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Nova Taiga

"I see through people, I protect people. I was made to be a human soldier. I would have been their greatest experiment. Too bad they couldn't control me."

0 · 314 views · located in The New World

a character in “Straight For The Castle”, as played by Wolfheart


Papa Roach|Leader Of The Broken HeartsFlorence + The Machine||Breath of Life

☽Birth Name☾
Novella Tiaga(Ty-Gah) Ciroc (Sir-Roc)

Nova ⋘Always⋙
Queen ⋘Often⋙
Ella⋘Rarely, close friends⋙
27-328-1706A ⋘Never, Subject Number⋙

☽Date of Birth/Age☾
December 31st

☽Astrological Sign☾
Capricorn ♑

Quite Suburbia,New World


Leader of the Demented
Heightened Senses
Expert in Martial Arts (Human Soldier)


Her hair use to be long, jet black and completely straight. After years of testing. Her hair has turned a silver blond and since she no longer has someone cutting it all off it touches just short of her but.

Her eyes are a beautiful light amber color. They do however turn a light cloudy blue(as if she is blind) when she feels threatened or is fighting.

Alabaster would be the best way to describe her skin tone, she'd very pale. She stands at five foot four inches and weighs one hundred and tend pounds. She's a small girl, but don't mistake her size for weakness or you'll be sorry.

She has too many too count, from all of the testing. She has several needle scars on the insides of her elbow and one across her neck those are the most noticeable.

She has her belly button, ear lobes, left nose, and right eyebrow pierced.

She has two very distinct tattoos. Along the side of her right ribs which was the number they marked his with in The Castle lab. Her second tattoo is on the back of her neck,the word Demented, to mark her anarchy towards Castle.


✹She always seems focused✹
✹Acts like a mother figure to everyone✹

۵ Helping People
۵ Leading
۵ Smoking
۵ Adrenaline
۵ Late Nights
۵ Riots
۵ Freedom
۵ Rebelling
۵ Fire
۵ Hard Liquor
۵ The Demented
۵ Being looked up to
۵ Fighting for what's right

° The Castle
° Authority
° Rules
° Injustice
° Feeling like a failure
° Showing Emotion
° The Idea of love
° The New World
° Judgmental People
° Feeling Weak/Vulnerable

Nova is one of the longest known surviving experiments. They started testing a new virus on her called VAC9 is was meant to make super human soldiers that could fight and feel no pain. They had heightened senses so they knew if someone was sneaking up on them or they could feel things before they touched them. Her body took well to the virus, others died. It wasn't until the night she escaped they realized how much of a mistake making a super human soldier was. Not to mention Nova had found out that everyone has abilities, it just takes patients to bring them out, to find them which is what she's good at.

Surfacing other peoples powers tends to drain her pretty intensely. She pulls your abilities from within a that takes hours sometimes days. Which can also mean she's in a sleep like state for hours or even days after leaving her super vulnerable. The Demented are like her family and she will give up her own life to protect them.



☽Personality Traits☾

☢Leader☢Strong☢Observant☢Level Headed☢Reckless☢Adrenaline Junkie☢

It’s a wonder that Nova still has any human emotion left. Despite her horribly, unfortunate past she’s still very compassionate. She tries to see the good in everything, no matter how evil a person is, she believes evil can be won it just takes patients. Ella is wise beyond her young years and sometimes you wonder if she’s lived another life.

She’s a natural born leader, leading without fear and knowing how to say exactly what you need to keep your faith in the world strong. She’s rather headstrong and will fight for what she believes in, giving up is something she doesn't believe in. She’s died twice in her life and each time by some miracle she was brought back, stronger, and with more fire to keep on living.

She is passionate about everything she does in life, The Demented are her everything. She put her entire soul into the rebellion. She’d die for anyone she considered family and she’d give you the shirt of her own back if it meant you succeeded and she did not.

She has little to know fear. She’s lost everything, so when there is nothing left to loose what is there to fear. She’s quite an incredible person to sit and talk to, she’ll listen to you for days if that’s what you need from her. She’s incredible at reading people and knowing exactly what they need, or reading people and knowing what move their going to make next.

However, don’t take her kindness for granted. She’s tough as hell and she won’t put up with anyone’s shit. She’ll put you in your place and she’ll shut your mouth because she’s quite terrifying when pissed off. She is very observant and can catch onto things other don’t, so if she even thinks for a second your lying to her you’ll be sorry you tried to lie to her.

So begins...

Nova Taiga's Story