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a character in “Stopping The Apocalypse”, as played by Zix



Age: 21


Sexual Orientation:Straight

Appearance: Image


Sean is a cold man. TO himself and hates people asking about his past. He is kind to other's and helps whenever he can. But don't take his kindness as friendship.


Clothing: A white-T and a black pair of jeans

Skills/Talents: Super strong accuracy. Fast. He is amune to the demon virus so when bit he can still fight.

Weapons: two magnums and a marine blabe


Was once a strong Christian. He was inlisted into the army. He quickly worked up the ranks till he became a Black Ops member. When he came home from war he married his child hood love and settles down. They had three kids and where doing fine. When the apocolypse happened him and his family where brought to a safe bunker. Sean prayed everything would work out and it was all in God's will. But when they stepped out he quickly lost everything he loved. His wife was turned into a zombie. His children were all but killed. And Sean was a broken man. He has lost all faith in his once great God. He now hunts these freaks down..his sole mission is to avenge his family.

So begins...

Sean's Story