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Mizumi Hijōshikina

The Grinning Girl

0 · 98 views · located in Kingdom of Fiore

a character in “Storm Shield”, as played by spliser117


Mizumi Hijōshikina

Name: Mizumi Hijōshikina

Alias: The Grinning Girl or The Red Wraith

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Unknown

Magic: Dematerialization

Class: C aspires to be class A

Magic skill: Caster type, ancient spell, dematerialization. Mizumi developed this skill as a result of her father's experiments involving lacrima. This allows Mizumi to break her body down into another substance and move to a different location as well as being able to eavesdrop on people without them knowing. At a more advanced level can even dematerialize someone else either on their own or with Mizumi. Dematerializing looks like a sandcastle in a windstorm.
Weakness: the problem Mizumi has is that she doesn't have a lot of experience with magic and dematerializing and re-materializing take a fair amount of time and is incredibly painful, which leaves her vulnerable to attack. Also the range to which she can move while dematerialized is limited.
Magical Potential: With adequate training this skill can be very potent as the speed at which she dematerializes things will increase as well as being able to dissolve others as well as herself.

Combat skills: She specializes in hand to hand combat and psychological warfare, she also has limited skills in stealth. She wields two daggers with unthinkable speed and is surprisingly strong for her size and build as well as being incredibly nimble. She also carries 8 throwing knives that she is relatively good at using.
Weaknesses: she needs to work on her stealth as it is important to the way she fights. She is also prone to losing control of herself in combat and in extreme cases needs to have a teammate restrain her in order for her to cool down.

Physical Description: 5'6" 120 pounds. 75/62/82
Mizumi generally wears a dusty reddish zip hoodie and usually has the hood up earning her the alias "The Red Wraith" to her enemies. Underneath this she wears a white sleeveless shirt and a black or red necktie and in cold weather wears a bloody red coloured jacket. She generally wears worn black jeans an a belt and a pair of black combat boots. She has white hair from the stress of her father's experiments and leaves it relatively unkept and it usually sweeps to the left side of her face from her perspective. Wears very little in the way of makeup as she lets her piercing red eyes make all the statements she needs. She has three prominent scars on her face from the final experiment. When she cries blood seeps from her left eye rather than normal tears however her right eye is normal. She also has patches of scarring on various parts of her body, which includes areas like her back, left forearm, stomach and legs, and tattooed on the inside of her right arm are the names of the people she has killed. Guild seal is located on the front-right side of Mizumi's neck.

History: Mizumi was born into a middle class family and was the oldest of three children, she had a younger sister and well as a younger brother. Her father was an psychopathic Mage who was driven to be the best Mage he could be. He started to experiment on Mizumi and her siblings to try and find a way to make himself not only the most powerful Mage he could but the most powerful Mage ever. When Mizumi's mother found out about her husbands experiments she committed suicide leaving Mizumi and her siblings at her father's mercy. Mizumi's father experimented on her for 10 years from the time she was 5 to 15. The last experiment her father performed on her and her siblings was to increase their pain tolerance. However something happened during the experiment killing Mizumi's siblings and disfiguring Mizumi's face. The loss of her sister and brother, who were only 12 and 7 respectively, was too much for Mizumi causing her ,to break one of her father's test tubes and using the shards of glass, to stab him to death. Upon doing this her undying anger sent her to murder every member of her father's research team one by one with the knife her mother used to commit suicide. Upon finishing this she did odd jobs around Fiore but was unable to take care of herself and was homeless until joining Storm Shield.

Psychological description: Mizumi is a psychological nightmare. Her father did many experiments involving emotions and emotional response to various stimuli Which nearly burnt out her emotions. As a result she has trouble communicating with people at a personal level and will not talk to anyone unless she thinks that they are someone trustworthy. In order to decide this she will study the person and examine all of their attributes before reaching a conclusion. She will only talk to clients without studying them for an immense amount of time, and only about business. Otherwise she will just nod or stare at you if you try to talk to her. If anyone asks her about her past or family she will start shaking uncontrollably, start screaming or crying and in some cases will even stab her daggers through tables or dematerialize to try and calm herself down. She will tell you about herself if she feels comfortable around you. Her lack of emotion is also apparent as the last time someone saw her smile/grin was upon killing the final member of her father's team earning her the alias "The Grinning Girl." She struggles making friends and as a result is often seen on her own in the guild hall. Mercy is a concept that Mizumi has trouble understanding and has gotten her in trouble many times before.

Guild status: rookie
Reason for joining: Mizumi finished her mission of revenge and was without shelter, friends and family. She needed someplace to work and try to rehabilitate herself as well as shelter. She has limited magical skills and saw that Storm Shield had an opening. She wants to prevent similar things happening to other people as what happened to her and has no mercy for this who experiment on other people.


So begins...

Mizumi Hijōshikina's Story