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Alexander Draak

" I am but just man.. nothing more, nothing less"

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a character in “Storm Warning: Season One”, as played by umbra Alastor


Name: Alexander Draak
Personality: Alexander is a laid back, easy going kind of person, rarely ever getting angry or annoyed. He often ends up being rather self reflecting, wondering how he can be better, rather than do better. However he never thinks twice if someone asks for his help. In high stress enviroments Alexander will often laugh a problem off, keeping a nonchalant facade but sometimes, very rarely he will take on a problem seriously.
Occupation: Mechanic
Alexander Developed the Ability of Chi Manipulation, gaining the ability to empower himself physically in nearly all aspects, strength, speed, reflexs, senses, endurance and durability. This however drains himself of energy so Alexander has grown a extremely large calorie intake and has to periodically meditate to get the flow of his Chi correct. Combined with his previous Martial art experience this power makes him truely deadly
History/Bio: As any other child Alexander as a youth was more concerned with playing and enjoying himself, even when being scolded by his parents he often chuckled moments later and carried on as if nothing happened. Decieding to try and instill some discpline into him Alexanders parents enrolled him into Martial art lessons. This did eventually instill some form a discipline into him, but he never lost the light hearted attitude.

As a teen, his attention turned towards Cars, like most lads, except he wanted to be under them, knowing how they tick and getting his hands oily. Taking a part time job early when he was 15, and only a year into it the storm hit. Crushing his carrer instantly, despite the outage many of the mechanics including Alexander attempted to get the cars back up and running. During one such attempt a chain snapped on an engine hoist, the engine now dangling by one chain, the job had to be aborted. Except Alexander wrapped the broken chain around his wrist and pulled the engine up to place it into position. It was then, just a year after the storm he notice he was stronger.

As he grew older he thought nothing of it, until he began seeing strange things in the mirror, a version of himself, stern looking and wild. During one such flash of this visions he lashed out in surprise and took part of his apartment wall out, with unbelieveable reactions he just managed to dodge the debris. Ever since then he has gone back to his Martial arts roots and trained his body and his power, discovering as he went along

So begins...

Alexander Draak's Story

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Alexander slowly breathed in deeply, bringing his arms in closer to his solar plexus as he done so. As was always his morning ritual know he began the day with meditation and breathing exercises. The sounds of a city coming to life seemed so distant, all he could focus on was his breathing and a familiar sense of stillness. After the storm hit all those years ago, Alexander went back to training again to help protect himself, oddly enough he found on the days he trained in those early stages he felt as if he had more energy, he felt more awake and alive. So he started practising in the mornings, but he found just the meditation alone made himself better by tenfold, so now that was he morning exercise.

Exhaling slowly, he snapped his eyes open and swiftly stood up.A loud beep sounded from the kitchen. Alexander had also noticed his appetite had greatly increased recently, then again he was doing a lot more work. Today he would enough eat porridge to serve at least two people.

Having his had his hearty breakfast, Alexander headed outside to make his way to work, the sound of sirens going past less than a block away.It seemed like the recent days were dragging on, the garage was steady business but it was all standard stuff and they never had any really big work. Still that were thoughts for later, he still had to walk to work first.

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Having made his way into town Alexander's head felt like it ruptured when he heard a scream, enhanced hearing could be a killer at times.Launching himself into a sprint he sped down the street, sharply turning to make his way as swiftly as he could. Soon he spotted a creature in the sky, Sliding to a halt he raised an eye brow and chuckled "Okay now i am just seeing shit."

Soon he heard a voice, that haunting voice that once echoed within in his mind a decade ago. As quickly as the voice came it faded away back into oblivion again. Turning another corner he simply stared at the beast " Could of at least told how to stop it..Useless disembodied voice" Watching a fire ball hit the creature he blinked and looked down noticing everyone else now though he got an idea

Walking across he firmly placed both his hands on a street sign. Inhaling deeply he suddenly pulled upwards with all his might, Slowly the concrete gave and he managed to free the sign. Shifting his grip he held the sign with one hand and brought it level with his ear. Pulling back he launched the metal pole like a javelin towards the creature, it struck the creature. But seemed to do little.

Seeing tendrils now approach him, he rolled to the side and began scrambling to keep his footing as he managed to dodge the tendrils and somehow keep himself in a favourable position as he wondered what to do next.

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A blimp was hovering over the city as the creature attacked. Contraband's voice emitted from the blimp's loudspeaker, loudly relaying a message for everyone in the city, "Attention one, attention all! A horrific creature is attacking the city and panic is running through the streets. Schools are closed, work is put on hold, and what I can only assume is general looting and chaos is running rampant in the streets," Raphael informed the populace. "Some old diseased man is stealing your iphone and throwing up on your car right now! and yes, I'm talking to you!" Contraband spat at no one in particular.

"If a band of heroes can come and save the day....well, they might just need some armaments to help 'em do the job. Just come by Contraband's, located at 32nd and Shatner street!" the salesman pitched. "We got ammo, we got blades...and maybe even a sock-it launcher or two! What's that? Ya got your own weapons. They're worthless. Garbage. Get rid of 'em. Stop having boring weapons, stop having a boring life," Contraband reprimanded the fools in his domain. And hey, if our heroes fail and this is indeed the end times...we got food AND water! Most shops aren't prepared for ANY emergency...but Contraband's is."