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Raiden Donaghue

morals are a luxury of the rich

0 · 579 views · located in The New World

a character in “Straight For The Castle”, as played by ShudderFox-



Raiden Donaghue











6' 2''






Many, many tattoos,
nose piercing,
ears are pierced


At first glance, Raiden Donaghue would definitely strike anyone as a criminal. He was (and is) a delinquent, and there’s no shame in his game. Don’t get me wrong, he’s been on both sides of the law and knows that his current endeavors are of the illegal persuasion. But Raiden’s motivations go deeper than mere petty theft. Regardless of whether he’s working for a lawless organization or a government-funded one, he get’s to do what he wants to do -- hack and blow shit up. When you combine that universal and in-demand talent with his personality, you get a person who, in reality, may be one of the worst kinds of criminals. The ones who don’t really need a positive consequence or reward to do what they do. They turn your world upside down just because they can.

And believe me, when Raiden get’s done breaking through your system, you may as well shut down your whole operation. Years of laser focus and determination (and let’s call a spade a spade, poverty and hunger will make you do anything) have allowed him to perfect his craft, from theft to destruction to hacking. Is he the best? That’s debatable. But he throws himself into his work as if he were the best, and that’s what makes the difference. Raiden has always been set on accomplishing the task at hand. He won’t hesitate to pass up food or hanging out to get something done. Part of it is being a goal-oriented person. There’s always something to get done, whether it’s because he’s been told to do it, or because he simply wants to. But his preoccupation with criminal endeavours and, in a larger sense, getting done what needs to be done for his family, stems from the fact that Raiden loves challenges. Especially now that his situation isn’t as dire as it was when his family first fled to safety. He prides himself on solving those impossible things that others can’t as fast and as well as possible. He likes knowing that whatever security you think you have, he’s got something to bring it down. Literally.

You can be sure that Raiden will put one-hundred-percent of his effort into solving a situation, even if it means causing detriment to others. Raiden’s moral compass is often skewed and his level of empathy isn’t always optimum. The way he see’s it, there’s no reason to have any hard and fast moral codes that you abide by when you do the kinds of things that he does. This makes him relatively indifferent and apathetic about many situations, especially those he regards as work. He doesn’t think about the laws he’s breaking, the people getting hurt, or even the potential consequences. At the same time, he doesn’t form many strong emotional attachments to people or things. Raiden can easily let go of anyone, even people he does care about, if it means he’ll succeed at the challenge at hand. He’ll have to clean up that mess at some point, but while he’s working, repercussions like someone’s feelings or a lost relationship don’t really matter.

And as much as he’d like to think he’s an emotionless rock, impervious to the struggles and tribulations of others, he’ll go to war for his inner circle, his family. It’s just easier to pretend those bonds don’t exist when you’re neck deep in the type of shit Raiden has to go through. He’s got a rough way of speaking to people. Sarcastic, blunt when he needs to be, the type of person to tell you get the fuck up when you whine. In fact, the only people to get witness his sympathy are Nova and Kaci, his family, and to a certain degree, Cleo. Raiden’s just use to having to be the tough one is all. He’s known to be hostile around strangers and doesn’t hand out his trust easily. He gets frustrated when others fuck up. Can’t stand laziness.

But if he loves you, he loves you. And I guess that’s all there is to say about that.



The ability to see through solid objects. Sometimes called x-ray vision. Basically, his eyes emit a frequency that allows him to see through objects and within them (thanks wikia). The more obvious uses include seeing inside buildings/rooms, inside of locked containers, etc, but he can also see directly inside the human body. Raiden can detect physical weaknesses such as cancer, internal damage, or a blocked artery as well as trace the nerves and various functions. Looking through multiple surfaces results in a distorted and disorientating image, and there are people out there who have come up with a few materials that can't be seen through as a preemptive strike against someone like Raiden.


Mechanics. Being able to see exactly what's wrong and a few years worth of trail and error have made him something of a handyman.
Explosives. Given that you hardly meet anyone on the run with either skill, he had to pick it up for himself. And that's not to say he's an expert. But he has the balls to set anything on fire, and some basic knowledge on what chemicals mix well with what.
Technology. As far as tech goes, you don't spend your life looking inside of computers and machines without getting a feel for what goes where and how something should run. And if you can put it together, you may as well learn how it works.
Weapons. it's not that he can't fight, but Nova's got that shit covered, so someone's got to know how to pull the trigger.
Drawing. more like mapping, he can draw out the environment around him.


Adaptable. Raiden probably has one of the least offense-applicable weapons, so he had to learn other skills to get him through life. Plus, he's not afraid of change and can think on his feet.
Loyal. If he's with you, he's with you.

Nova and Kaci. He'll cut anyone down if that's what it takes to protect his people.
Clutter. He tends to leave a mess wherever he goes.
Obsessive. It tends to affect his personal life more than his work life, but he likes for things to be in their place, or move things to a place he feels is better suited. So if you wake up and notice your coffee table magically shifted to the left, Raiden probably did it.
Headaches. As anyone who's stared at a computer screen for too long or tried too hard to read tiny print can tell you, straining your eyes sucks. Of course, with his powers, the headaches are a lot worse. It doesn't dampen his ability, but makes it harder for him to actually use it, as well as generally ruining your day.
Pain killers. He's gotten it under control as a result of going through the wonderful roller coaster ride we all know as withdrawal, but under the right pressure he could easily be swayed back into the habit that defined his late teens. As a result of not taking them, he has to deal with the painful headaches and sore eyes that come with his power.
Spending. Not that there's a ton of currency circulating, but there's a reason he's not in charge of any kind of funding, treasury, money-related things.

cold weather
the Demented
getting things done
playing cards / gambling

whiny people
the Castle
pulling rank
violence against kids
losing things
uptight people



Slipknot -- the negative one
A Perfect Circle -- the package

So begins...

Raiden Donaghue's Story