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Name: Roran EllianImage

Age: 52 (Looks can be deceiving, cant they)

Nicknames: Guildmaster, Behemoth, The Titan, The Bolt.

Magic Type: Caster

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Height/Weight: 6'4, 196 Lbs.

Class: Guildmaster

Magic Details: Roran specializes in a number of different types of magic, which is what helped him earn the position of one of the ten Wizard Saints. He knows various magic such as boost magic, where a user can boost their attributes temporarily, barrier magic, Weapon Requip, Lightning Style Magic, and numerous others. He also knows how to counter act several different types of magic.

Zayne. Roran, deep down, is very protective about Zayne, and would sacrifice nearly anything to keep him safe. Even though Zayne is an S-Rank Wizard, Roran refuses to let him go on an S-Rank alone. Zayne is like a son to him.
Bringing up his family will make him loose his cool, and distract him.
While well rounded and experienced all around, he has difficulty with Earth Type WIzards.
He has highly tuned senses, but someone could easily use that against him.
He is very protective of his guild, seeing them as family.

Zayne getting hurt.Zayne.
Zayne going off alone on a mission.The Guild.
Thinking about his past.Friendship.
Talking about his issues.Justice.
Putting his Guildmembers in danger.Putting his past behind him.
Dark GuildsWhiskey.
Dark Guilds againProtecting his own.
Zayne being overconfident.Zayne practicing new magic.
People breaking the rules.Setting up fair rules.
The fact Zayne looks for any chance to go on a S-Rank mission.Cooking.
People getting treated poorly and abused.Helping People.

History: Roran's story is a long one, and its filled with tragedy. When he was young he joined up with an early guild, and was quick to pick up all sorts of different types of magic, having this inate ability to learn anything he came across. As he got older, he added to his reptiour, and practiced on increasing the amount of mana and stamina he could use before he reached his limits. That way, he would be able to go the extra mile in a fight. Eventually, he fell in love, and married a woman named Marie.

They eventually had two children, Gregory and Tannis Ellian. Both of which joined the guild he was a part of when they got older, and became great successes. Gregory even got married to a red haired woman named Shara. But then, something happened eleven years ago. Their guild was besieged by a group of Dark Guilds, resulting in its destruction and the deaths of most of its members. Roran survived, killing most of the attackers, but everyone else was either missing or dead. He later learned that his eldest son, Gregory, and his wife, along with their baby boy, had been attacked, and that no trace of them remained. Suffering from grief, he began to travel the world as a freelancer, taking down any Dark Guilds that crossed his path.

Then, about two-three years ago, he came across a boy wandering alone. The boy had great magical potential, and even reminded him of his son as a kid, but despite all the painful memories that brought up, Roran refused to let him keep feeling like the world had abandoned him. So, he took the boy under his wing, and started teaching him a lot of the magic he knew himself, believing he should know more then just his Dragon Slayer magic. He taught the boy to be just as good, if not better, then himself at his age, causing him to become an exceptional wizard at a young age. He decided, at this point on, one year ago, to establish a guild known as Storm Shield. He knew it would be hard, after all Zayne was his only member for awhile, but as Zayne continued to succeed in missions, people started to flock to the guild to see this legendary Dragon Slayer. Zayne enjoyed the attention, and it helped put their guild on the map. But they still have a long way to go before they are truly deserving of their guild status.

Equipment/Notable Items: His jacket is enchanted to protect him from various different types of magical attacks.

Other: He has a huge secret he is keeping from everyone, including and especially Zayne.

Additional History! (Cause it holds off my impatience and excitement):

One year ago:

Roran watched Zayne as he slept, checking on his fever. They had been on a long road, made a lot of money. And he watched Zayne just the other day take on thirteen monsters, on his own, while he was still recovering from a previous fight and sick. He had S-Rank power, but not the experience. But Roran knew that making him anything other then S-Rank would just be an insult to his skill, power, and hard work. But Roran knew that he did not have the experience to go on one alone, not yet. Still, once he established the Guild they were going to make and grow, he was sure others would come to help give Zayne the experience he needed.

