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Yukio Volkhov

0 · 344 views · located in Stonemouth

a character in “Stonemouth Academy: Wayward”, as played by Arisato



Full Name
Yukio Volkhov
Ki, Yuki, V, Winter, Snow
December 25th
Male (Everyone thinks he is a Girl)
Won't Say
Part French
Being a girl
Reading Fairy Tails
Being touched from behind instead of directly.
Month of December
Sensitive when it comes to his feelings or certain comments if it's bad he will cry easily or get hurt.
Over thinking is something he does when someone says or means one thing directed at him, but he thinks something completely different.
Smiling is a habit of his that he learned to do when he doesn't want others to see through his emotions, but he does smile too when he is happy of course.
Quiet, he won't say much and you might catch him staring at you a lot. It's not that he doesn't want to talk, it's more like he loves watching people's faces as they speak, it helps him understand better in many ways.
Slow, because he is slow to respond to others, he never really gets to voice out many things, he just smiles or nods if the other person figures out their own problems as if he said something.
Depression, he always gets depressed around the time of his birthday, it's almost as if he isn't up for anything, so he tends to skip school or avoids people.

He's also very kind and innocent, albeit quite naïve. Due to his dependence on Mr.Volkhov, he tends to rely on those around him who are willing to lend him help- often getting him into trouble. Easily confused by very simple terms- not understanding the compliments he often receives, due to his otherworldliness.

Thus though, he is eager to help and incredibly loyal to those he calls his "friends."
Cross Dressing
Hair has a habit of looking like two droopy ears
Cross Dressing
Acting like a girl
Taking care of animals/people
Empath, he can feel how others feel mainly because he pays attention to their expressions, but sometimes doesn't get it. But if someone was said he'd hug them and not say anything.
Twin Sister: Nanico O'Hon
Death: December 25th
Cause of Death:
Hypothermia/Drowned: Feel through a crack of ice on a lake.

Cross Dresser: Makes him feel his sister is with him.
5'2 Feet
Body Build
Feminine / Frail
Eye Colour
Reddish Orange
Hair Colour
White w/ Purple tips at the ends of his hair droop like ears
Fair skinned / Pale
Says 'Phuu' whenever he feels overwhelmed, pressured or worn-out. It's like a Sigh.
No one knows this, but when Yukio was younger, him and his sister sneaked out of the house to go see the ice on the lake. They wanted to see if they could see frozen fish inside it. Curious, they did what they did. It was a late winter night on their 7th birthday. Yukio really wanted to go, but Nanico didn't. It wasn't long before convincing that they ended up going. Mom was in the kitchen talking to Theodore and Dad had left that night. After Yukio left with his sister that night, everything changed. Never once did he speak of what happened, all he did was help them get Nanico. The police said she froze to death in the lake, but how it happened was because of a crack in the ice. When Yukio heard this, he felt guilt because inside he knew, it was a lie.

After the death, Yukio spent the rest of hiss life trying to make up for the life his sister had taken from her. Over the years, it started to become more of a habit and less of an act. Sometimes he'd forget he was a boy. His dad hated this, so during the week Yukio would stay with Theodore and weekends he'd spend with his mom. His father didn't accept Yukio much after his sister's death and even blamed him for it. When Yukio turned 13, he ended up moving back in with his mom and found out that she had a lover and that his father had left her. They dated for a long time and now that he is 16, she wants to get married. So this were he stands. It stands on the line between Theodore and his family. Some reason, living back with his mom doesn't feel like home. And everywhere he looks, he sees's his sister. Sleeping for him has started to get worse, so he tends to look a little dopey or zoned out a bit whenever alone. And falls asleep in class.
Known Family
Mother: Maylee Volkhov (was O'Hon)
Soon to be Step Father: Jerith Xavier

Maylee's Step Brother / Uncle:
Mr. VolkHov, Theodore

Father: Leo O'Hon
Step Mother: DeeDee O'Hon
Half Sister: Baily O'Hon
Notable Relationships

So begins...

Yukio Volkhov's Story