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Shito Arashi

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a character in “Storm Warning: Season One”, as played by laxnchill20


Name: Shito Arashi
Appearance: Shito appears to have an average build and height, standing 6 foot tall, and weighing 185 lbs, however underneath his baggy clothes his body is solid muscle, the result of years of working out. He typically wears a full length red coat with golden buttons over a simple white dress shirt and black pants. However on occasion he dons casual wear, opting for jeans and a simple red t shirt. His most striking feature however is his long green hair, it flows down past his waist, and he keeps it tied in a simple ponytail.
Weapons/Powers: Chlorokinesis - The ability to create, manipulate and shape plant life. This has many possible applications, but some of the more common ways he uses them are listed below.
Matter Surfing: He can literally surf on plant matter, moving quickly along it. He has mastered this to the point where he almost never walks anywhere, instead he uses the grass under his feet, surfing across it moving at a leisurely pace most of the time, but when needed he can move at incredibly speeds.
Camouflage: Although not as useful in an urban environment like a city, but he can change his skin, covering it in leaves, thorns and even tree bark, to blend into the surroundings. Again in an urban environment this doesn't seem to practical, but he has adapted his use of this power into another one.
Tree Armor: The adapted form of Camouflage, he coats his body in thick tree bark and thorns, significantly increasing his ability to absorb blows.
Plant Creation: He can actually create plant matter, of course this takes a lot of energy, and there needs to be suitable soil nearby for the plants to grow from, and more often then not he tends to manipulate and shape existing plants as this is much less taxing.
Pollen/Spore Manipulation: He can create and manipulate pollen and spores allowing all kinds of interesting techniques. He can use spores to poison or paralyze enemies. Furthermore the pollen can have a healing effect on allies.

He is incredibly vulnerable to fire and burns, his skin burns more easily than than an average persons, and like any other plant, plants he manipulates are as frail as any other.
Although he can grow plants out to release spores near his enemies or allies, the spores like any other can be affected by wind, so if he places them poorly he could end up poisoning his allies or healing his enemies.
His Tree Armor although thick like tree bark can be broken through and does not make him invulnerable to injury.


So begins...

Shito Arashi's Story

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A blimp was hovering over the city as the creature attacked. Contraband's voice emitted from the blimp's loudspeaker, loudly relaying a message for everyone in the city, "Attention one, attention all! A horrific creature is attacking the city and panic is running through the streets. Schools are closed, work is put on hold, and what I can only assume is general looting and chaos is running rampant in the streets," Raphael informed the populace. "Some old diseased man is stealing your iphone and throwing up on your car right now! and yes, I'm talking to you!" Contraband spat at no one in particular.

"If a band of heroes can come and save the day....well, they might just need some armaments to help 'em do the job. Just come by Contraband's, located at 32nd and Shatner street!" the salesman pitched. "We got ammo, we got blades...and maybe even a sock-it launcher or two! What's that? Ya got your own weapons. They're worthless. Garbage. Get rid of 'em. Stop having boring weapons, stop having a boring life," Contraband reprimanded the fools in his domain. And hey, if our heroes fail and this is indeed the end times...we got food AND water! Most shops aren't prepared for ANY emergency...but Contraband's is."