Of course, Roran was having an issue thinking up a name. It was difficult for him, especially since they spent most of the time either making money, teaching Zayne new magic, traveling, him lecturing Zayne on things, or fighting. Still, it might be because he was distracted. Zayne reminded him so much of his own son, Gregory. His fire, his determination, his strength. And his recklessness. What Roran never told Zayne was that he shared something else with Gregory too. There was a bloodline trait near the area Zayne claimed to be raised in, which happened to be the same area Roran's wife came from. The glowing eyes thing. It was rumored to be passed down from a powerful Wizard with an ability to amplify the power of their spells. Roran used to feel pain when he remembered Gregory, but Zayne had brought joy into his life he had long since lost. His silliness, recklessness, that smile and determination. He brought life back to Roran, and now Roran was sure now it was time to make a new guild. A place to finally call home again, after he thought he never would again after all he lost with his last guild...his last home. "I just need to think of a name".

"I have...an idea" Zayne spoke as he sat up, seemingly ignoring the fact he was sick at all.

"Zayne, you should rest" Roran told him. "YOu can tell me later".

"No, its important....because we should establish the guild tomorrow" Zayne managed to say, and Roran realized Zayne was doing this for him. "And we should name it Storm Shield".

Roran looked at him puzzled. "Why Storm Shield?"

"Because you harness lightning, like from storms, and you and me both believe in protecting and helping people, in shielding them from suffering. Thus, Storm Shield" Zayne managed to cough up. "You will be the Guildmaster of the Guild, so it should be named after you. You use the lightning only found in storms and magic, and you believe in defending the innocent, to shield them from harm. Storm Shield....it fits...

"Alright, fine. Storm Shield it is...." Roran conceded, liking the name as well. "Now get some rest Zayne, we need you to heal up....to spread word of the new guild by taking jobs and showing our strength".

"As an S-Rank...?" Zayne inquired. "You know I can do it".

"Not alone" Roran told him as he made Zayne get back into bed. "Not until I think you are ready. Now, don't fight me. If you want to argue about it, you should do it when you have the strength. Got it?"

Zayne protested, but he soon fell back to sleep...partially due to Roran's magic. Still, Storm Shield....that would be their Guild Name. And it would become one of the greatest Guilds of all time....

And thus, the Guild got its name.

So begins...

Guildmaster Roran Ellian's Story

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Zayne stepped foot inside the city, returning home after a mission. In his right hand, he held the prize the client seeked: An enchanted Chalice imbued with healing magic, said to be able to cure any ailment if given enough time to do so. He was not sure why he wanted this chalice specifically, there were several easier ways to get one like it, but the guy had offered half a mill for someone to adventure down into a dangerous temple, grab the chalice, and return alive. SOmething that had, much to Zayne's enjoyment, been a lot tougher then was let on, though Zayne's instincts already told him it would. The Temple had, in fact, been enchanted, booby trapped, and then created like a puzzlebox, re-arranging itself every ten minutes. Additionally, the walls, floors, columns, and various other objects turned into monsters after he removed the chalice and walked near them. He was not sure why this Chalice was so special, but Zayne had enjoyed himself thoroughly this time. Sure, it was not an S-Rank Mission like he wanted, at least not originally, but Zayne was pretty sure after the giant demon fox showed up, it had become one. On second thought, no. S-Ranks were actually extremely tough but exciting. This was just exciting.

Which is what made things unfortunate when a group of thugs stopped him on the outskirts of the city. "Hand over that chalice boy, and no one gets hurt".

"Guys, I would stop now. Trust me, you do not want...." Zayne started, when one of them surprised Zayne by using magic to throw an ice punch at him. Zayne didn't realize they were wizards, but he did not see any Guild alignment. Then he realized it, they were Freelancers here to try and steal the chalice and take his reward from Zayne. That kinda ticked Zayne off, that they had just been waiting to pray on another Wizard's hard work like that. And they probably expected Zayne was tired out too. They would be wrong, Zayne regenerated energy life he could diffuse fire: Very quickly. And now, he was really annoyed at these low life parasites.

He landed on his feet after the blow, and then moved at incredibly speeds towards the first guy, punching him straight in the face and sending the grown man sprawling backward by a kid....who had yet to even use magic yet. That was just his full strength punch. "Now, let me show you my magic.....Fire Dragon Soaring Wings!"

