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renta katsugara+codex

"matrix identified.. activate protonic jumpstart"

0 · 287 views · located in The Eye of the Storm

a character in “Storm Warning: Season One”, as played by marksmanoftruth


Name:renta katsugara
nickname: "the program"
gender: male
unarmored form

armored form:
humanoid form

spider form:
Personality: renta is a calm guy who is very competitive especially in video games, however you screw with his family and friends and he becomes hot headed and volatile. in combat he is emotionless and fierce.
Occupation: professional league of legends player
tempest slasher: a enhanced longsword powered by a machine with technology that would not be available until 200 years later so the storm does not turn it off, instead it cuts it power supply. this effect varies based on weather conditions and actual location. there is also a meter iin his sword blade that measures the remaining energy left in it. it takes either 1 hour to 7 hours to recharge fully. renta can use his lesser abilities when the gauge is half full- about half of the actual time elapsed.
temepirl (teme-prel) revolvers. a pair of revolvers that utilizes the surrounding environment and converts it into ammo, so the specific’s of these rounds varies. this weapon has a display which resembles a holo-display but requires no actual light. this display shows the amount of bullets left in the clip, which caps at 10 it takes about 5 minutes to completely fill his clip. all abilities involving this weapon require a full clip, even if it does not require all the rounds.

temporal rift locker (sword): with a cut of his tempest slasher, renta creates of a rift from which high-pressured blasts of “null” energy which explode on impact
History/Bio: renta suffered alot when the storm hit. his video games were the only thing that made him feel like his life was worth something. he had several thoughts of suicide before he heard it.. the voice. renta saw this as an opportunity to play his video games again, but later he realised that he was IN his own video game! this occurred to him when he saw characters from his video games roaming the streets, no they weren't cosplayers. one of them stood out, a black figure with a red eye. it seemed particularly interested in renta. eventually he mustered enough courage to talk to the character and found out the character, who’s name was codex, was the early manifestation of the power he had been gifted and that she was observing renta in order to better serve him. the two became close partners as quick as wild fire and started their journey.

name: codex
gender: female
default form:

custom form (made specifically for renta.):

personality: calm and emotionless, there is nothing more to codex that that.. however don't screw with renta they never found the body of the last assailant.
protonic jumpstart(to be revealed later): codex restarts the core matrix, the building blocks of life, of a machine, allowing full use of it for 12 hours. she may use this ability twice in succession before suffering from fatigue. it takes 5 hours to recover at this point.
history/bio: coming soon

So begins...

renta katsugara+codex's Story

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A blimp was hovering over the city as the creature attacked. Contraband's voice emitted from the blimp's loudspeaker, loudly relaying a message for everyone in the city, "Attention one, attention all! A horrific creature is attacking the city and panic is running through the streets. Schools are closed, work is put on hold, and what I can only assume is general looting and chaos is running rampant in the streets," Raphael informed the populace. "Some old diseased man is stealing your iphone and throwing up on your car right now! and yes, I'm talking to you!" Contraband spat at no one in particular.

"If a band of heroes can come and save the day....well, they might just need some armaments to help 'em do the job. Just come by Contraband's, located at 32nd and Shatner street!" the salesman pitched. "We got ammo, we got blades...and maybe even a sock-it launcher or two! What's that? Ya got your own weapons. They're worthless. Garbage. Get rid of 'em. Stop having boring weapons, stop having a boring life," Contraband reprimanded the fools in his domain. And hey, if our heroes fail and this is indeed the end times...we got food AND water! Most shops aren't prepared for ANY emergency...but Contraband's is."