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Kizu White

'You crooked dill, get out of my sight.' -Referring to Toko Tenshi

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a character in “Stonemouth Academy: Wayward”, originally authored by TechnoFoxHowell, as played by RolePlayGateway


Thrown Away || Stealing Eden
Coming Down || Five Finger Death Punch

I'm not too fond of sad stories.

-Gin Ichimaru


Full Name
Kizu White
(ๆฑš็‚น/Kizu - Blemish, blot, taint, stain, flaw, disgrace)


Aussie Bastard
(Bastard is a term of endearment in Australia.)


January 1st



1/2 Australian, 1/2 Japanese

3rd Year/Junior

Face Claim
Yamaken from My Little Monster



|| Night time breezes ||
He finds the cool air refreshing and relaxing. The only time he ever caught a break was when he went out for his usual night time walks, music playing in his ears as he sung during such walks.

|| Screen Writing ||
Getting bored easily in class, he is often found scribbling down lines. In the matter of a day, he could write down a script for three minutes of acting on his spare time, often performing the lines during lunch.

|| Voice acting ||
Every waking moment was a chance to polish off his skills. Everyday during lunch, he'd make himself scarce in the music room or the Auditorium stage as he practiced several roles of a great variety. Though due to his mild stage fright, he pursues voice acting rather than being a typical actor.


|| Sports ||
Being rather thin and pale, he is easily susceptible to heat and is fairly physically weak. Running down the hall is enough to make him short of breath.

|| Mornings ||
Getting up in the morning is the bane of his existence. Mercy to those foolish enough to try to wake him up, his middle school camping partner can attest to that.

|| Toko Tenshi ||
An irritable old man who had tormented him all his life, only coming to accept him when he allegedly betrayed his own father. They do not get along.


|| Skeptic ||
Finding people like his grandfather being two faced, he has a hard time believing what people say.

|| Sarcastic ||
He has a biting tongue, often mocking in a more playful manner than harmful.

|| Confident ||
He is confident in his honed abilities and natural talent, taking his skills at face value.


|| Toying with objects before him ||
Getting bored easily, whenever he isn't doing anything he is toying with whatever is nearby.

|| Speech patterns ||
He has a thick Aussie accent.

|| Playing with his glasses ||
He usually is either pushing them up his nose or taking them off and twirling them by one of the arms


|| Acting ||
He is by far no where near a talented actor. He had developed what skill he has over years of effort and still has a long way to go.

|| Academics ||
He is naturally academically inclined, having been through several tutors as a child and their skill simply could not match his. Though he quickly grew bored of studying, hardly putting any effort in school.

|| Cooking ||
Cooking was something to do that didn't involve school work and his step father was more than happy to teach him as he may be the heir to the Tenshi restaurant.

He sued Oliver White's, his father, Australian company under false accusations for everything he owned. The assets went into the Tenshi household.



Body Build
Lanky, thin.

Eye Colour

Hair Colour

Pale, smooth, and clean.

Has a thick Australian accent despite only living in Australia for the first six years of his life.
He often brings dinner leftovers he had made for lunch rather than make one from scratch or buying one.

He works part time at the Tenshi restaurant.
He has some skill in fraudulent paperwork.


When Kizu was young, his grandfather had been fairly abusive to him, calling him a disgrace and was even the one to name him 'Kizu'. He is tolerate, but not very fond of this name. He greatly accepted the nickname 'Aussie', keeping his Australian accent from early on. He doesn't much remember his chihldhood, but remembered his father in a fond matter. Despite not having married his mother, he loved the both of them dearly. His grandfather did not approve of the relationship, forcing them to separate and for fear of not having a heir, brought Kizu along. Kizu was groomed to be a fine heir until the day his younger brother was born. His grandfather completely lost what little interest he had in Kizu, being fairly abusive to him once more. One day during his middle school years, his father had sent him a letter, detailing a tragedy. Oliver had only a couple of weeks too live and he knew his company was going to go on the decline from hence forth. After a few calls, the pair had set up and put forth a plan. Kizu was to sue his father's company for every penny, and it worked. Claiming to be going on a ski trip with friends, he visited his father before he passed. Once he returned, he revealed the fact that he had sued his bastard father to his grand father, giving all assets to him. Earning his approval, his grandfather grew to like him. However, Kizu had no respect for his grandfather, claiming that once he is head of house that 'that old geezer will be nice and cozy with the garbage'.
Now attending Stonemouth Academy, he tends to blend in. He has average looks, average grades, average acting skills. No one seems to notice Kizu and he is perfectly okay with that.
He was always the one to help from the shadows, not liking to flaunt to others. He refuses to follow in his grandfather's steps, having a rebellious streak against him.

Known Family
Father // Oliver White // Ex-Corporate Owner, Deceased
Mother // Sakura Tenshi // Stay at home mother
Step Father // Shu Tenshi // Restaurant Owner, Head of House
Half Brother // Kaiyo Tenshi // Elementary School
Grandfather // Toko Tenshi // Ex-Head of House

Notable Relationships

So begins...

Kizu White's Story