As he extended his hands outward, two giant walls of fire that seemed similar to the wings of a soaring dragon blasted forward and smashed into another two thugs, leaving only two left. They were a little on edge now, after seeing a kid take out over half their group. One of them charged towards him recklessly, or so Zayne thought originally. When the guy was about to punch him, he was just going to block, but then he sensed it. The guy was using Boost magic to make his maximum strength 500% it normally would. Blocking the blow would shatter Zayne's arm, so he dodged instead. Zayne then used his own Boost magic to make himself stronger, and then uppercut the guy right in the face to send him flying into the river. He then grabbed the last guy by the collar. "Tell your friends, the stories about the Fire Dragon are true. And that if I see any of you in this town again, I will incinerate your bones to ash".

Zayne pushed the guy away, and then began walking toward town. He smiled a little, because honestly he was just trying to scare them away, and it worked. He never saw it, or else he would have confronted the guy too, but someone was watching him, and the Guildhall, from afar. A raven was tailing Zayne.

As soon as he arrived at the Guildhall, he kicked open the doors with enough force they cracked a little. He had forgotten he was still under the effects of Boost magic. "Sup people! I have returned alive and successful!"

Guildmaster Roran Ellian looked at him. "Hey, what took you so long? That temple is just one day away, over the lake".

Well, thats because I walked around the lake because I cant swim. Your like a father to me, but seriously, I hate you sometimes. You did that on purpose because you know I quite literally cant swim. "There were not any boats available, so I had to walk the whole way" Zayne lied. Anyone in the Guildhall who knew Zayne well enough could probably guess that he lied too.

Roran knew he was lying too. He just really wanted Zayne to get over his fear of the water. He would avoid boats as much as he could help it. Unfortunately, it appears Zayne would rather walk around a lake, a three day trip, then just take the boat across in a day. Clearly, additional work would be needed.

"Well, good job! Take some time off to celebrate!" Roran told him, when he noticed Zayne was already looking at the S-Rank Job Board. Within a second, he was next to Zayne, holding him up by the hood of his cloak. "I am serious! Take a damn break!"

"Okay okay" Zayne conceded. "A small break".

With that, Zayne went to go eat and hang out with some other guildmembers, while Roran looked through some of his mail. A lot of important things, some of which worried him. No matter, he could wait awhile to address them, but....well, one of the messages concerned him over the others.

(Intro post done! Let the RP commence!)

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Okita had just handed in a demonic tongue. For such a good mission, it had been quite easy to complete. Perhaps because he knew the demon, and had threatened them if he had not handed it over. But alls well ends well right? Wrong, somewhere along the journey Okita had been going on, he saw a massive hole in the field. Ofcourse he had no idea what caused it, perhaps a gigantic ogre, no this was way too big to had been a ogre. Natural curiosity led Okita to the middle of the sight, he had found something quite interesting. In the middle deep inside, was a claw. Very very big claw, it was taller then Okita itself which was a achievement by itself. But, it was so thick, no doubt could cut him in half without trying a bit. Whatever this claw belonged to, he certainly didn't want to run into it. Push and push, Okita tried to move the claw but it seemed to be inside solid. He'd have to tell Roran about this later.

Okita quickly scribbled a note up, saying the following ''Hello, this is Okita i am returning. Aside from that, i found a very big claw in Ogre valley. I reckon someone with more expertise on hunting should check it out. Farewell, i'll be at the guild in 4 or 5 hours.'' He handed the note to some of his ravens and they had set off, making incredible speed. Okita whispered into ones ear to go check on Zayne see how he was holding up, afterall he wanted to see how his little chef was doing. Eventually okita gave up on the claw, he doubted anyone would come past this way as it was a dangerous path by itself. Short,yet dangerous.

After all that, Okita set back to town he had been gone for 2 or so months so it would be quite good to relax again there for abit. There were a couple of troubles here and there imps, goblins etc etc nothing he wasn't capable of handling. Aside from all the green bastards on this hell forbidden road, it was a very nice place to be in. No shops or stores for hours on end, cherry blossom trees blooming, petals flying about. If only he could stay here for a while longer. He was making good time, he'd be in the guild in no time.

He had made it into town. Ah the smell of it all, baked goods, sound of chatter and flaming hot flames.Wait flames?, bang! There was a explosion in the middle of the town. ''Looks like Zayne's home too...'' Okita said with a big smile blooming on his face, he's raven had come immediately flying to him. From what he had gathered, a couple of thugs had ambushed him for a object of a sort. Nothing little boy Zayne couldn't handle.

