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Kaito Matsuzaki

"Go ahead, try and stop me."{WIP}

0 · 1,028 views · located in Tokoyo, Japan

a character in “Still Dolls”, as played by roomrider




❝What seems to be the problem?❞

Themesong One ||Glory and Gore | Lorde
Themesong Two ||The Man | Aloe Blacc
Themesong Three ||Sexy Back | Justin Timberlake
Themesong Four ||Not Afraid | Eminem

❝So you think you're smart?❞

β™” Full Name β™”
Kaito Matsuzaki {Birth Name: Katai Saeki}
"Yup, that's my name."

*β™” Nickname β™”
Techy - Through his magical works with mechanics and machinery

"Those are a few of the names I go by."

β™” Alias β™”
Blue Diamond
"Just thought it up off of the top of my head."

β™” Race β™”
Special Person
"I guess that's what I classify as."

β™” Age β™”
"I'm still young."

β™” Gender β™”
"Yeah, I'm a guy, couldn't you tell by all of the girls staring at me?"

*β™” Sexuality β™”
"I like girls, and they like me too."

β™” Role β™”
Second in Command - Techy/Mission control
"That's right, I've got authority."

β™” Project β™”
"You'll recall, it was all over the news.

β™” Group β™”
"The cops really don't do enough, so we cover for'em."

*β™” Occupation β™”
Small-time hacker/freelance IT/Random Job offers
"I'll take what I can get."

β™” Face Claim β™”
Gareki from Karneval

❝Did you think that it was all going your way?❞

β™” Side β™”
Since the leader of Noir is one, it doesn't matter if he likes them or not. He's going to have to take orders from one anyway. Therefore, he tries to be quite neutral on the subject.

*β™” Height & Weight β™”
5'10 or 177.8 cm/140 lbs or 63.5 kg

β™” Hair color β™”

β™” Eye color β™”

*β™” Distinguishable Facial Features β™”
Answer Here (Beauty mark, mole, etc)

β™” Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings β™”
Kaito has a faded scar down his legs, arms, and spine from mechanical implants. He also has a tattoo of a computer chip on his right shoulder, symbolizing that he was part of the MOTHERBOARD experiment.

β™” Physical Description β™”Standing at 5'10, Kaito is about medium height. His hair is always messy since he never fixes it. Gloves are very often found on his hands. The same goes for the goggles on his head, which are almost never found away from Kaito's presence. Despite his lean build, Kaito is quite strong for his size. This is thanks to his mechanical implants. However the downside is that he is a bit heavier than he should be, considering the weight of metal to natural human parts.[/size]

❝Give me that! I'll show you how it's done.❞

β™” Habits/Quirks β™”
✦Spacing out
✦Tinkering with small machines or objects
✦Always has goggles

β™” Likes β™”
β™₯ Machines
β™₯ Tactics
β™₯ Perfection

β™” Dislikes β™”
βœ– Idiots
βœ– Stubborn people
βœ– Imperfection

β™” Skills β™”
βœ” Great Engineer
βœ” Excellent Tactician
βœ” Well developed logic and IQ

β™” Hobbies β™”
βœ” Working with and repairing machinery
βœ” Hacking
βœ” Creating new machinery

β™” Fears β™”
✘ Death
✘ Mistakes
✘ Malfunctions

β™” Flaws β™”
✘ Possible Malfunctions In his body
✘ Flashbacks
✘ Migranes

β™” Secrets β™”

❝Leave it to me, and you can consider it done.❞

β™” Weapon β™”
Answer Here {Weapons are tools that have spiritual powers that give you the ability to take away souls, see soulless monsters, and grant you the strength and power to destroy them. Only two.}

