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Stranger In A Strange Land

Stranger In A Strange Land


New Rayon. A city divided into two halves. Angels, who fight demons, and Ghosts, who fight half-humans. Neither side has anything to do with the other. However, a new threat is coming- one that appears to endanger both sides...

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Stranger In A Strange Land || Thirty Seconds To Mars

New Rayon. A city torn by two halves. The Angels and the Ghosts. Both defend the city from their own dangers. The Angels fight against demons- dark beings that don't resemble humans in any way, other than the ability to speak and their intelligence. The Ghosts fight against half-humans. Vampires. Werewolves. Creatures that have been possessed by one thing or the other.

The two sides are mortal enemies. Neither side trusts the other, and rumours are spread about each other. They do not interact. Ever.

But one day, a young man is found on Angel territory. He is badly beaten and is on the verge of death. The Angels take him in and attempt to nurse him back to health. He starts to recover. And then they discover a tattoo that marks him as a Ghost.

He has no recollection of what happened to him, other than he thinks that at least one of his attackers may have been a fellow Ghost. He can't remember anything about the forty eight hours before his attack, other than he thinks he may have heard that there was a threat to the Angels. They decide to keep him alive, thinking that the Ghosts may be planning an attack on the Angels.

What is coming is far, far worse.

One group of the Ghosts has split. They believe that the city is rightly theirs. While the Angels and Ghosts don't get along, they accept that New Rayon is equally their territories. However, this new group believes that the Ghosts rightly own the city. They are willing to sink to any depth to get that- including joining with their enemies. The vampires. The demons. The mutilated magicians known as sorcerers. The demons. And they are willing to kill anyone who stands in their way- Ghost or Angel.


  • No GM or PP. The Hunters are still mostly human, just faster and more agile.
  • Violence and romance are both allowed and encouraged, as long as it is kept within the RPG rules. No cybering, even in PMs.
  • Swearing is fine by me. Just don't go overboard.
  • Stick to the type of powers given in the descriptions. If you have an idea for something but aren't sure, ask me. I don't bite.
  • Keep autohitting to a minimum, but I ask that both sides are reasonable. For example, if my character jumps yours, your character probably wouldn't have time to get out of the way.
  • Reservations go in the OOC, please. First come, first served basis.
  • If you want to change a FC, I ask that you have a decent reason to. Not just "I don't like them" or "I prefer these". Perhaps if you have an idea for a character but none of the given FC's seem to suit it.
  • If you want to change the backstory I give you, then just PM me with one you'd prefer and I'll change it if it's suitable. Just make sure that you have the spot already reserved.
  • Make your characters interesting. Allow for interesting relations.
  • To show you've read all of these rules, please say if you'd like me to set up a relations thread when we have enough characters when you are reserving your character



If an outsider was to meet an Angel and a Ghost, they would perhaps prefer the Angel on first impressions. They come across as less intimidating than the Ghosts. They have evolved to heal without scarring, no matter how serious the injury, meaning that they look less like fighters. They fight in groups. No man ever goes out on his own, even if a large group may be putting themselves at risk. They cannot fight individually. They are slower and less agile than Ghosts. Most of them have the power of flight, which gave them their name. They fight with the three main elements of fire, water and air- however, few can control more than one with ease, and even fewer can control all three with ease. Fire and their reinforced weapons are the only things that can fully kill a demon.

Some angels choose to get tattoos. If they do, they are artwork or symbolic images. They make sure never to get anything that could be confused with a Ghost.


Name: || Age: || Angel || FC: Tay Jardine || OPEN

She was the one who found FC: Josh Ramsay. There was something about him, and she took an interest in his recovery. She became a little protective of him, but isn't sure what to make of him.


Name: || Age: || Angel || FC: Dan Flint || OPEN

FC: Tay Jardine's best friend. He was with her when she found the Ghost boy. He's not sure what to make of him, but he trusts him anyway. He saw how bad of a state he was in, and is wondering if his fellow Ghosts done it to him.


Name: || Age: || Angel || FC: Charlavail Effron || OPEN

She's in love with FC: Dan Flint. They've known each other since they were kids, but had a huge row a little while ago. She blames herself for it, and wants him to forgive her. She doesn't particularly care about the Ghost boy.


Name: || Age: || Angel || FC: Phil Lester || OPEN

He doesn't trust the Ghosts after his parents were killed very close to the Ghost boundary. He thinks that they should leave him back to the Ghosts and what happens to him happens.


