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Lilian Ainsleigh

The Sleeping Beauty

0 · 291 views · located in Essex, Connecticut

a character in “Storybook: A Grimm World”, as played by TheLadyAuthor



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Image They say if you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true. Image

Image .BASICS. Image Image Image

.moniker(s). // Lils, Lily, Briar Rose

.gender. // Female

.age. // Twenty five

.sexual orientation. // Demisexual, Hetero-romantic

.origin. // The Enchanted Kingdoms

.relationship status. // Single

.occupation. // Owner of the Rose and Thorn Bookstore

.fantasy realm. // Princess Aurora the Sleeping Beauty

.role. // Hero

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Image The Gift of Beauty Image

.eyes. // Blue

.hair. // Golden, shoulder length

.height. // 5'2"

.weight. // 120lbs

.physique. // Petite, slender

.skin. // Milky white

.description. // Lily is petite, with a slender build. She has a delicate, soft appearance and fine features. Her hair falls to her shoulders in golden waves, with bangs that frame large blue eyes. Her face is expressive and display her emotions quite vividly. Smiles come easily to her and they are wide, full of sunshine. She is somewhat toned, as she does a lot of running to stay fit. In terms of dress, she prefers keeping things casual but if necessary she can doll herself up quite nicely.

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Image The Gift of Song Image

.demeanor. // Lily is an extroverted, happy person. She typically always has a bright smile on her face and very quick to laughter.

.fears. // She has trypanophobia. Badly. Failure.

.dislikes. // She dislikes mushrooms, condescending attitudes, being alone,

.likes. // Books, learning, sweets, music, being outdoors, dancing, gardening.

.skills. // Piano, guitar

.flaws. // Detail fixation, tends to overwork herself, naïve, always has to be doing something

.merits. // She tries to see good in people, forgiving, eager to help others

.strengths. // Works hard, intense work ethic, empathetic

.intelligence. // Lily loves to learn, takes pride in her knowledge as she had to work for it.

.personality. // Lily's dominant trait is the joy she has for living. She loves doing things, participating in the world around her. It's hard for her to just relax and do nothing, mostly because she doesn't want to. Her work ethic was born out of a desire to not just be the 'pretty one'. She through herself hard into schooling and has pushed herself to learning as much as possible. Because of how hard she works, she's been able to open her own business. Lily is very empathetic and has a strong desire to help others.

.pet(s). // She has an Irish Wolfhound. His full name is Regulus, but she typically calls him, Reggie.

.curse. // Before the sun sets on the Princess' birthday she would prick her finger upon the spindle of a spinning wheel and die. This was the original curse cast by Maleficent. However, the intervening of one of the Good Fairies allowed for one addendum. Instead of death, Princess Aurora would fall into a deep sleep. From this sleep, only the kiss of her true love would break the curse and awaken her. However, it must be a love that they both must feel.

Image Hail to the Princess Aurora! Image

Enchanted Realm

Once upon a time, there was a Kingdom within the Enchanted Realm that remained childless for many years. Until finally the day came when the Queen bore a child, there was great celebration throughout the land. The entire Kingdom rejoiced for the birth of Princess Aurora. Invitations were sent out far and wide, come one and all to pay honor to the future Queen of the land. Her christening day arrived and the people came in droves. They showered the princess with gifts both big and small. Even those of the Fey folk were invited to this celebration. Three Good Fairies came, each bearing a precious gift to bestow upon the baby. But this joyous occasion was not to last. For the King and Queen, in their pride and in their zeal to protect their only child from potential harm... Only brought it down upon her. They decided to not invite the powerful Dark Fairy known as Maleficent.

This did not deter Maleficent, who came uninvited into the palace's halls. So offended was she by this slight against her personage, that the Dark Fairy gave her own gift to the child. This gifted curse fated the young princess that upon her eighteenth birthday, she would prick a finger upon the spindle of a spinning wheel... And die. With a flash of smoke and green fire, Maleficent vanished.

Despair fell upon the King and Queen, for the doom they had wrought upon their only child. They pleaded to the Good Fairies that something might be done. Now as it so happens, two of the fairies had already given their gifts. The Gift of Beauty, to put the color of the sun in her hair and the red rose upon her lips. The Gift of Song, so that when she sang even the nightingale would be put to shame. But the last fairy had been interrupted, so instead she gave the Gift of Hope. The promise that not death would this curse bring, but sleep. A deep sleep from which only true love's kiss could break.

The King and Queen made a plan with the Fairies. All spindles within the Kingdom would be burned. But still to protect their only child, they would allow the fairies to take the princess away and raise her in safety, far from the palace. While this may have broken their hearts, the desire to see their daughter live drove them on.

Away the fairies went, bearing the precious bundle. They settled in a cottage in a forest outside the kingdom's borders and raised the child as their own. They called her Briar Rose. They hide all knowledge of her nobility from her, allowing her to grow up without the pressure of her station. But this happiness was not meant to last. Forces beyond the confines of the realm were plotting, eager to lay grip upon the Kingdom. Word soon spread throughout the land of the death of the King and Queen. The Good Fairies knew that if nothing was done then the kingdom would tear itself apart. With this mind, they told the truth to Briar Rose and revealed her to be the missing Princess Aurora.