Not many people knew Okita, but many had avoided him on his way back to the guild. He couldn't blame them 6'ft guy, with red eyes coming past you with a bunch of crows tailing him. As for those who did know him, (Which was very few.) most had known he was a man who was not to be approached. Eventually he had made it to the guild doors, pushing them open slightly he made his way to his own table. Most people knew this was his reserved table, and it wasn't too hard to spot. Red oak table, in the shade of the stairs. Some greeted him, some ignored him. Okita had been brought his usual meal for the rare times he visits the guild, a spaghetti dish with little bits of meat cut into them. And obviously a couple of seeds on the side for the ravens. Whilst he was eating, he threw a small wave at Zayne and winked at him. ''Welcome home Okita.'' He thought to himself.

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#, as written by Byte
Oliver Laece
{Storm Shield Hall}

Mildly disinterested at the prospect of another 'boring day at the office', Oliver stared blankly into the mess hall of the Storm Shield guild from the safe confinements of the second floor banister; musing some non-descript hunch that any of these wanna-be magic badasses had it out for the new kid in class. Unfortunately deciding to make acquaintance with this one wasn't exactly soundproof, and left little to argue if anyone would ask Oliver on a play-date. 'I guess I'll thank my lucky star that nobody hangs around here as much.' Perhaps it was her indifference to the sauntering of other, more proactive guild members that she got these awkward stares from passer-bys – Like maybe this wasn't the time to be sitting on your arse when everyone else seemingly carried a different stance as soon as the clock struck business hours.

Because, y'know, Oliver was so fucking sensitive to everyone's opinion of her being content with mingling by herself. Like Hell she'd be, but that's what she got for being the new blood in this joint; people expected you to be on your best, as if she had anything to prove to them beyond what she had done in her first two weeks as a good little drone. Bringing honey for their alleged “king” so he could pay the bills and keep feeding his subordinates.

Speaking of which...

In vain attempts not to notice her surroundings (it was hard not to), Oliver's attention fell on the brief squabble between their oh-so inspiring leader and some rambunctious pipsqueak who'd just barged into the place like he'd been owning it since day one. Then again, she knew for a fact that this one might as well be. 'Tsch, kids...' because it couldn't be said that the local halfwits weren't enchanted by his precious puppy-dog stare, and he could probably get away with murder by just smiling innocent-like. Oliver never had good relations with children. Tended to be more trouble then they were worth, and this one didn't seem to sway that opinion any more than it had. Right, she should probably leave well enough alone, didn't do to dwell on the kiddiewink who just broke the monotony (plus she figured that giving it any more stares might invoke social tendencies). And so Oliver walked alongside the far-end wall, hoping to avoid catching any attention in the process, to the job board.

Maybe there was something worthwhile to pick after all...

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Amaya "Rin" Miyuzaki
Outfit:Clothes and Jacket

Coming out of her studio, her hands and shirt covered in splatters of oil paint, Rin sighed but smiled. After crossing and exiting her bedroom Rin let her gaze sweep over her living room before crossing it as well to go into the kitchen. Turning on the faucet Rin scrubbed her hands clean, watching the colored suds swirl down the drain, deep in thought. She had gotten back into town the day before after a job capturing some bandits. While usually she would have gone straight to the guildhall to turn in her cut and get a new job, the scenery in the small town had been beautiful and she had needed to get it onto canvas. Of course, like always, this meant she hadn’t left her studio except to eat when Zoe made her. “Maya why haven’t you gone to the guild yet?”

Jumping Rin turned to see Zoe standing behind her and shook her head with a small smile. ’Speak of the devil…’ After looking pointedly at her paint covered clothes Rin smiled. “You know exactly why. I just finished it by the way.” Zoe looked at Rin expectantly as she grabbed a dry hand towel and tossed it to Rin. "I know you spend all night on that so at least let me see it." Rin giggled, nodded, and caught the towel before turning and leading Kiku out of the living room and through her bedroom. She had chosen her apartment specifically because of the studio room, especially since it was hidden in the back of the apartment, only accessible through her bedroom. Opening the door to the room a strong smell of paint filled the air and Rin walked forward, waving her hand towards her easel which held a still drying painting. Zoe gasped in delight and grasped Rin's arm tightly. After an approving nod from Rin, Zoe grabbed it and started her ‘observations’ which was pretty much her talking about everything she liked about the painting. Despite her best attempts Rin couldn’t help but smile at Zoe’s praise but at the flattery continued Rin ended up rolling her eyes. 'She's over-doing it as usua- Rin didn't realize Zoe had seen her eye roll until the older omans hand connected with the back of her head. "Ow! Zoe!" "Well? Don't you sass me!" Not wanting to get into a fight Rin waited silently until Zoe set the painting down and walked out of her studio.

