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Aimee hitched her bag over her shoulder, the weight of her painting supplies were creating a light bruise on her shoulder; every step forced the bag to jam into her hip painfully. This is ridiculous... She thought to herself, contemplating why she thought walking to and from class would be a good idea. Downtown wasn't a particularly nice area, but Aimee felt that she was adept enough in the ancient art of pepper spray and screaming in order to protect herself.

She scratched absentmindedly at a cluster of paint collected on her wrist, Go with honeybased paints, blegh. This is never coming off. She was bitter about her teacher's recommendations- the supplies were expensive and as a notoriously messy artist, she was spending more time getting pigments on her skins than on the french paper she was assigned to use. It was a waste of money, and Aimee was attached to her usual supplies- which didn't weigh nearly as much.

She adjusted her bag again, this time reaching in to grab her phone and headset, hoping that some music would make her long walk a bit more bearable. Completely distracted, Aimee tripped on a bit of trash in the sidewalk. She looked around, embarrassed, hoping that nobody saw. The streets were dark, and even if anyone was out it was highly unlikely that anyone had seen her.

Get your shit together, Aimes. You still have another 20 minutes to go.

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A lone figure moved silently through the shadows, keeping watch over a beautifully ignorant human maiden. Stormy grey eyes followed the young woman's every move, the figure easily positioning himself to be just ahead of her at all times. After all, he knew how to keep to the shadows, and humans were so dreadfully awful at noticing things (of course, it certainly helped that his kind could move faster than a human eye could see. Not as fast as djinn, but close). A smile tugged at the corner of his lips, the unnatural male starting to ignore the uncomfortable sensation of repressing his wings. It would be worth it to endure maintaining a human guise if his plan worked; not, of course, that it had any chance of not working.

Exactly two weeks, four days, 10 hours, 27 minutes, and 42 seconds had passed since he had first laid eyes upon the current object of his interest. A young, human female who opted to go on foot to and from her place of dwelling and wherever else she frequented. It wouldn't have changed his decision had she been the type to take more sophisticated methods of transportation, but it certainly was a plus. No, he was set after watching her for all this time.

She had uniquely colored hair- green as opposed to the natural colors her kind tended to sport. A pleasant face, and absolutely lovely eyes. Her voice didn't hold any obnoxious pitch, her smell was pleasant but not overwhelming. And she made the most amusing of expressions! Each day, Itzal found himself more intrigued and more certain that this was exactly the type of company he wanted. What a pretty thing, what an interesting thing. How delightful that he had found her first!

Several more minutes passed by before he positioned himself at the end of a street corner, just adjacent to a quaint little park no less. The streetlamp was a mere two feet from a particularly impressive birch tree, and Itzal stepped out of the trees shadow to allow the glow of the lamp to introduce his presence a mere 30 seconds before the human would undoubtedly approach the end of the block.

"Evening my fair lady." he greeted, a smile teasing the corners of his lips as his eyes shone with excitement. "Awfully late to be out all alone, are you certain you'll be alright? Shouldn't someone be escorting you?" he asked innocently, making sure to keep his hands in his pant pockets and appear as unthreatening as could be. It was hard to contain his excitement, but he had to control himself. 'Just a bit more...' he thought, tilting his head quizically. "Shall I call someone for you? Can't in good conscience let a young lady like yourself walk alone without at least offering to help." Itzal leaned against the street lamp, careful lest he appear to be too assertive. He made no further move to convince her one way or another, and positioned himself so she could walk past if she so wished.

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As Aimee continued down the sidewalk, she found herself lost in the latest mixtape of mashups her roommate had introduced her to. Flowing from song to song, the lyrics seemed to take over her consciousness, and she quickly found herself near the park she typically passed through to reach her run down apartment complex. The park was a haven, and her favorite part of her walk home. Music blaring and lost in thought, Aimee nearly missed the young man standing under the street lamp. His wide lips were moving, clearly in the middle of speaking to her.

