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Peirce Layton

"I'll get what I want, even if I have to use a little force."

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a character in “Stockholm Princesses”, as played by BluVerona


"I can't drown my demons.
They know how to swim."

Theme Songs
Boy Epic||Scars
Rob Zombie|Living Dead Girl
Chase Holfelder||Every Breath You Take(Cover)


ImageFull Name
Pierson Theodore Layton

Peirce (Always)

Date Of Birth
March 8th, 1996
Pisces ♓

Havana, Cuba


50% Cuban
25% English


Peirce’s hair is a medium brown. He keeps it on the slightly mess, longer side. Long enough to style up in the front, but short enough that it doesn’t touch his ears. It looks very presentable with a little gel, but can also look unkempt in an enduring way when he doesn't do it.

Peirce’s eyes are incredibly intoxicating. There the kind of eyes any girl can get easily lost in. They have the gentlest color of deep green surrounded by an outer wall of yellow brow, with small speckles of light green throughout each eye.

Body||Skin Tone
He’s a very fit individual standing at six foot and weighing one hundred and sixty-five pounds of pure muscle. He jogs quite often and so he has a very fit etched out torso and strong legs. However you wouldn't know this just by looking him over. Because of his ethnic background he has a lovely olive complexion.

The only real noticeable scars he has are the ones that plague his knuckles. Scars from punching walls and breaking mirrors on one too many occasions.

He has only two piercings, he has both ears pierced but rarely wears studded earrings in them. His only other piercing, his left eye brow piercing which he occasionally wears.

behind his left ear: the letter A for Avery.
On his right calf: A living dead girl.
On his left arm: an anchor.
On his right forearm: The date his mother died.


▲Hard Liquor
▲ Pain
▲ Studying
▲ Smoking Weed
▲ Smoking Cigarettes
▲ Night Time
▲ Guns
▲ Rock Music
▲ Jogging
▲ Control
▲ His Friends
▲ Energy Drinks
▲ Brunette's
▲ Rough/Kinky Sex
▲ Working On Computers

▼ Authority
▼ His Temper
▼ Feeling Weak
▼ Social Media
▼ Early Mornings
▼ Hard Drugs
▼ Pop Music
▼ Feeling Unimportant
▼ Documentaries
▼ Cheesy Pick-Up Lines
▼ Summer Time
▼ His Prescription Medication


Pierson is a very dangerous human being. Some would say that it started with the death of his mother, while other would say that Peirce has always been a bit on the peculiar side. Never wanting to socialize with the other kids, always keeping to himself. His estranged catholic grandfather, his mother’s father, often warned his daughter that he had a kind of evil deep in his soul. Of course Peirce’s mother thought her father was off his rocker and didn’t believe a single word of it.

Peirce can’t control his anger when it gets out of hand. He’s held a knife to his father’s neck, held his sister down and said awful things to her, and when he comes back from his blinding rage he instantly feels shameful. He doesn’t exactly know what it is that takes over him. Sometimes it’s a heavy feeling in the very pit of his stomach and it feels fucking incredible. The rage takes over him in such a way that if your around him your either going to end up severally injured or dead.

Despite this terrible burden Peirce lives with he’d generally got a cool, calm demeanor to him. He loves hanging out with his friend having a couple drinks and getting high. He’s never quite fit in so naturally most of his friends are misfits much like himself. He’s loyal to them though and would do just about anything for them.

He has test at a genius level. He’s got a very IQ which his therapist has told his father contributes to his anger issues and obsessive, compulsive behaviors. When Peirce get something in his head, he has to have it, has to finish it. There is no doing it later or letting it go in his head. He finishes something completely through before starting a new venture. Which can be quite damaging in some cases he has a very one track mind.

What makes him absolutely terrifying is that all of this is buried deep beneath a charismatic smile and very handsome features. He’s the type of guy you trust right off that bat. He’s got a charm about him that draws you in and makes you want to get to know him. He pays attention to detail and will remember things you would never expect him to. He’s very manipulative and he’s good at it. He can build you up like your best friend, then turn around a break you down faster than you’d know what was happening. Needless to say it’s just better not to get involved in his spider web

Peirce is a masochist, which means he enjoys inflicting pain on others and gets a certain amount of sexual gratification from it. So it goes without saying that he enjoys rough, dangerous sexual endeavors. He has quite the controlling personality and loves to know that he's the one in control. He tends to always be on somewhat of a sick power trip.