Locking the door behind them Rin sighed and went to get a change of clothes. "I have to go turn in my cut... I'll talk to you when I get back after I pick a job." Zoe immediately began to protest and, as Rin was taking off her paint-spattered clothes, she started rummaging through Rin's wardrobe. "But Rin we just got back. Why can't we stay for a few days? I mean, you've been in Storm Shield for almost 6 months and you haven't talk to any of your guild mates for more than five minutes." Rin turned to Zoe with a frown and a warning glint in her eyes, taking the burgundy skirt Zoe held out without paying much attention to it as she pulled it on. "And that's how it'll stay. You promised you wouldn't do this Zoe." The red haired celestial spirit stared at her in dismay and determination, shoving a black shirt into her hands. "If that's what you really wanted than why have you spent so much time learning about them? Admit it. You've grown fond of them." Rin turned halfway through Zoe's response, finished zipping up the back of the shirt, and stormed through her room, grabbing the bag of jewel off of her the table as she went past the kitchen on the way towards the door. "This conversation is over!" Zoe followed after Rin, watching the girl pull on her boots. "Maya..." Rin yanked her jacket on and then shot a cold look at Zoe. "Good-bye. I'll be back later." For a moment Rin hesitated at the door, instantly wondering is she had been too harsh, but as Zoe reached out for her she stepped away and slam the door shut behind her. About two minutes into her walk Rin looked down at herself and swore, realizing that she had once again been tricked into letting Zoe dress her. Shaking her head Rin knew for a fact that the other woman was giggling in triumph at home.

Ten minutes later, Rin arrived at guild hall with the guild's cut and stepped up to the open door with her eyes narrowed, her face otherwise expressionless. As soon as she stepped through the doorway Rin's gaze quickly scanned the room only to notice a group of her guildmates completely stop talking at the sight of her. Instinctively, Rin's eyes narrowed further and she stared down the group until they looked away and started a whispered conversation. Her eyes continued their sweep of the room, briefly resting on Okita and Oliver, before landing on Guild Master Roran and Zayne who were both by the jobs board. Rin shot a pointed glare at another group who was staring at her before walking across the guild hall towards Roran and Zayne. 'What the hell is their problem...' She thought to herself, oblivious to the fact that she had a smear of blue paint on her cheek. Not wanting to interrupt the guild master Rin stopped a few paces away but didn't wait long before Zayne ran off. Stepping up to Guild Master Roran Rin cleared her throat. Removing it from her purse Rin held out the bag of jewel, her gaze briefly looking over the job board before focusing on the blond wizard saint beside her. "Sorry I didn't bring it in the day I got back. I was... preoccupied." While Rin didn't tell any of her guildmates about her hobbies many knew about her painting partly from the smell of her paints often lingering around her and mostly due to her tendency to not check if she had paint on her much like today.

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The sound of soft and faint chatting in the background of Akane's mind seemed to only lull her back into the trance of indecisiveness that she usually found greeting her at the Job Board. Nothing to interesting, yet nothing even remotely worth the reward. With a groan of exhaust, Akane moved over to an empty table nearest the bar. At this rate she would never achieve anything. No, she thought to herself, thinking like that only creates laziness. Akane fist pumped the air once as a slight motivation. Then a little munchkin with red hair caught her eye.

It was Zayne, the little pyro himself had just arrived from a mission that according to the Guild Master took slightly longer than it needed too. Akane invited herself into the conversation, dashing over to greet Zayne.

