Yuna Lovewood

From young age she had an overwhelming magic power that she couldn't control thus her parents made a container to deal her magic. She wants to study at Stellvallia academy to learn controlling this enormous power

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a character in “Stellvallia Academy”, as played by Luna Lu


She matured earlier than other kids and wasn't the type to rebel. Even so she was a real troublemaker since little, not being able control her power often led hard to cause troubles and destroy things. Her white hair often caused her to be bullied so she couldn't wait to go to Stellvallia academy where she could be in some ways herself. She is really talented at spell casting. In fact she doesn't talk when casting a spell . Other talents are her ability to fly for hours . Since little she liked to fly with a broomstick at night but when she got older she realized it wasn't the best thing to do since the villagers in her town weren't so fond of magical creatures and witches of course

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Yuna Lovewood's Story