane [5] "There's nothing better then nature, you know?"
Serenity Sirenchella [2] "Please, just call me Serenity."

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"I hear your going to be entering more of the tournaments this year. You should be all right for most of them. But be careful if you go against El. Since she specializes in martial arts and her mana arm increases the power behind her attacks, she is strong. Trust me I know first hand. Not only that, she is quick. And don't forget about her two friends."

Saphiron watched Zero speak his words of caution with a slightly clueless look on his face. He saw Zero look many times beyond Saph, and to his sister and her two friends he mentioned. Saph couldn’t tell whether Zero was talking out of frustration, sadness, or jealousy. Saph followed his eyes once to the small group. Lonan and Elysia were a little uncomfortably close, and the smaller red head was not far behind. They all seemed pretty happy, but Zero did not seem to share in his sister’s joy.

“Oh. Okay. Thanks! I’m not too worried. I’m just going to try my best for everyone. But don’t worry about her and her friends, because now you’ve got friends too.” Saphiron smiled at Zero and Tessa. He didn’t know if either of them considered their little group friends exactly, but Saphiron regarded them as much anyway, and if they wanted to return the feeling, then that was fine, and if not, it wasn’t going to change Saph’s outlook anyway.

Before Zero had a chance to respond, the Vice-Chancellor was calling everyone for the assembly. Nothing really piqued Saph’s interest the entire time the man spoke. The Shari weren’t particularly frightening to Saphiron. They simply existed. He didn’t really know what he would be if he saw one. He would have to make that judgement call when he saw one for real.

“On the final day of the festival, there will be a tournament held at the Holo-field. Participation in both events of optional, but encouraged. If you would like to volunteer for either event, please speak to Mr. Tevin as soon as possible.” Saphiron’s ears shot up, his back straightened, and excitement fuelled him. He had a child-like grin on his face and he immediately scanned the crowd for Mr. Tevin. He was towards the front of the room. Once the announcement was made Saphiron started using his agility and slender frame to weave through the crowd, until he was the first one in front of Mr. Tevin as the assembly was called to a close.

“I’d like to sign up for the tournament,” Saphiron said with a grin on his face.

“Sure. Name, house, and year?”

“Saphiron Geneveaux, second year Garuda.”

“You’re all registered, good luck. Next!” Saphiron began walking back towards where he left Zero and Tessa, but in the throng of students, Saphiron couldn’t see if they had moved from their original spot….or maybe it was Saphiron couldn’t remember exactly where they were to begin with. Either way, the group that did stick out was Lonan and his small crew, so he headed over to where they were.

“Hey Lonan, ready for another year of track and field? I just signed up for the first tournament of the year too, so maybe we’ll get to hang out more?” Saphiron regarded the group warmly, and hoped that he wasn’t intruding on anything of importance.


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Jette Raynehell

"What's wrong with your face?"

Jette was unprepared for this sudden outburst. The girl's story had been a long and confusing one. Between her drawn out explanations and her over-the-top body gestures, his insides cringed with regret for ever having spoken to her. And then she'd retorted with that.

The boy felt his face growing hot as a hand instinctively reached for his cheek. How dare she!? Did she have any idea who he was?


He should be disgusted...right? Get angry and yell in her face to shut the hell up...right? So when Jette heard his own laughter, he felt as if he didn't know himself any better than he knew this mystery girl.

"Heh... Hahaha!" There was something comical about her! Almost endearingly so. Here she stood, alone, with blood on her face and some bullshit story about a duck cutting her with thorns...or whatever. In this moment, looking at her pathetic, bloody face, Jette decided that he liked something about this girl. It appeared as if today's social experiment was a success.

After his fit of laughter faded into a large grin, Jette was about to speak again when he was bumped to the side by another, larger student. Just then, more and more of them pushed by, seemingly filing into the auditorium faster now that the assembly was about to start. A sea of bodies separated him from the duck-girl and soon, he couldn't find her at all amidst the crowd.

And then the wave of all-too-familiar rage swept over him.


Cursing aloud, Jette barreled through the crowd, forcing his way to the front and into the assembly hall. Green eyes scanned the dimly lit room to find a chair in the last row and he stomped over to it, dramatically flopping down with a thud. Seething with negativity, he waiting for this annoying little presentation to be over. Then he could get away from these disgusting people and back to Remy.


The assembly was an even bigger bore than Jette had predicted.

Blah, blah, blah, Shari... Blah, blah, blah, dance... Blah, blah, blah, tournament... Gods! Would this ever end!? Jette passed the time by imagining what would happen if that fool Ender just suddenly burst into flames and exploded. The panic he envisioned made him chuckle aloud more than once.

Lost in his twisted little daydream, Jette only knew the assembly had concluded when he saw everyone stand up and begin to exit the auditorium.


Slipping out one of the doors, the boy looked about the room. It seemed that everyone was picking up their pointless conversations where they had left off before the assembly. With a scoff, Jette began the trek back to his dorm. As he passed a group of students who looked especially familiar, he stared curiously. His eyes narrowed in irritation when he saw it was merely that annoying overachiever, Lon-Lon and a few of his friends. That dope Geneveaux was with them too. Turning his head, he continued walking past them.


