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Stranded In A Deserted Island » Places

Places in Stranded In A Deserted Island

This is a list of locations that can be found in Stranded In A Deserted Island.

All Places

Wildebay Beach

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         As everyone gets back Alex takes off his red dc shirt and heads for wildebay beach. As he walks the goggles hit against his chest. When Alex reaches Wildebay Beach the first thing he notices is the sunset. After looking at it for a while he put's his diveing mask on and race's into the water.

The first thing he notices about the water is it is not as cold as he thought it would be. Acctually it is pretty warm. Alex continues swimming for about an hour before laying back down on the cool sands of the beach

Where the survivors are washed upon.

Cruise Ship

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         Kena made her way towards the pond area. If they were there she would be lucky. The island was large after all. The strangers would get lost eventually and she could be there guide. When Kena heard the strangers talking close by she ran quickly to see them. "Hai!" She smiled and giggled running up to them.

Cruise Ship Owner: ____

This is where it all started before you all get washed up into the island. This was once another ship sailing the sea, but now it is stuck in place in front of the island, partly sunk and inoperable.

Mirror Pond

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         Natalia nods and looks at Bella. "Alrighy girl, lead the way" she commands her along with a hand signal, and Bella begins walking away from the camp site. Natalia follows and looks back to make sure Eru is behind her. I know he said he can walk, but im still not convinced. she thinks to herself as they walk. Having broken her ankle herself by a chunk of wood that fell on it back when her house was destryoed, she knows how uncomfortable it is to have to walk like that. She maintains a slow pace, so that Bella does so as well. This way Eru doesn't have to worry about keeping up with them.

A small water deposit Named by alexkirby12 before it go to the river and to the sea.

A Little Piece Of Hope

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         "Hmm, well we can just pick a direction and let Bella do the rest" Natalia says as she continues forward, het eyes fixed on the road. She looks back at him once again in reaction to his first statement, a concerned expression on her face. "But if your ankle is bothering you too much, I can go find it on my own and find something for your wounds also" she says yo the both of them.

Meanwhile, Bella leads them on until they finally make it to where the smoke is comming from and Natalia can see Alex and Sei up ahead. "We made it" she says quietly but happily. Bella runs ahead until she reaches them.

A river named by Rage&Pride.

Elk Forest

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         When Alex starts to feel better he stands up and breaks away from the group. Its an island how can he possably get lost. He soon finds comes across a pond, he decides to name the pond "Mirror Pond." The pond is so secluded that you can't see it from behind the treeline. The water is reflective and pure. Alex is about 99% sure that it is fresh water. Alex decides this will be is camp fornow and he takes off his shirt and leaves it for a marker and he heads off to continue to search the island.

The forest. It has many uneven grounds, tall trees and many different species.

Unknown Island

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Day 3
Time of the Day: Night
Season: Summer
It is night yet again, the heat dies down, the surrounding gets colder. Wolves howl can be heard deep in the forest, but they won't probably approach the camp. Insects flies around, carrying diseases.

(be careful of insect bites muhahahaha)

The Island.

Outermost rim of the Elk Forest

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         Natalia watches with a slight smile as Bella walks up next to Marcel and Dexter and takes a drink from the water. She follows her and kneels down in front of the river, looking down at her reflextion. We might ne stuck on an island, but for now, we're alright. she thinks to herself as she sticks her hand in the cold water and brings it up to her face. It feels amazing. "Well!" She says as she turns to face the reat of the group. "If we can get a fire going, Bella and I can make you guys a good dinner" she says, smiling at the fish. "Assuming you all don't mind fish that is" she adds.

The outermost edge of the forest.

Carib Tribe

A tribe found deep in the forest