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Akame Kuroshio

'Stares intensively' (wip)

0 · 402 views · located in Kingdom of Fiore

a character in “Storm Shield”, as played by spliser117


Name: Akame Kuroshio

Alias: "The One Shot Wonder"

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Magic: Guns Magic

Class: B class

Guild status: Rookie

Magic type: holder/requip type. Akame stores a selection of firearms in her requip stasis thingy, as well as practicing different kinds of magic shots for all of them. These include silent shot, lightning shot, explosive shot, etc.

Magic skill: Akame has been playing with guns since she was five and has been using guns magic since she was nine. She is very skilled but her magic conditioning needs work as she depletes her magic stores quite fast.

Combat skill: Akame has spent well over 3 hours every day practicing with her guns for the past 11 years, and because of this she is a very accurate shot. She is able to reliably hit a squirrel sized target at forty meters with her hand guns, and a man-sized target at 950 meters with her sniper rifles.

Currently owned firearms:
Desert Eagle- .50 AE
Glock G20 - 10mm auto
Walther P99 - 9x19 para
CZ 3 a1- 9x19 para
H&K MP5/10 - 10mm auto
Ots-14 Groza - 9x39 subsonic
Steyr AUG a1 - .223 rem
FN/Saab Bofors Dynamics AK5c - .223 rem
DSA-58 osw - .308 win
Keltec KSG- 12 gauge
Walter WA 2000 - .300 win mag
Unique alpine TPG-3 A4 - .338 LM
Accuracy International AX50 - .50 BMG
Gepard m3 - 14.5x114
wish list:
H&K G28 - .308 win
Rhinemetal MG3 - .308 win
Sig Sauer Sg 553 - .223 rem
Walther PPKS - .380 ACP
Saiga 12K - 12 gauge
Remington 810 - 10 gauge
Norinco Type 56-2 - 7.62x39 WP
Ruger Mark III - .22LR

Appearance: 5'7'' 142 pounds
Akame has red eyes and black hair which she has styled in twin-tail. She has a large scar across her throat from her surgery. Akame has a tattoo on the back of her neck detailing her name, blood type, hight and weight, and next of kin. She wears a black and red tank top, black hoodie, a red and black short kilt and a pair of black boots. Her guild emblem is located just above her butt.

Personality: Akame is unable to speak and thus doesn't have many friends so she keeps to herself mostly. She is a very hard worker and has never failed a job, she is not afraid of doing her own dirty work. Akame is known to have a fairly short fuse, however she never harbours a grudge towards anyone. In her spare time Akame enjoys reading and listening to heavy metal. She also finds people watching fascinating. When Akame is nervous she will take the magazine out of whatever gun she happens to have on hand, and start unloading and reloading it.

History: when Akame was born Her larynx was deformed to the point it was blocking her trachea and had to be removed. The result of this is she is incapable of making any sound whatsoever. Because of this she has been bullied by everyone around her except for her parents and cousin Yui, who was basically her only friend. Also her parents divorced shortly after her second birthday and she grew up with her father in the country. She had relatively frequent visits to Yui until Yui left to go be a wizard. This made Akame sad as her only friend had left, but this didn't keep Akame down for long as she decided to follow in Yui's footsteps and become a wizard herself. The trick was finding a kind of magic she liked and was good at. Then when she was 9 she met an older man in the woods where she had her shooting range setup who could teach her Guns Magic. It took a while but she got the hang of it. The man now getting older told her she was the most skilled student he had ever had and that she was ready to go and start her life as a wizard which was earlier than many wizards as she was only 12. She started as a freelance wizard and bounty hunter who would often work for smaller police organizations and was very successful. She learned requip magic recently to make her weapons easier to carry. As of late the bounty hunting business has been drying up with Fiore's army increasing in size. Running out of work Akame found out about a newer wizard guild called Storm Shield and decided she would try to join.



So begins...

Akame Kuroshio's Story