Reiji "Rei" Ashton

he's the younger brother of Guy and Jocelyn

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a character in “Strange Days”, as played by Ryu no Senshi


Reiji has nice long black hair that he ties up into a ponytail. he stands at 5ft 9 inches and he usually dresses in a sort of casual attire that consists of a nice colored dress shirt some form fitting jeans and a belt that wraps around his waist. he wears glasses to read and just for style as well.

Likes: Nature a good book some wine and a nice breeze the Stray Cat and Skipping out of work or school to go look at the stars

Dislikes: Arrogance Loud annoying Noises people who mess with his sister and brother


Reiji is a nice person to the people he cares about and quiet and shy when it comes to people he doesn't know. he tries to avoid fighting because he wants to be a good influence to his older brother and little sister. how ever if some one messes with his family then he will throw more than his fair share of punches. family means the world to him and for him they are worth more than his weight in gold. he works at the stray cat jazz club because of the atmosphere the good food and the good music.


Reiji is a very laid back boy although very energetic at times. he tries to be mature like his older brother yet still retains some of the innocence that his little sister enjoys . he has an irresponsible streak where he sometimes skips out on work to be alone at the beach or just to look at the stars. although at seventeen he is mature for his age. he tries to take care of his younger sister but most of the time he gets dragged along on whatever scheme or plan she has cooked up in her cute little mind which usually ends up with Guy disciplining them both he dreams of a higher calling something more than than his meager existence in the town in which they live. he believes in something he calls the " worlds magic" which refers to the beauty of the world around him. being around magic and mystery has opened his eyes to the smaller things in life; family, friends, and an afternoon with a coffee some good music and some friends to hang around with. maybe even a special some one who could share those small things with him. he works at the jazz cafe full time and also goes to school just to learn more about the world he has two siblings who he loves more than anything else in the world. they are everything he has and more his brother maybe just a little older than he is and his sister may be younger than him but he is very overprotective of them ( a very bad habit but he doesnt seem to care). to be with them is to be happy. but Reiji is a man longing for the world... longing for something more.

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