Aimee haphazardly removed one headphone, catching him in the middle of his sentence. His smile was intoxicating, and she found herself smiling back eagerly- despite being filled with terror. There was something off-putting about him, but she couldn't quite figure out what- outside of the obvious way he was standing out here in dark, with no buildings nearby that he could belong to. His grey eyes glistened brightly under the artificial lighting, and had she not been in such a sour mood, she would have found him quite handsome. She found herself yearning to look deeper into his eyes, despite the hair standing up on the back of her neck, and the sweat collecting at the small of her back.

He was asking in a rather strange manner if she should be walking alone at night. Shit... where even is my pepper spray.... I should have tested it before... At this point he asked if someone should be escorting her, and she laughed loudly, too loudly, in response.

"I'm a full-ass adult, and it's 2019. What universe are you from?" She said, hoping she sounded tough enough to not be messed with.

As a bit of a pushover, it was unlike Aimee to snub anyone, even a strange man on a street-corner at night. She looked him over, tilting her head slightly, as if she were investigating his motives. He speaks so strangely... Probably some harmless dweeb, I'm shocked he isn't rockin' a fedora. She was used to being considered the outcast, and had spent all four years of high school as the token oddball art kid, often the butt of everyone's jokes. She was often sensitive to similarly tormented souls.

"In all honesty, I should be fine! I'm just heading through the park and I'm home. Thank you though, that's very.... sweet ..... of you to ask." She didn't question why he cared, this was the city, people were often left to their own devices. Normally she would question more, but she was exhausted from class, and found it easy to ignore her paranoia-fueled instincts.

She crossed by him, heading towards the park, and the stench of sulfur hit her.

This was the last thing she remembered.

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It was with slight dismay that Itzal realized the human hadn't heard him or even noticed him right away, but he hid it well behind his smile. His disappointment was short-lived, her eager smile almost causing him to break his act and gush over how positively delightful she looked. He could sense some trepidation from her, but it wasn't enough to scare her off. It was perfect.

While the young woman's smile was welcome, her laugh was rather unexpected, a momentary interruption in his focus as it rang in his ears. It was almost unnatural, forced even. More fear, then? Her heart rate increased slightly, further cementing the conclusion in his mind.

It took considerable effort to keep his brows from furrowing at her response. What universe? Same as hers, surely? Not that he cared much, it didn't change the fact that he was no less susceptible to becoming irked or insulted as any other of his kind when spoken to in such a manner. Thankfully, the words weren't too bad, though her tone was strong (something he noticed was also fake).

Before the thought fully left his head, Itzal noted another change in the dear human. Now, her head had tilted much like his own, and she had resumed a softer tone. And such a dear, she not only told him where she was heading and how (not that he didn't already know that), but she even went as far to thank him for looking into her lack of company. Oh what a fun human she was! So many expressions, all in the span of only three minutes or less!

Itzal inclined his head slightly, allowing her to pass by for a moment and think herself safe before carefully sneaking up behind her. Holding up one hand, he reached out with a thin trickle of magic, a grin starting to form on his face. Sure, he was no sleep invading or dream inducing demon, but even he knew a basic sleeping spell. Speeding up to meet the young woman, the creature blew faintly at her to release his magic. He waved his hand at the back of her head to direct the spell, being careful to catch her as she fell unconscious.

Without any further incident, the demon managed to bring his new pet back to his current den, an abandoned hunting lodge deep in the woods several miles west. Once inside, he set about securing his new companion.

Roughly five minutes later, Itzal stood back and admired his handiwork. Before him was the unconscious human girl, tied carefully in a chair. Her hands were held behind the back of the chair, her ankles bound to each of the front legs. A silk blindfold covered her still closed eyes, and a thin white cloth was wrapped carefully around her mouth, great care taken so it never covered her nose.

Resisting the urge to clap his hands together and chuckle, he left the room to attend to other matters. He'd be able to hear her once she woke back up from his simple spell. He was excited already!

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Aimee's watercolor paper was at the absolute perfect point; wet enough for her honey-based pigments to glide effortlessly across the cold-press, but not so wet as to make the colors bleed everywhere. She smiled to herself, knowing that it took years to find the patience to let the paper dry, but not get too dry.

She swirled in deep blues with reds, colors colliding to create the perfect purple hue. Aimee smiled more, teeth showing in pride, she was likely the best in her class, and she was absolutely dominating this assignment. She continued to lay down more colors, deepening the tones until she was ready to lay down her blacks. Here was the tricky part; if the paper is wet at all, the black will spread uncontrollably. It was time to go grab a heat gun, and dry her paper before continuing.

