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Melinda Fink

"Heh heh... I'm sure they won't notice that it's gone..."

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a character in “Storybook or Storybrooke?”, as played by arrowinmahknee




FC: Penelope Cruz

Age: 27

Role: Maleficent

Job Occupation (In Storybrooke): Town Thief

Appearance (At least one paragraph description, Picture Optional, Anime or Real):
Melinda (sometimes called Rind, thanks to her name sounding like Melon) has a thin nose and lush lips. Rind has the perfect figure, no blemishes or faults, except for being a tad to skinny from squabbling around all day and having to steal food rather than have some by working for it. No-one will let her have a job because even when she puts it up, her hair is way too messy and is not fit for work. She is about 5'6" and never wears heels. Melinda's dark eyes sometimes send people into trances with their beautiful tones and dark curves, but the second Rind looks away they snap out of it.

Hair Color: Caramel brown with dark chocolate background

Eye Color: Dark chocolate brown with rich swirls of black and grey

Hair Length: Mid-back, never getting in her way but flowing freely behind her, if it isn't tangled. Which it never is.

Skin Tone: A kind of pale tan with very peachy cheeks but if they are very flushed they are normally a perfect rosy red, fitting her complexion perfectly.

Likes: Putting other people into misery. Especially the Town Comatose Victim. Rind was the one to cause her coma, actually. However, no-one knows of her crime. Not yet.

Dislikes: Being caught, Juliet Caldara (She's got too big of an imagination), the Town Comatose Victim

Fears: Agliophobia- Fear of pain.





So begins...

Melinda Fink's Story