"I can't blame him. You should never trust a boat. Plus the ground is so much more stable and loving than that horribly unforgiving water." Akane shivered. Much like Zayne, Akane had a pure hate for water. If she ever goes on a mission, she would sooner walk around the continent than dip a toe in the waters of death. She gave Zayne a quick noogie as greeting for safely returning home before turning to the Guild Master. "Sir, I can't seem to make up my mind on a single mission. Could you maybe point me in a direction. I have no idea who's giving me a reasonable job for a decent amount." The Earth Mage wasn't that fond of taking on missions that were 'too much' after what happened to both her father and Allan. She honestly wanted nothing to do with hard jobs. Just obtaining money so her mother could eventually live care-free. But with her own bills and needs, helping out her old village seemed like more of a distant star than a reachable goal. She was still only a B-Rank after all, and there was no way a rank like her could effectively bring in the money for such a goal.

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#, as written by CutUp
Tatsuo walked into town, tossing a small sack of jewel up, and down in his hand, coming from another victory. In his other hand he held a rock that he was munching on. His previous job was just a simple one, dealing with a bunch of bandits. Though he did end up destroying four or five houses, a lumber mill, and leveling half a forest. But it was totally necessary. Yeah, one of the twenty guys called him short. He had to be dealt with properly. Completely justified. As he walked through the town, and towards the guild hall he got a few strange looks by those he passed by for eating a rock. Nothing too out of the ordinary for him.

Once he made it to the guild Tatsuo kicked in the door, taking it off the hinges rather then just opening it. This was far easier. "I'm back!" He announced as he walked in, finishing off the rock he was eating. Tatsuo snatched the drink out of the hand of some random guildmember, and shoved him aside when he tried to say something about. He began chugging the drink, more probably spilled down the sides of his mouth than it did going down his throat.

Once he was finished with his mug he simply threw it across the room, not caring if it hit anyone. He approached the small gathering of wizards, including the Guild Master, Zayne, Rin or whatever her name was, and......he's wanting to say her name began with an A. "Those bandits won't be terrorizing that town anymore." He stated as he held his hands behind the back of his head. "Oh! And if you get reports saying that I destroyed half the town, know that that's a complete exaggeration. It was like four, maybe five houses. That last one might have collapsed under it's weight. Oh and a mill. And half the forest."

"But you should know that I threw a giant saw at a bandit, nearly sliced him in half! It was awesome! So I think it was worth it." He added, with a bit of pride in his voice. He looked over at the others around him, and then to Rin. "What'd you do jack off a blueberry before you came here?" He asked, taking note of the blue smear on her face. He then turned his attention towards the other girl, Akane. He sniffed the air, and then moved in closer to her. "You smell like sediment." He commented before he turned away from her. "Yo boss man, I want something more challenging! I want a big ass monster to fight!"


Fadil strode into the guild hall, staring at the splinters that used to be the guild's door. He held a large pirate chest almost over flowing with treasure on his right shoulder, while carrying another underneath his left arm. They were the reward for a rather long mission, being gone for nearly a month. He had to destroy an entire armada of pirate ships. It wasn't too difficult, just time consuming. He walked over to the guild master, and dropped the two large chests on the ground.

Fadil stared at those around him, still keeping his emotionless stone face. Tatsuo looked at the chests, and opened one up. It was full of gems, gold, and other assorted pirate treasures. "Pirates dealt with." Fadil simply said, his voice deep, sounding like thunder. Tatsuo took a handful of gemstones, and popped one of the rubies in his mouth. "Mmhmm gemstones." Tatsuo said as he continued to pop the gems in his mouth like they were candy. Fadil merely raised an eyebrow at him. "What? Gems are delicious! They taste like candy!" Tatsuo said as he continued to eat them. It probably had ate a fortune in the small time he began eating the jewels.

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Mehavian Locato

A dust cloud could be seen traveling up the road coming into town, along with a the rumbling like thunder as a constant addition to the spectacle. Only one thing would cause such a disturbance, and it was the passing of a teleporter. Because the road was not level, Mehavian could not travel along it in a straight line. So instead he moved his legs repeatedly one after the other with his teleport magic, "running" across the ground at nearly the speed of a jet liner. When he got close enough to town, he blew in with a trail of dust behind him that dissipated quickly but was still a minor annoyance. He stopped dead in his tracks right outside the broken doors of the guildhall. His grey hair settled in a mess on top of his head so he had to stand there and fix it rapidly before checking out what had happened to the door. He could be seen teleporting around the door from multiple angels both inside and outside the building before he finally did anything about it it.