Family Tree
Theodore “Teddy” Layton||Biological Father||Age: 37||Alive
Amara Balzan||Biological Mother||Age at Death: 28||Deceased
Karissa Layton||Younger Sister||Age: 17||Alive

Pierson was the product of a teenage romance. His grandfather was working in Cuban and naturally he brought his family with him. His father was a rebellion sixteen-year-old who feel head over heels for the daughter of a catholic priest. When Amara’s father found out she was pregnant her beat her and kicked her out of his family. Where she was promptly taken in by the Layton family. Sure it wasn’t an ideal situation, but at least Teddy’s father supported them for a short time while Teddy managed to get a job and work until they could get out on their own.

After Peirce was born, they stayed in Havana, Cuba for five years. His sister came three years after him. Peirce grew up with his first language being Spanish, his second language being Italian. Peirce’s mother all though young was a beautifully talented mother. She was a stay at home mom and she gave every single moment of her life to Peirce and his sister Karissa.

When Peirce was ten they moved to California. At ten Peirce was already smarter than most kids his age, He was fluent in three languages; Spanish, Italian, and English. When he transferred to an elementary school in California he tested with a very high IQ and skipped a grade. His home life was never quite perfect. Sure his parents loved each other, but they were also very young and they constantly fought.
His father was always gone working and his mother after a while got tired of making her young life all about her kids, while other girls her age were enjoying life and partying. She slowly got involved in the dark world or drugs and alcohol. His once loving mother became extremely abusive which only caused his father and mother to fight more.

Peirce mostly stayed to himself occupying his sister and keeping her mind off mom and dad’s violent fights. When he was thirteen, Peirce came home to find his mother had overdosed on drugs. He remembered thinking that his mom didn’t really look dead, for the first time in ages her eyes looked peaceful. He’d never fully processed her death properly and soon after he developed sever anger issues. His father however refused to give up on him. Teddy Layton had always been a good man. Even at Amara’s worst he wanted to help her and when she died he had nothing but good things to say to his kids about her.

Peirce father made sure that above anything else he continued to get good grades in school. Teddy wanted more for his son. Teddy forced Peirce to go to counseling for his deep rooted issues. He finally graduated high school with honors and got into one of the best colleges in the country. Where he met two of his best friends Damien and Jason. The two knew nothing about his past, the counselling hadn’t exactly worked it had just taught him to sweep his issues under the rug.

Two weeks before his nineteenth birthday, he started talking to a girl by the name of Darla Pike. They’d met on an online college chatting site. They’d started video chatting and things had gotten pretty serious. He’d become sickly obsessed with her. She was the sweetest, most innocent person he’d ever met. When he’d finally met her in person they’d gotten drunk and high. He remembered getting a little too drunk and something him snapping. When he’d woken up she was dead.

He’d also learned that she had a boyfriend who she hadn’t planned on cheating on and that was what had snapped in him, that he’d wanted her and she merely wanted to be friends. By some sick twist of fate, he’d gotten out of there before anyone had found out about the two of them. He was way too good with computers and whipped both her cellphone and computer of any evidence of messages from him. He’d done the very same thing to his phone and computer. It was her boyfriend who’d been falsely accused mostly because he had a history of violence and had hit her once or twice on occasion.

He buried this deadly sin deep under the floor boards and kept it to himself. Then he’d met Avery the summer before his twenty birthday only a few months after Darla’s death and somehow Avery made him forget the brutal crime he’d committed. He had a very a new obsession, worse than the one with Darla. That was when he’d met Desmond Avery’s brother, he’d become a forgotten fling to Avery after summer. She was still very fresh in his mind. What had started as a simple and unrealistic scheme while him and his friends were high, turned into something much darker. A plan to kidnap Avery and her best friend.

So begins...

Peirce Layton's Story


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The very last thing that Merritt could remember before blacking out was laying on Lennon’s bed on her stomach. Her younger brother Danza sat on the floor lend against the foot of the bed as Merritt played with his hair. She was insanely close to Lennon and Danza. Costello and Bowie mostly did there on thing these days. Costello was busy planning his billion-dollar wedding, while Bowie was busy studying abroad in England. Merritt could remember her mother yelling up at the three of them, for Merritt not to forget to take her medication and for her brothers to remind her.