As she stood to fetch the heat gun, she started to topple over- Aimee's feet were tied to the chair. She thrashed around violently, calling out for someone to help her. Green eyes looked up to hunt for someone to come over, but she found that she was no longer in her classroom, but a nearly completely bare room. She moved to push herself into a sitting position, but found that her hands were also bound. She went to scream, but it was muffled by a gag covering her mouth.

What is happening to me.... Someone..... please.....

She slowly blacked out of consciousness, praying it was just a dream.


As Aimee awoke, she was pleasantly pleased to find that she was not on the floor. Just a dream.... Waking slowly, she did what she practices every morning- body checks for her chronic pain. Starting in her toes, she wiggled them slightly, pushing out any aches. They work! She mentally moved up to her ankles, imagining any pain she might feel fading away. When she went to roll each foot, she found herself unable to do so. Her eyes shot open, and she was dismayed to find herself in a room not unlike the one she had dreamt of. She looked down, and found herself bound tightly to a chair, hands stuck behind her back.

She screamed, and although it was muffled, the sound seemed to carry loudly. She screamed until she coughed violently, and once it subdued she began to shake in fear. Tears rolled down her face freely, soaking the silk around her mouth.

"Mmmmmp" She cried out. Help!

There was a single door that led into the room, and all she knew was that the next person to walk through that doorway would either be her savior, or someone much, much worse.

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A muddled cry prompted the demon to look up from his scrolls and artifacts, a grin forming upon his lips. She was awake at last! Itzal got up with a spring in his step, heading towards the second bedroom where he had left the human. Time to welcome her!

Giddy with excitement, the male had already let his wings out since arriving back initially, and stretched them out for good measure before drawing them close to his body so he could easily pass into the room. The door was unlocked with a click and he eagerly stepped through the doorway, closing and locking it behind him.

An initial feeling of disappointment came over him as he noted the blindfold had fallen down. And he had wanted to surprise her properly! Ah well, there was no helping it he supposed.

The young woman was still secure in her chair, placed just inside the entry of the sparsely finished room. Behind her chair was a bed with bedside table, and a simple set of drawers. Upon first glance, he could immediately tell she had panicked, face flushed as she had screamed and begun to cry. Poor thing! So distressed was she that her gag was now sopping wet! Of course, fear could be fun, but this was not quite what he had had in mind. Even so, he'd have to make do and improvise, seeing as his original plan would no longer work.

"Aw, your blindfold came off too early. Sorry about that, it was supposed to be a proper surprise and all!" he remarked with a look of dismay, sounding almost apologetic. Shaking his head, he smiled as he approached her, shaking the issue aside. "Ah well, you're here, and that's the important thing. Shame about the blindfold, but can't be helped." he shrugged, stepping so he stood directly in front of his human before bending down to be at eye level.

Pointed ears tilting slightly downwards, his expression changed yet again, eyes regarding her with what appeared to be concern. "Aww, don't cry my little bijou! It'll be alright. I'm not gonna eat ye, I swear! And I'll remove the gag if ye promise not to scream, ok?" he said lightly brushing away her tears with a finger. The touch, while invasive of her personal space, was done as delicately as possible, treating her as though she were glass. His ears then wiggled a bit, giving her what could only be described as a puppy-dog eyed expression. He hoped she'd agree not to scream any more.

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The green haired girl struggled for a few moments, sobbing silently into the gag around her mouth. She cried for what felt like an entirety, but it was only a few moments before someone came to her rescue. As the doorknob jiggled unlocked, Aimee perked up, instantly hopeful. Unfortunately, it did not take long for her to realize that this was not her savior, but in fact someone much more gruesome.

Aimee would have let out a muffled shriek had her throat not closed up at the sight of her captor. As her keeper locked the door behind himself, she caught sight of what appeared to be wings, tucked tightly to his back. Of course, this made no sense to the poor child, who believed that she must have been drugged at some point. Some kind of hallucinogen mixed with a date rape drug, she assumed.