β™” Powers β™”
Bionic Body: Being part of the MOTHERBOARD experiment, Kaito has been modified, rewired, and implanted with machinery. A few examples of his enhanced body would be that his eyes can see farther and can focus much faster. His fingers never shake and can move faster. Kaito's reaction time, along with the time it takes for a command from the brain to a body part are shortened. His brain is almost literally a super-computer. It can process thoughts in an instant, and can even run simulations of events that are yet to happen.
Electromagnetic Pulse: Kaito can manipulate electromagnetic pulses to shut down electronics or control them. This can allow him to easily bypass passwords to doors, and deactivate certain IEDs.
{Some way or another you guys have acquired powers from the experiments you were subjected too. Your powers are more of an enhancement of you regular normal abilities like super strength or speed. But there are occasions where one could develop an unnatural power, like control over plants and so on. You may have two powers. One in enhancement of some kind or minor ability, than a major ability.}


β™” Personality β™”
Due to being part of the MOTHERBOARD experiment, Kaito's personality has become quite mixed. The personality of Katai Saeki blended with Kaito, the name given to him by his..."manufacturers." Kaitai, was sneaky, clever, and cocky, all of which contribute into Kaito's new personality. Kaito was originally programmed to be, quiet, calculative, and virtuous. However, the final product seems to inherit most of the traits from Katai. The new Kaito is quite clever, cocky, and very calculative.

Sometimes however, the old traits of either personality shine through at random times. So what can happen is that Kaito could feel very honest and hearty, or depending on the situation, sneaky and selfish. Other then these strange moments, Kaito acts well, at least towards the members of Noir. He calculates every situation, or problem he runs into, finding the weakness and utilizing it to find the solution. Much like his old self, Kaito keeps an air of authority to him and acts like he could take on the world. This arrogance could also be his downfall however, although Kaito refuses to acknowledge it. Also, due to having to work with machinery that require perfect results, Kaito has turned into quite the perfectionist, wanting everything to be just right.

❝Yeah? What about me?❞

*β™” Romantic Interest β™”

β™” Most Precious Person β™”
Kaito believes that it would be inappropriate to develop a favorite. It could lead to improper decisions and cause much unneeded anxiety. So none.

*β™” Family β™”
Brother: {Of course you won’t remember your family, but put them down if your character had any}

β™” History β™”
Kaito was born to a normal family and had an older brother. All was well until the end of middle school, which was when he began to hang out with the wrong crowd. Being quite skilled with electronics and having intelligence, he began with hacking video game accounts and such. However, soon video game accounts turned into bank accounts. Kaito was lucky, and wasn't caught until he actually tried to hack into some government files, which was when the local authorities broke through his firewall. As Kaito heard the sirens, he ran out of the house and found a place to hide behind some undergrowth next-door. As the SWAT team broke down the door and headed for his computer, Kaito activated the detonation of his PC, which he had planned for. Unfortunately, before he could get away, he was caught and locked up. The detonation of his PC had killed two men, and seriously injured three others, which was why Kaito was sentenced to death. However, a couple days before his execution, some strange people showed up to take him away. After the MOTHERBOARD incident however, Kaito was never the same again, not to mention homeless.

MOTHERBOARD: This experiment was to manufacture a new breed of 'super-soldiers' for the military. The people gathered were juvenile delinquents, sentenced to death or certain young adults with the same demise. The doomed criminals were to be implanted with machinery and have their memory wiped as well. The machinery was used to enhance one's abilities and improve the human body itself. Depending on what kind of military job the specified 'body' would be equipped likewise. For instance, Kaito was to be a bomb squad officer, therefore, he was given enhanced fingers, a supercomputer brain, and the ability to deactivate certain types of bombs or IEDs. Everything was going as planned until Kaito somehow broke through the brainwash, and along with a few to-be combat grunts, broke out of the facility, informing the media. Therefore the experiments had to be shut down and covered up. {Include some information about your project, how you survived it and how you came to Nior or CB, and any other information. Doesn’t have to be a novel.}

*β™” Other β™”

So begins...

Kaito Matsuzaki's Story