Name: || Age: || Angel || FC: Emma Blackery || OPEN

She is worried about the Ghost boy. She's heard rumours that some want to get rid of him for good, now that he knows some of the Angel territory. She doesn't think he means any harm.


Name: || Age: || Angel || FC: Alex Gaskarth || OPEN

He thinks that the Ghosts attacked FC: Josh Ramsay, but was told that he deserved it. He thinks that that the Ghost should be sent back to them and let them deal with him. He doesn't want a Ghost's blood on Angel hands.


If a Ghost stood beside you on the train, you would be more inclined to put your hand on your bag. Many of them have scars in various places. If Angels would sit up straight at desks in the assigned chairs in, for instance, a classroom, Ghosts would be more inclined to sit on the desks, slouch on the chairs or stand leaning on the desks. They are more jumpy than Angels, due to the nature of how they fight. Ghosts prefer to fight in groups of two or three, but will fight by themselves if necessary. They are much faster and more agile than the Angels. However, it is hard to gain a Ghost's trust. They can disappear and reappear at a moment's notice, and some can phase through walls and solid objects. However, very, very few can phase one part of their body at a time. Most it's their whole body or nothing. Vampires are killed with holy water or a stake to the heart, so Ghosts have to be quick. Werewolves are easier to kill with silver weapons, but their brutal strength means that it's a good idea for Ghosts to be able to move quickly.

Most Ghosts choose to get some form of tattoo. They go for Roman numerals, Greek letters or similar, not images.


Name: || Age: || Ghost || FC: Josh Ramsay || Reserved- iCat

He discovered the plans to take New Rayon two days before he was dumped on Angel territory. However, he was found out, drugged so that he wouldn't remember anything about it, then beaten for good measure in the hope of killing him. He knows that he knows something, but if frustrates him that he doesn't know what.


Name: || Age: || Ghost || FC: Leda Muir || OPEN

She was the one who warned the traitors of FC: Josh Ramsay's presence. Her father is one of them, but she is unsure as to whether she agrees with the plans or not.


Name: || Age: || Ghost || FC: Gustav Wood || OPEN

FC: Josh Ramsay's best friend. He's trying to find out where he is and what happened to him. He hasn't heard from him in a while, and is worried that his friend is dead. However, he's determined not to back down until he finds out what happened to his friend.


Name: || Age: || Ghost || FC: Jenna McDougall || OPEN

She and FC: Gustav Wood used to date. However, he ended it, when he started to develop feelings for someone else. They remained friends, and now she's helping him look for FC: Josh Ramsay. She still has feelings for him, however.


Name: || Age: || Ghost || FC: Dan Howell || OPEN

He knows about the plans to take New Rayon, but he was forced to agree to play along or else meet a worse fate than FC: Josh Ramsay. He's trying to find out if the other boy's disappearance was linked to it, but nobody will tell him anything.


Name: || Age: || Ghost || FC: Evanna Lynch || OPEN

She is a traitor to those hoping to take New Rayon. She pretends that she is on their side, but in reality, she is trying to gather as much information as she can in the hope of helping to foil them.

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[b]Fears:[/b] (Everyone has fears- as rational or as irrational as you like)

[b]Skills:[/b] (Five or more- list please.)
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[b]Powers:[/b] (Stick to rules as outlined with characters)

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[b]History:[/b] (In or around 3 paragraphs. Doesn't have to be too in depth)


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Re: Stranger In A Strange Land

Name: || Age: || Ghost || FC: Leda Muir || OPEN

May I reserve Leda Muir? And I think a relationship thread might work out, depending on how it's formatted. So yes.


If you do continue with Decode, you could start the role-play, which would bring it up a bit? Not sure. I love the idea though.

Re: Stranger In A Strange Land

I could be interested in FC: Jenna McDougall if you don't mind holding a reserve - it may be a while since I'm busy with school & work the next few days.

Re: Stranger In A Strange Land

Sorry, but I actually don't think I should take on the character. Good Luck!

Re: Stranger In A Strange Land

Sure thing! Is anyone interested in taking on another character, or do they know anyone who would be? We're a bit low on characters. I'm taking on FC: Gustav Wood as well as FC: Josh Ramsay.

We especially need:

FC: Tay Jardine
FC: Dan Flint
FC: Jenna McDougall.

Re: Stranger In A Strange Land

Can I please reserve the angel whose FC is Charlavail Effron?

I believe you should set the thread up as it'll make things easier on everyone.

Re: Stranger In A Strange Land

Hi there!

Can I reserve the Ghost whose FC is Evanna Lynch?

Yes, I think you should set up a relationship thread.

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