She let out a muffled whimper as he made remarks about wanting to give her a proper surprise. Of course she fell into the clutches of a psychopath who saw this as a game. Aimee was particularly terrified at how sorry he truly sounded that her blindfold had fallen to rest around her neck. What would he have done if I couldn't see him.... would he have... Her mind wandered to what kinds of sexual, or nonsexual, abuse could have fallen upon her. She looked into his eyes as he bent over her, and suddenly the night before vaguely came back into her memory. IThe boy... he had asked me.... What had he asked me.... She knew without a doubt it was him, but the details were lost upon Aimee. Like trying to recall a dream the morning after, Aimee only could pinpoint the details that didn't seem to help. Once again, she found herself lost in his eyes, there was something about them that seemed to intrigue her, and for a brief moment all her fears faded away.

She looked around his face, noticing his pointed and expressive ears. What the.... As he reached out to touch her, she did her best to not flinch to avoid him. Aimee knew this was not someone to decline in any way, and she could only hope that indulging him would lead to her freedom. She shivered, feeling the hairs along her neck and spine begin to rise; there was something off about his touch. Was she even drugged, or was he something else entirely? She closed her eyes and thought of the books she read as a child, but knew that he was nothing like the mysterious fae she grew up loving.

Aimee nodded her head slowly, and then eagerly, showing that she wouldn't scream if he took off her gag. She already knew what her first question would be for her new "guardian."

What are you?

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The whimper coming from the human was equally cute and pathetic. He was enjoying her fear, though he did feel a little bad about it. After all, she had tears in her eyes. Marvelously enough though, she did not recoil at his touch as he wiped them away, exactly what he hoped for. And for a moment, it seemed as though she was simply looking into his eyes in wonder...

The human was definitely scared of him though. He could feel the fear radiating off of her, and he noticed she had begun to shiver slightly. "Aw, is my new pet nervous in her new home? No worries, you'll settle in soon." he crooned softly, reaching to touch the top of her head. Despite the invasiveness of his touching her without permission, the gesture was purely, as he said, like a pet- -like a human affectionately stroking the fur of a kitten or similar. He pulled his hand away after a moment, allowing her a chance to give him some sort of answer.

Itzal cheered up instantly upon having the human nod in agreement to his request that she not scream. He clapped his hands together in joy, grinning like a madman. "Good girl! Thank you for thinking of me poor ears! They are quite sensitive after all." he chimed happily, reaching forward and untying the gag with care, pulling it away.
"There, much better! Now you're Aimee, yes? Oh! I bet you want to know myyyy name huh? It's Itzal! Isn't it a nice name?" the demon beamed, eyes excited and wearing a cheshire cat grin. Itzal seemed as hyper as a puppy, and if he had a tail, would probably be wagging it a mile a minute.

The male pointed to his captive once more. "I'll untie you soon, but it's a precaution you understand, yes? Don't want ye clawing my eyes out."

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Aimee was too deep into fight or flight, in this case play possum, to pick up on the subtleties of what he was saying. Only one word seemed to stick out to the poor frightened girl. Pet... does he.... intend to keep me? The realization led an obvious look of horror flashing across her face, and she suppressed yet another scream. She had studied these kinds of situations enough through Netflix binges to know that the best thing to do for now was to play along. Be the puppet her captor was asking for, but diligently hunt for an escape at the perfect moment. If she played her cards right, she may just escape this mess.

As her gag was released, a string of saliva trailed from her lips, and she instinctively went to reach towards her chin to wipe it away- forgetting that she was still bound to the chair. Instead, she swiveled her jaw, the joints audibly popping. Itzal.... my new keeper.... It was a strange name for an even stranger situation. She looked over at the creature, or whatever he was, further alarmed by his exuberance. The man couldn't seem to stand still, and was jittering like a child on Christmas morning. He was certainly happy to see her, which led Aimee to believe he was either relatively harmless, or horrifically psychotic. She prayed for the first.

Aimee was relieved to hear that she would be untied soon, but knew that meant nothing in terms of escape. At the moment, she only knew the room she was in, not where she was, or how to get back. She could only hope that the chatty Itzal would slowly feed her clues over time. He seemed to enjoy talking, and Aimee knew she would need to manipulate him verbally in order to survive.

