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stories of Reaper platoon.

USS. sparowhawk/ 2016


a part of stories of Reaper platoon., by Booker_Dewit47.


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USS. sparowhawk/ 2016 is a part of stories of Reaper platoon..

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Lt.Johnny Rico [20] Hoorah
CPT----. -. Hawkings [15] tall thin, brown hair, teal eyes, good mindset and heart.
Lady Luck [12] "I'm extremly positve thats classified,"

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"Watching the back door. Glasses on, breaching charge ready to set. Ready for the bang." Shadow replied over the radio as he watched the building from the rock he was sprawled across. It was no more than a 5 second run to get to the back door, but still set in such a way that the night sky cloaked Shadow.

He made sure with a final check that all his charges were ready, pulled back the slide on his M4, and turned off the safety.

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"Dexter, sound off." He said for a second time. "This hole thing will be a no-go if you dont".

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(Were the hell is she!?)

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Dexter final made her two clicks. She had a bad feeling about this but she never had a good feeling about anything.