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Edward Elric

"Who you callin' short?!"

0 · 230 views · located in Amestris and beyond

a character in “Story of the Stones: Fullmetal Alchemist”, as played by MissNeonNightmares


Edward Elric stands at five four (just don't point it out) and is rather muscular due to his being in the military and also from being worked in his days of alchemy training, giving him broad shoulders, a decent set of abs, and cut but propottional arms. On his form is normally his everyday attire which consists of a thick red coat, a black jacket with white trim, black tanktop, black leather pants, brown belt, black and red boots, and of course his State Alchemist pocket watch. In result of a tragic accident, his right arm and left leg are made up of automail.

His face is a bit more rounded, his chin appearing sharper due to his young age. This being said, his gold eyes are indeed a bit larger and of a rounder shape. He has blonde hair which is normally pulled back into a ponytail, except for when he sleeps and he keeps it down. His bangs are parted on either sides of his head, showing his small widow's peek and going about where they please, leaving a section for his cow lick which is always standing from his head.


When first coming across Edward, his personality appears to be very immature. He is stubborn and strong-willed, so much so that King Fuhrer Bradley nicknamed him "Fullmetal". He can be somehwat selfish and is rather self-obsorbed in some ways, and acts out of sheer impulsive, caring about mostly how it will affect him or his ego. He acts very hostile toward authority figures, and generally hates following orders he dislikes, earning him the reputation of a loose cannon. This being said, Edward is also ill-temepered and quite a sarcastic cynic.

However, to those whom he loves or have impacted him greatly, he often acts kindly, is extremely loyal, acts out of selflessness, and is greatly compassionate. Having suffered so much as a child, Edward is quick to feel sympathy whenever he senses pain or struggle from someone else. Although the solemn advice he gives is often tempered and highly-critical, he does because he really wishes the person will see their own errs and move forward.

Despite all these things, Edward is extremely moral. He could never kill someone if his own life depeneded on it. He may never be able to kill or get blood on his hands, and hesitates every time he comes to terms with one of these situations.

He is also very clumsy and easily flustered.

A certain blonde teenager found his feet carrying him through the familiar streets of the city known as Central.

His golden locks were pulled into his signature, tight braid. His long brick colored trench coat flapped in the wind along with the seperated bangs which angled his face. His white-gloved hands were tucked in the pockets of his coat.

The thud of his black combat boots richotched through the canals of his ears and banged on the ear drums.

The boy known as Edward Elric looked to his side, only to find no one was there. He let out a heaved sigh from his nose as his honey eyes rolled. Once again, he and Alphonse had gotten into another one of their classic arguments. The insults being thrown back and forth. Two rows of teeth grinded themselves together as fresh memories played through his head. Stubborn... He called me STUBBORN! I am not- am I- NO! I am NOT stuborn! No wonder the younger Elric had stormed off...

"Looking for him always gives me a headache..."

His tired amber eyes closed gradually, dark circles bared underneath them. His feet began to ache at the heel, ankle, and all of his uncracked toes.

Right as he was about to take his tenth step, he crashed into a tall figure that had been standing in front of him. The pair of tawny eyes fluttered open to find a stranger staring down at him with hard eyes. "Watch where you're going next time!"

"Right... Sorry..." Edward grumbled, continuing on with his walking.

After a while down, he heard a soft, "Shorty..."

That seemed to be the final straw for the young alchemist. His fists clenched along with his teeth as he spun on his heels glaring to the young man. His face seemed to be animalistic as a roar came from his mouth. "Who you callin' so short he has to dress up like a girl when he wants to go on a date?! HUH?! I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT TO MY FACE! WHO YOU CALLIN' SO SHORT A MINI-SKIRT WOULD LOOK LIKE AN EVENING GOWN ON HIM?! I'LL RIP OFF YOUR LIMBS AND FEED HIM TO YA! RIP OUT YOUR ESOPHAGUS AND STRANGLE YOU WITH IT! DON'T CALL ME SHORT I'M NOT A SHRIMP!!"


-The ability to use alchemy
-His signature spear which he forms with alchemy


Edward grew up in the small town of Resembool, Ametris. Along with him lived his brother, Alphonse Elric, his best friend, Winry Rockbell, and his mother, Trisha Elric. His father, Hohenheim, left them when he was merely two, causing Ed to resent his father greatly.

Upon waiting for Hohenheim's return, Trisha fell gravely ill, leaving her boys as orphans once she passed. Edward refused to believe that the "Ultimate Taboo" was impossible. He and his brother vowed to bring their mother back to life. They went to Izumi Curtis to study alchemy and learn the ways of alchemy.

When they arrived back home, they performed the taboo. This lead to a tragic incident in which Edward lost his leg and Alphonse lost his entire body, Running out of time, Edward used his own blood to bind his brother's soul to a suit of armor, giving up his right arm in return. Alphonse brought Edward, whom was bleeding to death, to the Rockbell household where they cleaned up his wounds. After Roy Mustang visited the home and offered Edward a spot as a state alchemist, Edward got himself some automail limbs after months of excruitating pain due to the surgery. He took up Roy's offer and became a state alchemist, swearing on his life he would return his brother's body back to normal and never look back. As a sign of this promise, the Elrics burnt their house down and thus, the Fullmetal Alchemist was born.

So begins...

Edward Elric's Story