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The main character of the story

0 · 301 views · located in Season One

a character in “Story: Genesis”, as played by Kaerralind


Full Name: Genesis Rahmani

Nicknames: Gen

Meaning of Name: Beginning; Birth

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: Fairly Tan

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 136.8 lbs

D.O.B: January 26

Place of Birth: Unknown

Currently Living In: Winterstone

Personality: Cocky; Serious; Impersonal

Family: Mother (Deceased); Father (Deceased); Uncle (Currently Living With; Owen)

Friends/Allies: Jackson Redfern; Olivia Innes

Enemies: Lots of people

One Good Quality: Intelligent

One Bad Quality: Rude

Hobbies: Ice Hockey; Inline Hockey

Interests/Likes: Food; Music; Hockey

Dislikes: Large crowds; Rude/Loud/Lazy/Nosy People; Dogs

Abilities/Special Powers: Currently Unknown

Back story: Genesis had a normal childhood until he was about six years old. That's when he found himself in a mysterious murder case when his parents were murdered in their own house while he was at school one day. His uncle, Owen, took him in and after all the court cases, new interviews, and failures to find who killed his parents, moved to another city. They lived in the new city for a couple years without anything strange happening, or so Genesis thought, before they moved to Winterstone when he was about thirteen. With a brand new school, city, and places, he found it hard to make friends. He found solace in the sport of hockey after a while, and turned most of his attention to the game instead of actually making friends. Until about sophomore to junior year he stayed by himself until he met Jackson and Olivia, who slowly became his two best friends.

So begins...

Genesis's Story