The teleporter mage had stronger legs than he did arms so he used his teleport magic to help position his kicks to put the door back in shape. The doors were barily standing on their own and seemed to want to fall back down again, but Mehavian had already gone and come back with new hinges, nails and a hammer. He set the doors back into place before they had time to fall again. He was finally standing nearby staring at his work before closing the doors and zipping back behind the counter of the bar to start whipping up orders for people as was his job. All the orders for food or drink were filled and dishes out to the guild members within three minutes flat, some of the wizards at the bar itself having a drink applauded his fast service. Whiping a little bead of sweat off his brow Mehavian's attention sprung to the guild master and some of the other wizards around the job board. He didn't go over to them but was interested. Instead he decided to go see another of the guild wizards, who was always off doing something cool.

Out back where Solstice was, Mehavian appeared just behind him and watched he was doing for several moments before setting a cup of his favorite drink down on a nearby stool. The fast-paced mage moved to one side to get a better angle to view the ice sculpture. "Oooow, I like it... what is it?"

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Zayne found his head assaulted by Akane's fist as he waved back to Okita. "Dont forget completely unreliable and break down a lot""That's not true and you know it""Is too! Anyways, I am hungry".

Roran nodded to Fadil, as Zayne darted around the guildhall, getting some of his favorite food....and a large amount of fire....and ate both of them. Zayne ate an entire raw steak, though as a note, it was not raw going down his throat. The benefit of being a fire dragon. Everything went down cooked when he wanted it too. He tried cooking fruit once, didn't go so well. He then saw Tatuso break down the door he had just knocked open himself. THe guildhall was nice and noisy, which is just the way he liked it. And then he decided to contribute to it. "You should have been with me then, I always take stuff like that! Though, I wasnt expecting the entire temple to come alive and try to kill me. That was a new one".

Roran barely caught what Zayne said as he was assaulted by questions and results. He took a deep breath, and decided to handle all news in order. First of all though, he acknowledged He used a little bit of magic so that everyone could hear him, both inside and outside the Guildhall. "Okay everyone, some orders of business to go over. First things first, Okito found some large, strange claw of a beast north of town, undetermined of what creature it belongs to. Secondly, a few new jobs have been requested today, being put on the job board now. And finally, in the near future I will be heading off to a Guild Master meeting reguarding a drastic increase in Dark Wizard activity. Please take care in the future, as a few of them have been posting trap jobs. Oh, and Zayne, Tatuso? We are officially getting yelled at for mass destruction, so in an attempt to limit it, both of you have to go together on your next mission along with someone else. And was destroying the whole temple and half a forest really necessary you two?""The Temple tried to kill me! It was justified!"

He then turned towards Akane and Rin. "I think I saw someone post a B-Class job to protect some famous Artist named Samir from his rivals. You might want to take Solstice with you, given the fact he is famous and works on creating sculptures and paintings, though his are made of marble and not ice. Also, Rin, there is some blue paint on your face. Actually, you might be interested in the job as well. Maybe you three should team up? Up to you though".

Meanwhile, Zayne was finishing up a meal, before back to looking at the job board. "Lets see. What quests are here? Giant Spiders protecting a cave near a village? Not challenging enough. Bandits guarding a bridge? That's not even a highly traveled road. Oh, wait, what is this? Ghosts? Wow, we rarely ever see Ghosts. And they seem to think a Wizard might be causing this? At a hot springs resort. Well now, if a Wizard is summoning ghosts, he must be super powerful! Oh yeah, this will totally be an epic fight! Hey, Tatuso, there is a job request here that might actually have ghosts! That almost never happens! Like, ever! I have never seen one before, and ghosts can turn invisible and go through walls and stuff I heard, and usually they can use magic of their own to fight! Okita, don't ghosts usually involve demons? I forget, because we rarely ever get them..."

Roran was not surprised when Zayne took that one, being the fact Ghosts were rumored to be some of the toughest magical creatures. And that any Wizard that could summon them had to be a powerful wizard, either A-Rank or S-Rank. Though, the quest was only ranked as a double-A, since no one actually knew of a Wizard behind it. And ghosts could be very dangerous. In fact, they were some of the most dangerous.

Meanwhile, he looked back over at the rest of the guild. He was not sure what, but he had a strange feeling....but for now, he decided to let everyone enjoy the moment.