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Fallon Sky B.

Fallon was a bit startled to hear this boy laugh, so much that she jumped a little. Was what she said funny? Perhaps she should ask that question more often, it seemed as though he enjoyed it. She opened her mouth, preparing herself to say something but before she could, a crowd came in and swept him away like a wave. Instead, she just waved sheepishly at him, as she too, got drifted away in the crowd and into the assembly room.

Due to her recent illness, Fallon practically missed the entire assemble; spending her time sleeping. Her head was propped back as she sat in the chair, her hair crazily stuck to her face as a long string of saliva dripped from her mouth and onto the floor; causing quite the ruckus for students behind her.
As soon as the assembly was over, Fallon snapped out of it instantly, as if she wasn’t even asleep and once again, she was swept away with the crowd. Thanks to her small stature, it was quite easy to make her way through the large crowds and finding herself out in the open once more.

Once she was free, Fallon walked back to the garden, wiping away the eye boogers that built up in the corners from sleeping and the dried drool that seemed to form while the man was speaking. Looking at her closely as she walked, wiping her face, Fallon did seem like a young child who had no business in such an elite academy, but she did.
She walked along the concrete path that lead her back to the garden, greeted half way by the white duck. Still a bit angry at it, Fallon ignored it as she continued to walk.


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Tasnim Lane

It seemed amazing to Tasnim, “They found an actual Shari! she kept on thinking in her mind. What else counted, a Shari was around. She was somewhat scared and somewhat excited. A Shari was an amazing discovery. She just hoped it wouldn’t hurt anybody, especially her. That’d be horrible.

The dance was also quite exciting. Having fun and meeting new people to be friends with would be her priority there. She may even think about signing up for a battle. She’d really like to show off what her Mana Arm can do. It almost seems funny thinking about somebody wrapped around poison ivy because of her staff. Then again she wouldn’t want to lose this early in the school year, it’d be better to get a few friends first.

After the assembly she skipped back to her room, falling onto her bed, finally she got some time to rest.


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Seran Nyx

"Yeah I could go for something to eat then I can explain to you why i trashed Lon-Lon's room" Seran says a twinkle crossing his eye showing that there was more to it then what met the eye. Looking at the tournament registration desk and the swarm of people surrounding it he decides it will be better to wait till later to sign up. With a sigh Seran zones back in noticing who is talking to who, with a little chuckle he turns to Elysia "So what are you thinking of getting to eat?"


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Lonan Cain

"Well it could of been worse? But of course you would be excited about the tournament, I'm going to guess that the pair of you are going to enter?"

Lonan laughed. "Yeah, actually. I've been itching for a good fight recently, I didn't get a chance to practice at all over the break." He said, jokingly punching at the air. "What about you?"

"Stupid guys.. stupid dance.. Anyone want to get some food?"

"Scared to dance with a guy?" He teased. "Or do you just have two left feet? Yeah, food sounds good! I've been craving curry recently, but my brother and I ate out at a local place mostly over the break. My mom's cooking... not so great... Luckily, I only had to put up with it for a bit once my sister moved out, but then I got sent here. My poor little brother..." Realizing he was once again beginning to ramble on, Lonan looked ahead, and noticed Saphiron, an up-and-coming for Garuda whom he had become friendly with over track and field club.

“Hey Lonan, ready for another year of track and field? I just signed up for the first tournament of the year too, so maybe we’ll get to hang out more?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty pumped!" He laughed. "I've been practicing my long-jump, I really don't wanna mess up my ankle again like last year!" He said, sheepishly. "You too huh? I think track practice starts tomorrow, so maybe we could do some sparring after? Wouldn't hurt to get a little training in, right?" He asked, grinning."


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Elysia Hunt

Elysia couldn't help but roll her eyes at the boys, they always seemed eager to join as many tournaments as possible. Although if she was capable of it she would probably enter all of them herself.
But last year she came into contact with a few nasty illnesses resulting in her to be confined to the nurses office. Since her body struggled to produce any white blood cells to produce any antibodies she ended up in worse states than most.

"I should be able to participate in the first few, as long as I don't over do it" She replied with a soft smile upon her face.

Although her smile soon turned to a pout when Lonan began to tease her. "I don't mind dancing it's just everyone get's so excited and guys always leave it till the last minute to ask the girls or load of guys ask one girl. Remember the dance last year? I think I could of murdered someone" She mumbled the last bit. Elysia had to refrain her self from laughing at Lonan, he always seemed to ramble on quite a bit.

"Anyway! Food! We should probably just go to the campus café, Since most students will be moving their stuff in it shouldn't be to busy. And I want cake!" Her smile becoming larger at the thought of cake.
Turning to Seran with a curious expression upon her face "That I do want to know"

Turning her attention to the new voice that had entered the group, she noticed how Saphiron had joined the group. Elysia wasn't one to hate people, she may not like them on the inside but she would never show it. She acted civil.
But herself and Saphiron were polar opposites, she was fire and he was ice. That was all ready something that caused friction between the pair. But deciding she needs to keep a positive outlook on things she just smiled.

"I forgot you two are on the track and field team together..."She spoke softly. "You joining the pair Seran? Or you going to be running from people like usual?" A playful smirk upon her face.