At the age of sixteen, Princess Aurora left her place of safety and returned to the palace. Now an emptier, colder place than it once might have been. Especially with the knowledge that she would now never get to know her birth parents. She ascended the throne at this young age, becoming Queen Aurora

For a time the curse was forgotten as she became wrapped up in trying to become a good Queen for her people. But it was not meant to be. On her eighteenth birthday, even though all the spinning wheels had been burned, Princess Aurora still found herself coming upon one in the recesses of the palace. She tried to resist, but the call of the curse was too strong. She collapsed to the ground the moment her finger was pricked. The three Good Fairies came once more, aggrieved for the young woman they’d raised. To protect her, as she lay completely defenseless, they spirited her away from the palace.

They brought her to the cottage where they’d raised her and cast powerful protection spells over it. These protections caused the forest to become overridden with vicious thorns that wound tightly over the cottage in all directions. Should anyone with ill intent try to come near to the Princess, these thorns would drive them away.

Time began to pass, but the Princess never aged a day as one year became five, became ten… Now and then an adventurer would attempt to pass, but the thorns did their job well.

With their Queen vanishing, the Kingdom fell to ruin and as forces came to take advantage of the chaos. In time people began to forget the story of the Sleeping Beauty guarded by the forest of thorns. She remained there though, trapped in the prison of sleep even as the curse eventually washed over the realm.

Real World

She believes that she was born to a loving mother and father, but she doesn’t actually remember them. From what she was ‘told’ they died in a mysterious accident when she was just a child. For a time she was placed in an orphanage, but was adopted by three kindly older women. They taught her many things and provided a safe, warm environment for her to grow up in. Lily threw herself hard into school determined to be successful. She developed a love of reading and decided that she wanted to build a career through this love.

Thus the first Rose and Thorn Bookstore was opened in the big city. She absolutely loved being her own boss and loved being surrounded by knowledge. In the last few months a feeling of restlessness has been growing within her, until finally she couldn’t ignore it anymore. Impulsively, she sold her business and used the proceeds to fund her move to Essex, Connecticut.

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So begins...

Lilian Ainsleigh's Story

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Manon Robillard

The night seemed to grow more profound as the gathered assemblage left the Gala. A strong wind blew in, gathering up leaves and forcing the trees to lurch about. The tolling of a bell through the city heralded the arrival of midnight, and high in the heavens, clouds began to swallow the moonlight in darkness. Outside of the town, in the opposite direction of where Mrs. Pickett arrived, there was a small meadow where the shadows were long and deep. Within this area, a small sickly green light began to cast itself across the blades of grass. This light shone from tiny cracks that seemed to manifest from the very air itself. The cracks grew more prominent, deepening, and the light grew stronger, bathing the entire meadow in that eerie light. Suddenly a force broke through the cracks and shattered a hole through reality.

Through the crack came pale green orb, perfectly round without a single blemish, sat upon a staff of a black hardwood staff. A wave of black mist rolled out as the figure holding the staff stepped through the hole. The figure was tall, wearing long black robes that caught lightly in the wind, while two curved horns arched up from the figure’s head. There was a fluttering of wings, and through the rift came a large black raven narrowly avoiding the rift sealing itself shut. A clicking sound came as the bird landed upon the staff head, the noise coming from its talons meeting the hard orb surface. Maleficent, for indeed that was who this woman was, lifted one hand and gently ran a finger across the feathers of the raven’s head. "My sweet, fly through the town. Bring me news from far and wide. Go now, do not fail me." She crooned, letting a slow smirk curl one corner of her lips. Another flutter of wings and with a shrill ‘caw’ the raven took off into the night sky.

Quiet once more overtook the clearing, and Maleficent stood still, letting her vividly green eyes close. For a moment, nothing happened, but then her very form seemed to ripple bizarrely. The curved horns upon her head evaporated, leaving only her long black hair. Robes turned into a simple but elegant black dress, more fitting of this other realm, and her staff suddenly began to quiver within her hand. It shrank and twisted, bending until the staff became a ring adorning her left index hand.

With her more demonic visage tucked away, it was Manon Robillard who left the meadow and made the trek towards town. Such a strange sight, a beautiful woman in an elegant gown striding out of the woods and walking down the streets of Essex. Occasionally she would stop and gaze into the green gem upon the ring, seeking the faces of those who would need to be gathered this night and where they might be.

Eleanor Reinhart
Snow Whitex|xOutfitx|x#2e79db

Trees. There were trees everywhere. Thick foliage blocked the view of the sky above, save for the few beams of light that were able to breakthrough. Undergrowth was everywhere, and Ellie found it challenging to move through this place. All around, brambles or bush twigs caught on the edges of her dress and wouldn’t allow her to pass. Taking a moment to breathe and look around, she realized that she was all alone out here… There was no one around. For some reason, this incited a level of panic within her.