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Okita finally finished his dinner, sliding it aside slightly. He wiped his face gently with his cuff, slid out his chair and went to see what was with all the commotion. It would seem everyone gathered there, from what he heard there were new jobs put out. Fantastic, he was starting to low on funds. Okita went behind the crowd, not to willing to go infront of the crowd. Roran announced the announcements, in which Okita took a slight interest in but not enough to pursue. Okita was just about to turn around and leave, before he name was called.
''Okita, don't ghosts usually involve demons? I forget, because we rarely ever get them....''

Okita turned around, with a slight grin on his face because he's little friend called for him. ''Yes Zayne that is correct, you could think of ghosts as demons who are still on earth.''
From what he got, they were apparently summoned ghosts, which definitely meant the mage was no amateur maybe he was even a necromancer. The fact that he's able to do that alone is impressive, but Okita suspected that he wasen't only able to spawn ghosts, but able to defend himself.

It seemed as though the trio slayers were going on this quest, this would certainly give them some reputation not that Okita was interested in it. Okita hadn't communicated alot with Tatsuo too much, from what he heard he has a rock for a brain too but Okita's sure he cant be that bad.

''I'll be waiting at a bridge, follow the ravens.'' Okita said shortly after leaving the guild, before 3 crows flew out of his back 2 to Tatsuo and Zayne and the other one holding money delivering it to Mehevian. Okita made his way back home to pick up some charms, crosses etc.
When he got home he spent no time having a shower or anything, he went straight to gathering his equipment. Okita slowly made his way to a dark bridge, it was about 9 Pm quite dark. Sitting on the rails, .Maybe he was going to Kuro for some advice, since he was quite experienced in this kind of work, not that Okita isn't but Kuro's knowledge is far greater.
Okita set there gleaming around with his red eyes in the deep black drop, with a very pale expression crows on the rails laying there emotionless. Hell he even looked like a ghost himself, Certainly very shady looking. if anyone walked by they'd definitely get a scare.

Now it was just a matter of waiting for his amigos, the three musketeers the slayer trio. Hopefully this mission wouldn't be too much, it would be quite draining but Okita was very experienced in this kind of work so it couldn't be too bad. Though it was rated a double A, nearly S rank so he doubted it would be a walk in the park.

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#, as written by Byte
Oliver Laece
{Storm Shield Hall}

No, it's quite alright. Not like anyone was in the middle of reading that or anything...

Oliver had become aware of the little pipsqueak who'd barged in not a moment earlier, eager to snag another mission to pass the time (because apparently everything was so easy for him, go figure) that she just happened to be glancing over. 'Real nice, kid. Don't ask if I'm betting on that or anything.', clearly this little brat was being purposely obnoxious for no better reason than to feed their own gaping mouth. Like, fucking Hell, it was begging for scraps all over again. But in this case the leftovers were some dog-catcher job, a helpful reminder that rats were still wreaking havoc in some poor sod's cellar and something about delivering a non-descript package.

Talk about spoiled for choice!

Maybe she could get away with a pretend-solo bounty, but those job weren't exactly her cup of tea. Seemed more like something any ordinary non-mage-y guy could do without so much as a sweat, and Oliver wasn't feeling like being someone else's lackey today. 'Not to mention the pay.' Or lack thereof.

Right, she should probably take her pickings now. Much to her own chagrin.

A tiresome gaze took another notice of the remaining, arguably compelling, requests that still littered the board, before finally deciding she'd dig the ghost hunting job if there was anyone competent enough to tag along that'd offset the inevitable dragon brat duo she'd be stuck with. And she wasn't sure if this Okita guy (she was careful to take note of his name when Zayne shouted the hall together) was cut for that particular role in Oliver's perfectionism. Either that or she could always play the nice lady and kindly ask Roran for a “what's up” and pray he doesn't try to enforce friendship like last time. 'Eh, whatevs...'

Give or take, y'know, it wasn't like there'd be anything else to do except have another hang around at the guild. But things were dead boring in this place, and Oliver figured she'd needed the money, pre-emptive like.

And so she wandered closer to the group of mages hanging around their beloved guild master; careful not to bother too many of them lest they'd greet her a little too nicely, before gently nudging Roran on his arm and a callous look glancing up to exchange brief eye contact. “Don't happen to got anything worth my while, eh? Board's not looking too good.”