Their parents were headed to a Gala, while the three of them had planned on a horror movie marathon. Avery was on her way over and the four of them were going to stay up all night watching their favorite terrifying cult classics. After Avery got to the house the rest of the night was a bit of a haze like she’d been drugged. She remembered very blurred parts of it. Like she was watching herself from outside her body.

Now she was awake inside her head. It was that feeling where you could hear everything going on around you, but your body was still far too heavy with sleep. There was a terrible pounding at the base of her skull, that was growing more and more painful. She heard whispering, but her brain had yet to register the words. As she become more aware of her surrounding she could feel the throbbing rawness of her wrists. They were bound. The throbbing rawness of her ankles, tightly bound by stretchy rope. She felt a scream clawing at her throat but she fought it back she couldn’t freak out this had to be dream. She thought to herself, there was no other explanation.

She steadies her frantic breaths, if she got too worked up her heart would start to beat too fast and if it started to beat too fast and she didn’t have her medication, she’d likely go into cardiac arrest. Merritt had learned that with her heath conditions she had to think everything through every single breath, every single body movement. Like dancing she couldn’t just over react, could just take thoughtless breaths. She’d been kidnapped. She realized that now as hazy flashbacks played like reels of a movie behind her eyelids. Men in black ski mask shoving her incoherent body into the back of a car. Fuck. she thought. She strained to remember anything else but that was all she could remember.

She let her eyes flutter open, as three people slowly came into focus. A man tall, covered in tattoos. His back facing Merritt. A girl stood next to him dressed like a doll, her dress brightly colored her hair half blonde half black split right down the middle. She hung on the tall tattooed man like a little girl, clinging to her favorite doll. In front of them stood another tall man only his face was covered in a ski mask, locks of blonde hair stuck out in odd angles at the nape of his neck. However, that was all she could make out of the other man, however his voice sounded familiar and she hated that her brain was far to foggy to make out who’s voice that was.

She felt a tinge of pain biting at the muscles around her heart causing her to let out a groan, before she could stop herself. Letting her captors know she was waking up and she cursed under her breath, wanting to have stayed seeming asleep for longer, so that she might have gotten some kind of information from them to help her. She squeezed her eyes shut them back open this time things seeming to come more into focus. Now the man wearing the ski mask was gone and the couple was turned facing her now.

“Aww, Jay, look who’s awake.” The girls voice seemed shrill in Merritt’s ears. “Sleeping beauty.” Her voice was as if someone had let her suck in a balloon full of helium and as the helium had started to wear off her voice had gotten stuck that way. Merritt groaned again and the girls scoffed.

“Please…let me go.” Merritt’s voice was weak, tired sounding and it didn’t come out as strong as she hoped it would. “If money is what you want I can get you as much…” she trailed off her face twisting with pain, she bit her lips to deal with the dull throb of pain in deep in her chest the was starting to envelope her entire body slowly.


Peirce had been waiting several months to be with Avery. She gave him this sense of belonging. This dark twisted need to be beside her. It ate away at him like the blackest of cancers. Then as if he’d willed it, as if it had all fallen so neatly into his lap he’d come into contact with her brother. It had started as a very unpractical scheme. Quickly though it had turned into something much bigger a group effort. These girl were worth billions of dollars.

He could remember the very moment it had all come together. He was in his dorm room with Jason, Lily perched on his lap. Damien and Branden watch stupid YouTube videos, Crystal pretending to be interested in her nail beds. Desmond rolling his third joint. “We should just…kidnap them.” The words had slipped out before Peirce had even really realized what he’d said. The entire room was simultaneously in agreeance and that was that, they’d started planning. Branden wanted nothing to do with it, but they’d blackmailed him. Branden’s whole family was involved in law enforcement, if anyone knew how to get away with kidnapping it would be him.

The night as expected had gone on without any problems. The plan was simple. Avery’s parents and Merritt’s parents had a Gala event to attend. Merritt’s brother Lennon would drug them only after Danza fell asleep. Once the drugs kicked in, they’d put the girls in the back of the car and drive them to Damien’s cabin. Lennon would go back to his house, tell his parents that Merritt and Avery had gone for a walk last night and never come home. After a week they’d send the ransom letters. It was easier than taking candy from a baby. While it was Winter break, all of their families simply assumed they were at Damien’s families cabin for the Winter. There were absolutely no connections it was the perfect crime.