"You know..." She finally said, unsurprised to find that her throat was painfully sore, "I have a feeling that even if I attempted to 'claw ye eyes out,' you'd easily be able to stop me." Aimee hoped that flattery was the first step of earning some kindness, and maybe her freedom.

"I do have a few questions, if I'm allowed them." She looked into his deep eyes once again, but not long enough to be entranced by them. "You... you aren't entirely human, are you?" As she finished her sentence, sorrow and fear became caught in her throat. In childhood, she was raised to believe that monsters weren't real. But here and now, Aimee actually believed that monsters may in fact be real, and they may even kidnap girls in the middle of the night.

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The flutter of the human's heart only served to intrigue and amuse the demon further, his own excitement stirred up as he relished all the emotions running through the poor thing. For a second, she seemed about to scream through the gag again, but thankfully she refrained, for which he felt an odd sense of pride. He knew he had picked well!

Itzal said nothing as he watched the human stretch her jaw after he removed her gag, crumpling the cloth and tossing it aside without much care. After all, watching his human was much more interesting! Once she had finished adjusting herself, the demon noticed the girl was giving him a brief once over, which he was more than eager to allow. Smiling in delight, the male let her look at her discretion, watching in amusement and wonder as she let her eyes rake across his body for a few moments. To his surprise, her eyes didn't linger long, and she finally found her voice.

Her words earned a slight chuckle, the creature smirking and nodding in agreement with her assumption. Itzal flashed her a wink and a smile, as though she had just revealed some great secret they were both to share. "True indeed. But still, I'd rather ye not try and I not have to fight with you." he replied, looking almost serious for a second. "In any case, since you are behaving so well, I think ye can-"

It was then with a snap of his fingers he remembered an important detail. "Oh! Almost forgot meself there. I have one thing to grab, then we shall be all set. No worries, shall take but a second!" he chimed, unlocking the door and rushing out, making sure to lock it behind him.

Itzal returned literally sixty seconds later, holding some chains. After ensuring the door was locked, he approached Aimee with a giddy smile, presenting the chains in a manner akin to a ceremonial sword being offered to a noble.

"I know those ropes are so tacky and damaging! Look look see! I got some padding for the cuffs so they won't bruise or cut up your pretty wrists. I will fetch you some food and water soon, so no worries." he rambled on, untying one hand and clamping on the lightly padded metal cuff before repeating the same to her other wrist. About a foot of chain, maybe an inch or two more, was in between the two wrist cuffs, connecting the two. Then, he set about removing the rest of the ropes binding her to the chair.

Leaning back, he admired his handiwork, her hands now in front of her instead of behind, and the rest of her body free to move as she pleased. To his pleasure, Aimee spoke up once more, and Itzal immediately started grinning like a madman. Goody- questions! He nearly clapped his hands together in excitement, stepping closer to the human."Yes yes! Ask away!" he encouraged, equally curious about what she'd ask him.

Her first question was not exactly unexpected, but he had thought she might have had an idea by now. Tilting his head slightly in surprise, the male nevertheless quickly resumed grinning once more before stretching his wings out happily. "Me? My little bijou is having trouble guessing? Why, I be a demon of course!" he chimed proudly, pointing to himself and spinning on the balls of his feet. He wondered what she'd think of that?

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She was nearly relieved when he left the room, it gave Aimee a moment to calm herself down in peace. With her thoughts racing, the scared girl couldn't seem to control her emotions at this point. What Aimee feared the most, however, was that she felt like she was almost expecting something like this to happen. Some form of anticipation or pessimism, perhaps. Not that she predicted this exact event occurring, but rather like she knew something bad was going to happen to her very, very soon. She did note, with some disappointment, that he was sure to lock the door, diligent in keeping her cooped up with no chance of escape.

When he returned with chains, Aimee nearly fainted. She had been hoping for food, even water, and Aimee was once again disappointed. She questioned whether this was some kind of kink, or a different sort of game, keeping her locked up with chains reeked of BDSM. He gently put the new cuffs on her, handling her limbs so delicately that she questioned whether this creature would ever truly hurt her. She hoped that if she was stuck there forever with Itzal, at least she wouldn't be harmed. Unless he was saving that for later....

