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Arata Kizahashi

"W-What do you mean? I'm definitely not cute or anything like that..."

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a character in “Stonemouth Academy: Wayward”, originally authored by chrian., as played by RolePlayGateway


Arata Kizahashi

Arata | Casual
Kiza | Affectionate

Dreamer Prince


February 14th


Biromantic Homosexual


2nd Year


130 Ibs

❊|Hair Color|❊

❊|Eye Color|❊

❊|General Discription|❊
Arata is a tall teenage boy. He has a slender build and is quite muscular and athletic. He has a fair complexion. His hair is of crimson red color in several unevenly cut bangs and his eyes also has a scarlet color that match his hair. He has his ears pierced and wears a red stud on each of his ears. In total, his appearance is described by the other to be well-looking and it is what has helped him won the heart of many students in school, regardless of genders. When at school, Arata usually wears a T-shirt inside with an unbuttoned shirt outside with long trousers and sneakers, giving him a rather cool outlook.


Normally, Arata putting up himself as a flamboyant, flirty and somewhat confident in himself. He acts like a prince charming most of the time and attracts the attention of many girls, and is admired by the males as well. Thanks for that, every now and then he'd usually receives love letters from both genders. However in reality, he has a timid personality. While outwardly Arata flirts with girls (and sometimes even with some boys) shamelessly and confidently, afterwards, he cringes and becomes embarrassed beyond words at his own actions. In fact, though he puts up a charming appearance outside when he was surrounded with his fans, Arata's actually feeling insanely flustered on the inside and will needed his friends' help to get out of those situations. Or, to make it short, Arata is what people would called as a tsundere.

But nonetheless, Arata is a kind and caring person, who'll always look out for his friends and will help them whenever he can. He's hiding the fact that he's quite lonely in his heart and always craves that there will be a person who loves him for who he is, not just by his appearance.


  • Music || Listening to music is Arata's favorite pastime and you can see that he's often carry his MP3 Player and his earbuds so that he can listen anytime he likes.
  • Manga || He's a big manga fan and has quite a collection of them, too. Though he isn't as crazy as an otaku.
  • Cupcakes || Arata loves sweets, and he loves cupcake more than anything.
  • Romantic novels || One of the main reasons why Arata's such a flirty and dreamy boy.
  • Wandering || He enjoys walking alone by himself at noon, when he can have some peacefulness for himself.
  • Cooking || As much as he likes to eat, his cooking skills are terrible so he'd prefer to stay away from the kitchen.
  • Crowds || Though he usually going around and flirts with the other students, it made him felt insanely uneasy surrounded by too many presences.
  • Bugs || Arata has never got on well with bugs of any types. He'd jumped out of the sudden if he felt some kinds of insect were crawling under his feet.
  • Seafood || He was allergic to seafood of any kinds, which is why he tries his best not to touch them. And even if he isn't allergic to them, he doesn't like their taste either.
  • Drawings || Being the President of the drawing club, Arata is a real artist at heart and his drawings are considered to be the nicest in their club.
  • Volleyball || Arata is quite athletic and he's an important member of Stonemouth's volleyball team.
  • Advisory || He's capable of giving good advises for the others, whether if it's about drawing or love problems, although his love has never been reciprocated before.
  • Literature || In class, Arata is one of the best students in literature. His essays are often being praised and he uses his skill to flirt with others.
Arata knows that although he can be affectionate and engage in romantic relationships with both genders, he absolutely didn't have any sexual desires towards females, while he'll feel really aroused whenever he caught the other males changing their clothes or watching them all sweaty after practicing. Which is why, he hasn't dated anyone yet although a lot of people did try to hit on him. He fears that his reputation won't be the same if the fact that he can only do lewd stuffs with people of the same gender.

Another secret that Arata was hiding that he's been holding an unrequited love for one of his classmates, also his childhood friend. He hasn't share this with anyone except for his younger sister and deep down inside, he has always hoped that his love will be reciprocated. But all of that is just his quiet desires which Arata kept for himself, making him feel lonely at times. The fact that he and his younger sister often store BL mangas under their beds is something that they shouldn't bragging about either.


Father || Houtarou Kizahashi || 45
Elder Sister || Akari Kizahashi || 22
Younger Sister || Minori Kizahashi || 15


Many people would consider Arata's life as a lucky one. His family owns a prestigious company and his father, Houtarou, is a successful and intelligent businessman while his older sister, Akari, is one of the top model in the country with one of the highest income. They are rich and their fortune is something that people will always dream of. Since their mother passed away when they were still small and their father is always busy with his work, Akari acts as a motherly figure towards her younger siblings despite also being a very busy woman herself. Living under the care of their sister, Arata and Minori grew up without a care in the world, until one day when Arata is 13.

He was abducted when he was making his way home all by himself, since the driver who usually stopped by at school to pick him up doesn't come and it was getting late. Those people who kidnapped him claimed to be members of an opposing company of his family's and they were planning to use him as a ransom to force their company given up a project that could decided the fate of the whole company. He was scared as he endured all the insults and threatening from the ones who kidnapped him. But fortunately, someone accidentally saw them abducted Arata and the police soon arrive and saved Arata. This was brought to public and the opposing company were bankrupted.

After the incident, it took Arata a long time so that he can recover from that shock. A childhood friend of his was always there, cheering him up and make him feel easier. It was then that he truly realized that his feelings towards his childhood friend of his began to grew. They always hanging out with each other and Arata felt happier to be with him than with the others. But, at the same time, he has to hide this fact from his father for their family's sake, knowing that he wouldn't accepted the fact that his son can only truly loves men. Keeping the feelings for himself, he continued to grow until he enrolled Senior High at Stonemouth Academy.

Now, Arata kept on being one of the Academy's role models who was looked up by so many students. Though he still secretly wishes that one day he'll find his true love.

❊|Face Claim|❊
Mikoto Mikoshiba | Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

❊|Hex Codes|❊
Dialogue Color || #D33D3D
Thought Color || #ffa3a3

So begins...

Arata Kizahashi's Story