At the current moment, Peirce sat in a comfortable chair in the corner of the room. The key to the room that locked from the outside tucked deep within the pocket of his jeans. He was alone with Avery and God damn was she the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. He watched the way her chest slowly moved up and back down, she was in a peace state of sleep, having yet woken from the sleeping pills. He had a feeling she’d panic once she woke up and realized she was bound by wrists and ankles. He had to let her know that he was doing this for them so they could be together.

He knew it was crazy, but he couldn’t help it. She made him feel sane when she was around and he felt completely unstable when she wasn’t around. A slow, melodic rock song played softly through the room. He placed a cigarette between his lips lighting it and taking a long drag from the cigarette, letting the smoke feel his lungs, before he blew out a string of perfectly shaped silver gray Os. He lipped the words to the song as he continued to smoke waiting for Avery to wake up. Wonder how she’d react, wondering if she’d hate him and he wasn’t completely sure what he’d do if she rejected him. He’d probably lose his shit.


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“Don’t judge, as I recall you’ve done some pretty horrible things as well Avy”
“Don’t fucking call me Avy”
“Why? You used to love that name when we were kids, what changed?”
“Do you really have to ask?”

It was like a broken record, continuously cursing her memory every time she drove to Merritt’s. Her brother’s face was so haunting that day, the boy she once knew no longer was. She remembers the way he ran his fingers through his hair staring at her with his dead eyes, he was leaving again. That was the last time anyone saw him and to this day she blames herself for his escape, the cops have been searching for him since. She remembers being pissed and storming to her car, she headed to Merritt’s for comfort thus this was all she ever thought of on the drive.

Luckily, like any other day, the moment she stepped out of her vehicle the memory vanished. She wandered into Merritt’s home just like it was her own, wearing a tight fitting little black dress that revealed way too much for a slumber party. She carried her Nike duffle bag that she never used for the gym but used to carry an extra set of clothing, god forbid she wears the same outfit tomorrow, and a bottle of chardonnay.

Hopping onto Lennon’s bed, the night went as it always did. They got a little crazy, Avery subtly flirted with Lennon as always and they plowed through numerous films she would soon forget. At first she thought it was the alcohol when things went a little fuzzy. But the high was different, oddly familiar but not in a good way. She quickly felt loss of control over her eyelids and she had reached a point where she couldn’t fight it anymore. This hadn’t been the first time Avery felt the strange sensation.

She remembered nothing, not what she was doing, or who she was talking with or whether she had snuck away with Lennon again. Her body felt heavy and her mind felt light; the sweet smell of cigarette smoke suddenly creeped into her nostrils. She could hear her surroundings, music was playing, and she could feel someone’s eyes watching her. I was roofied again…wasn’t I? she thought letting out a small groaned as she wobbled her head back and forth, as if agreeing with herself. Dammit Avery, Desmond can’t save you this time. Wait. No. I couldn’t have been roofied, what the fuck? I was with Merritt…what the fuck what the-

“What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck?” she cried out finally, her eyes fluttering open as she came into consciousness. She was dizzy, she couldn’t exactly focus just yet, but the first thing she noticed was her inability to shove a strand of hair off her face, her hands were bound. “What the fuck?” she mumbled again. She glanced at her legs, they too were bound. This is just like one of Merritt’s horror movies…have I been kidnapped? She shook her head in disbelief Nah, this is just some kinky shit Lennon and I are doing right? No…why does my head hurt? This isn’t kinky…no…no this…this is…

And to her realization her head snapped up in Peirce’s direction. At first she didn’t recognize him, he seemed threatening in a way yet calm and comforting. It was a weird feeling all in one but she knew he was familiar.

When her sight came into greater focus of his features she saw it play like a movie in her head. “Peirce?” she blurted in disarray.

Yes it was him, she knew it now. The summer they had was one she had nearly forgotten and yet she questioned why. He was nice and they had amazing sex, honestly the whole event was a fairy-tale but she pushed it out of her mind.
She was about to ask what he was doing here until she realized she had no clue where she was, why she was here, why she remembered nothing and why he stared at her in such an odd way.

In panic, she began to ramble “What’s happening? Are you okay? Wait…am I okay? Fuck did I go out with Sam again…shit I always call her when I drink too much. Ooh fuck…Merritt! She’ll be so pissed if I abandoned her. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Okay”

She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. She opened them slowly as if expecting she’d be sitting in Merritt’s bedroom. She glanced down at her body and finally came to realize Did this asshole kidnap me? Nah Avery, don’t jump to conclusion. This is it. This is one of your weird sexual fantasies. No that doesn’t make sense. This doesn’t feel sexual…this feels, ominous. I’ve definitely been kidnapped.