In that instant, what little light in here seemed to fade away, and the trees began looming over her. It felt like they physically moved in closer to her, branches swaying down towards her with hands of twigs stretching for her. As darkness overcame this place, it appeared as if the very bark of the trees twisted into horrific faces that laughed at her. Terror welled upon within her, and she screamed in fear, turning to run and flee from the nightmare that was coming for her.

No thought was given to the brambles that tore at her dress. Sometimes it would be strips of black cloth ripped from her gown; in other moments, it was gold and blue.

But she kept running, instinct telling her that if she stopped, then she would be devoured by whatever darkness was trying to consume her. Ellie was starting to stumble, though, as it felt like instead of just the branches of the brambles, actual hands were grabbing onto her and dragging her down. She didn’t give up, striving forward as hard as she could and refusing to let the undergrowth overpower her. Up ahead, for just a brief moment, distant figures were passing through the trees. Hope blossomed wildly within her chest, and she fought all the more. “Help! Over here! Please, come help me!” El cried out, but no one came. “PLEASE!”

El was screaming herself hoarse, desperate for anyone to hear her and help. But still, no one came. She sank down into the grasping hands as hope faltered with the acknowledgment of how alone she was. But a surge of energy came flooding through her. Do not give up! Keep fighting!

Digging her feet into the ground, she tore free and ran in the direction she felt freedom was in. As if making a mockery of her, ten-fifteen ahead, she slammed right into an invisible wall. The breath was knocked out of her, and she was bounced back, losing her balance and hitting the ground. Pulling herself onto her knees, El reached out and felt the force in front of her. Not invisible… Glass… It was a glass wall. This realization made chills run through her, and she began banging her fists against it out of desperation. Her breaths were coming faster, and her heart was pounding in her ears. El knew she was panicking but couldn’t seem to stop herself. Some inner voice said that the walls were closing in, that if she didn’t break out, she never would. Bang. Bang. Bang. Again and again, but still, the glass held against her. The pressure was building against her chest; she couldn’t breathe. Oh god, she was being crushed. Ellie opened her mouth to cry out for help, but she couldn’t get any air to get her voice out. No, no, no!

Lilian Ainsleigh
Sleeping Beautyx|xOutfitx|x#fb9bcb

A weary yawn escaped Lily’s mouth as she rubbed the back of her hand against one eye, trying to rub the tired out of it. She’d been driving for quite some time, and it was several hours past midnight by now. It felt like the road kept going on for miles, with trees endlessly passing by. Her car was packed to the brim with boxes and luggage, making looking through her rearview mirror a trial. The back seat was filled up with a large black and gray dog, whose head was resting against the console next to her chair. She could hear his whining, feeling his nose nudging her elbow. “Sorry, boy. We’ll be there soon, I promise.” She stretched a hand back blindly to rub at the dog’s head.

This turned out to be very accurate as after taking a long curve in the road, there was a large sign saying ‘Welcome to Essex,’ and up ahead, she could see the faint twinkling lights of the town. Immediately this brought a huge smile across her face; finally, she’d arrived! A strong urge went through her to drive through town until she saw her shop but decided against it. There would be time for that tomorrow. She had to admit that she was dead tired and needed to rest.

Winding through the streets, Lils used the map on her phone for directions to her new home. It was not far outside the town itself, just off of a lonely winding road tucked amongst a grouping of trees. She’d fallen in love with the cozy cottage the moment she’d seen the large rose bushes that framed the building. There was something about roses that called to the young woman; maybe it was the smell, their various shades, or perhaps just the look of them. She wasn’t quite sure, but certainly, she hadn’t been able to resist their call this time.

She parked the car next to the curb in a small driveway, letting out a soft sigh of relief as she opened the door and finally climbed out. She had to lean against the vehicle as her legs wobbled from having to sit for so long. “You ready, yeah? Let's go!” Lils grinned at her eager dog who’s tail was wagging a mile a minute. She swung the door open and watched him tear away out into the yard. Regulus was a well-trained dog, only a few years old, so he had tons of energy but knew he’d come running back when she called.

Walking up to the front door, Lils quickly unlocked and let herself into the cottage. The entryway led immediately into the living room, filled with her more significant pieces of furniture and boxes that wouldn’t fit in her car. She’d had them delivered ahead of her. She was a little intimated by all the work she’d have to do, especially knowing there would be even more work at the store. At that moment, she felt utterly exhausted; right now, she just needed to get some sleep than worry about the rest later. Lily turned and brought some of her things from her car, mainly some pillows.

“Reggie!” She stood at the doorway and gave a sharp whistle with two fingers, smiling as he came running right over after sniffing about in the foliage. “Good boy!”

She closed the door after he came in, pausing to give him some loving pets before heading towards the couch. There were far fewer boxes piled on it than her bed frame, so for tonight, she’d clear it off and curl up on it. The moment she flopped over onto the couch, she pulled a pillow beneath her head and let herself conk out.