Finally, he answered her question about what he was- Aimee's skin went completely cold when Itzal grinned wildly in such a childish manner. The day prior, she never would have imagined being kidnapped and held captive, and now she's finding out that demons were real. She was thankful that she was sitting still, or she likely would have broken down, collapsing pathetically to the floor. Weren't demons supposed to be horribly evil? Ugly beasts with great power? Aimee pondered this, and asked a new question.

"Is... Is this what you always look like?" She shrank into herself, tucking her chin to her chest, but not before looking him over again "Aren't demons supposed to look... different?" She prayed this didn't coax him to show his true form, she wasn't sure she could handle much more this evening. Instead of giving him the chance to answer, questions began to fall from her mouth like bricks made from fear.

"Also, is this where you're going to keep me? Trapped in a room for the rest of my days?" She laid on the dramatics, eager to see how he would answer her. She was positive he would say that she was meant to stay there, but she found herself enjoying almost enjoying his theatrics.

"And lastly, do things...." She cringed, before continuing, "Demons, I mean. Do demons eat? Drink water? Because if you intend to keep me, you should maybe consider that ah..." She sighed, realizing she was sounding a bit bitchy, recalling the need to be on his good side. "I mean, I have needs, ya know?"

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The creature soon ceased his spinning and turned back to his captive with a grin, obviously proud of his introduction. However, his chosen guest seemed less than awed at what she was dealing with- and even worse, was shrinking back into herself. He had noticed her expression had begun to falter upon his re entry with the chains, and had only gotten worse since. Perhaps it was more than just her fear?

Itzal looked at her, stepping so he was almost nose to nose with the human girl. The concept of personal space was clearly a foreign one, and he took no notice of how this might unnerve her.
He tilted his head in wonder before checking the chains. No, they weren't cutting into her skin, and the padding was alright. They were specially made, after all. She didn't appear ill, and aside from her anxiety, nothing seemed to be out of place.

As Aimee recoiled, she finally voiced another question, though this one was nowhere near as fun. It could easily be considered quite rude, even where he was from! Resuming a normal distance from the young woman, Itzal pursed his lips a moment, looking more than just a tad dismayed. Did she not like how he looked? He liked this appearance he chose to present himself in; quite fetching if he said so himself. A little fun, a little debonair, definitely pleasing to the eyes. The human was correct in her assumptions that demon kind were not exactly fun to look at if their true nature was to be visualized. But why on earth would he choose to run around as some hideous thing when he could look so delightful? It made no logical sense at all!

"I may not be a shape-shifter, but even I have some variation besides my true form" he began, folding his arms over his chest as he all but pouted. "No, this isn't how I always look like, but it's how I prefer to walk around. Why? You don't like it? I happen to enjoy looking nice thank you kindly!" he retorted, hands on his hips now as he leaned closer to his new 'pet.'

Soon enough though, the human began to speak some more, spouting out questions in fairly rapid succession- -no doubt due to her anxiety. Even so, they were all fairly reasonable questions. Not of course, that he really cared much what her questions were; he was simply pleased to have her talk to him. His grin returned, and he patted Aimee on her head without any concern for how she'd take it.

"Only for now of course my little bijou! Certainly ye shan't be in this room for all of your days, but for now, we are just getting to know each other, yes? Besides, don't know how much I can trust ye just yet, but if you're good, you'll soon have run of the house, so no need to worry your pretty little head!" he chimed cheerfully.

Once again though, her initial choice of wording earned a slight frown, his hand removed from her head as he bent slightly to be in her face.

"I'm not a thing!" he fairly whined. Despite the fact that he was apparently stark raving mad, he did look genuinely upset for a moment. However, the moment passed almost as quickly as it came, and he now looked fairly pleased with himself as he nodded. "Oh but of course I know ye humans have needs! After all, how terrible would I be if I didn't know how to take care of my little pet? Not to worry, for ye shall have food shortly."

Grin relaxing slightly, the demon looked almost thoughtful for a second before offering further insight to his kind. "And yes, we do eat and drink, though we needn't do it as often as you humans do. And we don't necessarily share the same tastes methinks."