“What’s going on” she asked tears filling her eyes.



He didn’t want to look at her. He knew why this was happening and why he did it. Peirce was insane, but he understood his madness. It was all a blur really. At first he thought everyone was joking when the idea of kidnapping was brought to the table. He had left his life of crime long ago, he was an honest man now…right? But as he stood with his back to the blonde haired beauty with his doll like lover at his side, he remembered the purpose.

Since leaving his life of crime Jason had tried everything to make an honest dollar. Unfortunately a young man with that many tattoos can’t easily acquire employment. The cash he made from his life in the gang was running dry and his bills for his psychology degree was pilling up. He needed cash and he needed it now. At first the plan was just to get Pierce his girl back but everything escalated so quickly when they met Desmond. Money had come into play, and in truth he missed the rush, he missed the crime and he missed the blood.

He agreed to the plan originally because he knew Avery…in a way most people didn’t. No one knew of their history and how much he hated her. In all truth, he didn’t want Peirce to have Avery. He wanted the money and worst of all, he wanted to hurt her, hurt her for what she did. He just wished they didn’t have to take the blonde with them, Avery alone was worth more than enough, dead or alive. But he understood why, both would be a bigger payout and his comrades insisted.

He stared at the ground as he listened to Lily and Merritt exchange a few words. He had been with Lily for about three years, he met her soon after he got sober. He loved her, she was crazy, fun and absolutely wild. They always had a good time together but lately he was getting bored of her which is why the rush from the kidnapping was so sensational. He missed the excitement and his love life wasn’t satisfying him anymore.

“Lily, leave us for a second.
“Leave you? You’re kidding me right.”
“Fucksakes Lil just go. It’ll be better if I handle this alone”
“But Jay, I want to have fun with the Barbie too” Lily whined.
"You can have your fun later doll"
"No, now is a good time"

Lily strutted towards Merritt and pulled out a small pocket knife, she lifted it to Merritt's chin and with a sinister smile on her face she threatened "How about I start by cutting your hair, then I'll give you a cut here." She pressed the knife lightly against Merritt's arm, not enough to cut her, but enough that it would hurt. "And here" she said moving the knife to her neck "No" she said again and pointed at Merritt's eye "I can give you a makeover, won't that be fun Barbie?"

At that moment Jason glanced over his shoulder and grabbed Lily tightly by the arm, his eyes were threatening. "Stop" he commanded as he pulled her in front of him and grabbed her pocket knife "Go hang out with Crystal. I'll call you back in a bit" Lily stuck her tongue out at him "Fine" she said finally, sensing the fire in his stance, without another word Lily moped out of the room, letting out a whiny sigh.

Jason took a deep breath and twirled the knife in his hand. He could hear Merritt behind him struggling a little. Flashes from his past crept in his mind, he pressed a couple fingers to his temple in attempt to regain control of his chaotic thoughts. “Alright princess, this is how it’s going to be.” he began menacingly. At that moment he realized that he hadn’t even looked at Merritt yet. He didn’t even know what she looked, just that she was blonde like her brother Lennon.

He finally turned on his heel and stared at her pained face, dropping the knife to the ground. He felt his heart thumping through his necklace as if his mother was screaming at him to set her free. As he analyzed her appearance he was taken aback by her beauty. He stuttered at little bit, his voice became soothing in a sense as he spoke again “Listen, if you just cooperate you’ll be out of here soon. I won’t harm you, I just-” She was stunning, and for a moment he literally lost his breath and came at a loss for words.

What the fuck Jay? Why? Why this again. This isn’t worth it” his thoughts began to ramble. In annoyance with himself, he reached into his jeans and pulled out his favorite skull designed lighter and a joint. He took a huge toke and began pacing the room in deep thought.

Money, look school is getting expensive just do it for money. Fuck. No this is about Avery. Fuck that bitch. No it’s about money, this is why she’s here right…why did Peirce put me here…
Dude relax, she’ll cooperate, look how small she is. She couldn’t win a fight even if she tried. Shit man. Just do it for the money

He continued to huff on the joint until it was all gone and at that moment his thoughts became silent, his mind came into focus as the high began to set in. He walked across the master bedroom of the cabin and sat in an armchair that faced an unlit fireplace. He didn’t want to look at her, she was distracting and he had a mission.

“I won't kill you, not today” he said finally.