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Lenora Luna

"Destroying my life with endless running, yet running from that which would destroy my life."

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a character in “Stories of a darker N'ever After - Accepting”, as played by Rhasslairiel


Name: Lenora Luna
Age: Lenora's age would surprise most people, given how young she looks, and her technical DNA signifying that she is human. However, she has been gifted with exceptionally long life, and although she looks young, she is actually 73.
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Race: Human, white skinned

Magic: She's been trained since she was a little girl in the art of magic. Raised in a coven of witches that was killed off when she was very young, Luna is both a skilled witch, and an uneducated one. She learns most of what she knows on her own, and only has a book that she was able to save from the temple of her old home to guide her in her studies of magic.
Description: Lenora is tall, with long dark hair, and a muscular, but thin build. Depending on the weather, she either wears tight leather clothing, or long flowing skirts over. She is usually wearing a bright red cloak over her body, masking the weapons that she keeps on her body.
LENORA LUNA ( ... Pics-3.jpg)
Companions: It used to be that a black dog would follow her around, but she lost him during a struggle in the woods, and hasn't seen him since he disappeared that day.


Personality: While Luna can be very kind, she's more hostile than she seems. Hardened by a history of hardship, Luna does not trust very many people, except those she has known the longest. She travels from town to town, running, always running, from those who pursue her, so no one ever really gets to know her. She will stop to help a stranger on the road, but will immediately vanish, and move on her way. Some people who have experienced her power or received her aid have even started rumors, calling her a phantom or a ghost, and that's fine with Lenora, as long as no one harms her, or lets her enemies know where she was last.

Greatest Desire: True freedom
Greatest Fear: To fail


Lenora carries very few things, but what she always has with her is the satchel around her shoulder, which rests on her hips. It carries a knife, her spellbook, flint and rock, bandages, other items, and what would seem to be miscellaneous plants

And as far as weapons go:
A short sword strapped to her back, a knife in her belt and in other various places (such as one in her boot) and a deadly enchanted slingshot, designed to hit any target. Her greatest weapon, though, is her magic. Although there are limits, Lenora is very powerful. She can cast a spell with the greatest of ease, however, once she uses the spell it erases from her mind, and she has to study her books again, to learn them again.


Lenora's 73 years have been long and complicated. She was born into a coven in the middle of the Dark Forest, a forest in which men were told not to travel, and taught until the age of 15 the art of magic. The women in this coven would breed in a very odd way. Taking a man off the road, and enchanting him with their beauty and song, they would bring him into a tent, and enchant him, if he is unwilling, into intercourse. Then, in the dead of the night by the light of the fire, the man's heart would be offered to the Mother. Some would call it barbaric, but for someone raised all their life from generations before, and knowing almost nothing of life outside the Forest, it was something that was normal. Lenora had never known her father, but had visited his grave many times, and the tree in which they placed his heart. She had touched it, and felt his presence. Her biological mother died, when she was 12, and she was left virtually parentless, were it not for the closeness of the coven. Lenora grew up very fast over the next three years... and that was when it happened.
In the dead of the night, the tents were lit on fire, the Tree of Hearts burned, and men, big, sweaty, frightening men with their flashing steel and crooked teeth destroyed their beloved home. Lenora, and old woman, and two other girls ran for their lives, but were soon captured. The edge of the forest was impenetrable, and the four women soon found that they could not get out without being thrown backward. "They've got a sorcerer on their side," the old one had whispered before an arrow pierced her in the heart. Quickly, the younger girl Lenora had been trying to escape with was shot down as well, and young Lenora threw a spell around the remaining two, keeping the arrows and the men away. She thought they were gone.
The two girls returned to the coven, and rummaged through the rubble, trying to find a single living survivor, or anything they could use to defend themselves. Lenora took off to find her mother's (the leader of the coven) spellbook, and slipped it all into a bloodstained satchel that she found. Upon coming back to where she left the girl, however, she found her on the ground, her throat slit from ear to ear, and a man standing over her.

The next chapter of Lenora's life began after that. The man took her to his camp, where she was presented to their leader. She was beaten, broken, and brought to the city where they were from, where she was sold to another man. She tried to escape many times but the sorcerer, whom she never saw, had placed some kind of a hold on her magic, and she found herself more powerless than she had ever been. This second man that she was sold to prostituted her, along with a group of other girls of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Little by little, as she more and more acted like she was in subversion, like she would do what they told her because she wanted to, which took years to convince them, she was allowed to user her magic to steal from the clients and report back with the money she stole.
It was at this moment that Lenora decided that she was going to leave. So, in the dead of the night, when she was supposed to be with a client, she slit the client's throat and left out the window. They've been looking for her, and she's been running ever since.

So begins...

Lenora Luna's Story