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Belle Monroe

"I'm not crazy...I'm just mentally unstable.

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a character in “Storybook or Storybrooke?”, as played by Blondie104



Name: Belle Jolee Monroe

Age: 21

Role: Belle

Job/Occupation: The Insane One

Appearance: Just above average height, Belle is definitely a stunning, breathtaking young woman. She has a slim body with tempting curves and long, toned legs. Her face is almost heart-shaped with practially piercing hazel-green that look as though they see through you even when it's not you that she's really staring at with dark, thick lashes. She has long, silky hair that is a dark brown color, but appears chocolate-brown in the sunlight. Her hair has natural, soft waves even though she hasn't been able to do much with it in awhile.She has plump, sensual lips that she has a habit of nibbling on and an eyebrow raise that shouts trouble.

Hair color: Darkish-Brown

Eye color: Hazel-green

Skin tone: Soft, creamy olive skin



--Chinese food
--Flowers (Lilies especially)



--Belle can fight. She actually has some mixed martial arts style.
--Archery (she might be good with guns if given one)

--Belle harbors no magic


Because Belle doesn't know who she is, she's a tad bit hysterical and fearful. She's been kept under a lot of medication, so she seems out of it a lot of the times. She's afraid of the doctor, even though he's nice to her. She doesn't trust anyone much, but that was her even before she lost her memories. That feeling is now amplified with her memory loss. She's definitely afraid of Regina and cowers from her at all times, although she did stand up to her once. Once away from the asylum or just with people who bring comfort into her life, Belle is actually a strong, caring and compassionate woman. She has a big heart and is willing to see the good in people. She has a fiery nature and will gladly shoot you down with her words and possibly arrow if you piss her off. She can be stubborn at times and maybe even irrational in an argument. She's also super sarcastic and rolling her eyes is a habit when you're saying something she doesn't feel like hearing. But she has a big heart and once she loves, she loves deeply.

Once in a levelled state of mind, Belle will gladly speak her mind and you'll find that she's a very intelligent young woman. She fights for the people she cares about, but her conscience might make her reconsider if the people she cares about end up going down a path she cannot follow. She's strong-willed, confident and even a tad bit aggressive, though she's really sweet. She knows when to be assertive.



Clothing: Belle is mostly wearing this patient's gown, but she will eventually have regular clothes to wear. But once she does get clothing, Belle will favor darker clothing that fit her curves and leather jackets.




The story of Beauty was not like the fairytales and maybe we should clear that up right now. Belle was naturally the beauty of the town and although she never tried to flaunt it, she knew it and the other girls in her town hated her with a passion. One man wanted her more than anything, but Belle hated him and her father made sure Belle was kept away from him to the best of his abilities. Luckily for her, the supposed "marriage" the man spoke of would not happen. When Belle turned twenty, her father went away to present one of his experiments. When the trip went wrong and he needed help from Rumpulstilkin, he traded his daughter to the man for a new experiment that will get him money. That left Belle extremely bitter and resentful of her father. She loved him deeply and he betrayed her at the drop of a hat; she didn't even listen as he swore he'd get her back one day.

Life with Rumpelstilkin wasn't horrible, but Belle wasn't pleased. He had a horrible habit of pushing her away and remaining aloof, setting Belle on edge at all times. He was infuriatingly closed-off and even more so, he had a temper. Sadly, for him, Belle did too and they clashed on plenty of occasions. She wasn't one to back down and he wasn't a man of many words when it came to dealing with her, so the arguments usually ended in her saying something that hit him hard and he'd walk away to leave Belle to calm down. Most of the time, she never did and would probably kick a chair over out of outrage. Nevertheless, she started seeing the good in him and because she honestly had nothing else to do, she strived to bring that side out. What she did not expect was to find this amazing, caring man beneath all of that coldness and it melted her heart instantly. Without warning, Belle had fallen in love with him.

Sadly, Rumpulstilkin only kissed her once before realizing that he was falling in love. He never wanted that, so he locked Belle away in the stables instead of her room. She screamed and begged for him to release her every day, but he would only hiss at her in anger for trying to seduce him. In time, Belle grew to resent him though her love for him overpowered that, leaving the usually strong woman in tears every night. Then, when Regina flew into a rage and destroyed all the happiness that everyone knew, she found Belle, wiped her memories, and hid her away.

The only things Belle remembers is a man's voice and her name. She couldn't for the life of her remember the rest of her name and the man's voice - although smooth and comforting with a hint of a baritone in it - didn't help. It left her mind jumbled and she was disoriented when she was brought into the asylum. She found herself when she finally awoke in a dark room and threw a fit, screaming and crying and going crazy. She was soon sedated and was left in another room with a window, where the sunlight streams in. Regina told her to stay down there and Belle once tried to escape through the door, but Regina shoved her away hard. Belle has been living in this solitude in a slight depression, longing more than anything to never have Regina visit her and to see the sunlight once more. She's left with a need to find the man with the voice, though she's not sure whether or not she's in love with him. She just knows that voice means something and will do anything to find it.

So begins...

Belle Monroe's Story