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Viola Naess

(Slight WIP)

0 · 473 views · located in Stonemouth

a character in “Stonemouth Academy: Wayward”, as played by Mineczka





Vivi // The only ones allowed to call her this is her younger sister, and those whom are truly close to her

None as of now.


15th of May

Female.... For the blind....
(Says the one with an ungodly prescription for glasses, you totally have room to talk, Lufia.)


With trace amounts of Japanese

1st Year

Face Claim
Satsuki Shinonome

165 cm

Body Build

Eye Colour
Emerald Green

Hair Colour

Pale (as in: You'll lose her in the snow), clean



  • Snow // Being from Norway, the snow has a place in her heart
  • The cold // Same thing for this
  • Being with others // being how often she is alone, Viola enjoys the company of others.
  • Playing the viola // Viola is very good when it comes to playing the viola, and practices most every chance she can.
  • Strategy Board Games // Viola plays a lot of these with her friends, it's like playing monopoly for her.
  • Bike riding // Since she has no real car or motor vehicle, she chose a bike for her transport when the snow cleared out in Norway.
  • Cooking // Well, someone's gotta do it, and Viola usually goes to it first.
  • Heat // Norway isn't known for it's heat. Now is it?
  • Flirtatious men // She's not fond of telling everyone wearing a skirt they're pretty. It more frustrates than angers.
    "Are you really THAT desperate?"
  • Any type of running // Viola? Run? That's a long shot, she doesn't run well or much.
  • Most Bugs // She dislikes them to no end. Usually uses a boot to murder them.

Viola is a rather quiet and reserved girl, preferring to stay to herself with little social interaction, that's not to say that Viola won't come out and speak to others, she will when she thinks it's appropriate to interact. Since she rarely thinks she'll be able to talk to others well, especially with her rather thick accent, and how English is her second language, she isn't fully the best in English. Moving along, once you do get to know Viola, you meet a highly intelligent and calm young lady whom truly is a good person. Though she does have her flaws, especially when it comes to how poor her English is, she tries to put on a rather strong and confident front to keep people from prying more. Though it's noticeable how she seems to hide something when it comes to her family. Though she hides something about her family, Viola is almost a completely open book when it comes to little feats about her, even f she sells herself short.

  • Self Depreciating // Viola undervalues herself vastly, as in, she has a good amount of potential, though never really thinks she can do it well enough like others.
  • Defeatist // Exactly as it sounds, often Viola starts out with the idea she'll fail.
  • Interactions // Now this is a flip card in a sense, Viola isn't always the best interacting person, she makes errors a lot at times.
  • Bike riding // Whenever she can, you'll commonly see Viola on her bike going where she needs to go.
  • Reading during breaks // during any down time Viola has at school, expect a book to be in her hands
  • Biting her lip // Not much details here, Viola tends to bite her lip when she's thinking.
  • Playing the Viola // Not gonna lie, she's good
  • Acting // Whether she likes it or not, Viola knows how to portray emotions
  • Computer Hacking // Didn't expect that one, did you? Believe it or not, Viola is a rather good with computers, and can usually get into moderately secure mainframes. Though she sin't the best at that.
  • Strangely obsessed with the Jurassic Park movies // She's never quite seen them before.
  • Slightly germaphobic // Cleaning everything
Viola isn't too well received in her family, she's well, born from an affair that her mother had. Of course her "father" disowns her, and most of his side of the family tend to do the same. While her smaller mother's side, treated her like family, well, for the most part. As Viola grew up, they became much more distant to her. Thus most of the family outside of Viola's mother, and younger half-sister either hates her, or is very distant to Viola.



Known Family
Mother // Anna Næss, Age: 42
"Father" //Øyvind Næss, Age 45
Sister // Viktoria Næss, Age: 8

Notable Relationships
None yet.

Don't trust Viola's navigation.

So begins...

Viola Naess's Story