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Archlinne L'chimyre

0 · 456 views · located in Willow Creek

a character in “Strangers”, as played by x'anelle


Charcter Name: Archlinne L'chimyre
Gender: Female
Age: 16

dark brown hair
pale skinned
not too skinny just the average
thick lashes that matches her bright blue eyes

Personality: (outer personality) Cheerful, friendly, easy going
(inner personality) quite the opposite

Other Information:

Archlinne (Arc-lyn) L'chimyre (El-kimere)

So begins...

Archlinne L'chimyre's Story


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Before I moved here to Willow Creek, nobody tried to befriend me, guess they were all too scared because of how I look like, dark brown hair, bright blue eyes and very pale skin. I guess even me myself would be scared. My classmates feared me, they say I look like a witch because of my appearance and how I approach people with my creepy aura. I was getting tired of it all, and begged my father if I could stay with my grandmother at Willow Creek, I was ecstatic when he agreed.

It's been three years since I moved here from Ashpeak, I found my very first friend, a guy, he's name is Mikail Kira, he's in my neighborhood but it seems his more comfortable being called Kai, but I can say I'm lucky, I became friends with him two days after I moved here

Oh wait he's here, I wave a hand at his direction then called out



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#, as written by Anino
I wince when I hear my name called out loud. There's only one person that could be.

Scanning the crowded hallway, I spot Archlinne easily. She's the palest one here, and between that and her dark hair, there's no way you could miss her. I, on the other hand, am the exact opposite. I guess you could call me... inconspicuous? I don't stand out much. Which is good. Because I don't like to attract attention to myself. I was never used to it growing up.

Things changed three years ago, when Lyn started hanging out with me. I don't know how it happened. I was pretty used to flying under the radar. Then she got assigned to the seat next to mine, asked to share a textbook, and the next thing I know, she 's chattering away as if we hadn't just met 30 minutes ago. She didn't seem to care that strict Mrs. Fredberg was trying to bore holes into her with her eyes. People stared at me. For the first time. We got thrown in detention on her first day. A bunch of stuff like that happened, and before I knew it, we were friends.

Lyn's impatient voice fills the hallway, "Jeez Kai, hurry up will'ya!", she yells, waving animatedly the whole while.

More people start to take notice of her, and inevitably, me.

Seriously, she knows how I feel about things like this... I sigh to myself and wave back as subtly as possible, before trying to get her to shut it by making the universal Shush sign, index finger in front of mouth. Of course... it doesn't work.

"What do you mean "shut up"? Just get on over here!"

I sigh again. Okay, okay, I'm going, I'm going.

I move quickly through the crowd, attracting even more stares. In my haste, I get careless and bump into someone.

She stumbles back a bit... and falls flat on her butt. Shit!

"Hey, you ok?" I hold my hand out to her. She looks at me with brown almond eyes.


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"I'm fine." I replied. And with a smile, I got up with some serious-looking guy's help.

"Thanks" I said, while patting my skirt, trying get the dirt off. (Phew! Good thing I was wearing shorts!)

"I'm sorry about that. I was being careless" He said, trying to apologize.

"Its okay, it was my fault too. I should have been more careful myself." I replied.

"Kai~!!" A girl shouts from afar. Probably his friend.

The guy waves his hand to the girl while mouthing the words, 'wait a second'.

"I have to go now, her voice is way to loud to stop now." He said this while sighing.

That was when we realized everyone eyes were fixed on us.

Then he went on his way. Quickly, but more carefully. When everyone saw this, they went back to what they were doing.
I looked at where he was untill I couldn't see him anymore.
That guy seemed nice-- well, despite the fact that he made me fall.

I turned around to see where I fell, and I saw bits of food with chocolate and a Procky Sticks wrapper, which reminded me of my chocolate Procky Sticks. I can't wait to eat them on the way home!........................where's my Procky Sticks?

I gasped....................... "MY PROCKY STICKS!!!"

I must've sat on them when I fell! My hand was behind my back while I was holding them. Good thing my hand was okay. But now my snacks are all crushed to pieces! I'm such an idiot, I knew I shouldn't have thrown the box!
What was that guy's name again?...........well anyways, I have to find him. He owes me some Procky Sticks!

I ended up going to the convenience store to buy myself a steamed bun to snack on. That guy is probably on his way home by now anyways......And I take back what I said about him being nice.

When I was outside the convenience store, I saw a box with a note that said
'please care of this little guy, I have no time for him.'

I opened the box--and inside there was a sleeping kitten, which I just woke up unintentionally. I just love cats so much, that I ended up researching about them in the past.


Was my first reaction which I learned from that anime I borrowed from someone. The kitten had gray fur with blue eyes, and looked about 3-4 months old, which means it can take in solid foods already. I gave it some of my steamed bun and watched it eat. When it was asleep, I closed the box. I know I can't take care of it. I know Its way too much for me. But that was probably enough food for it to stay alive longer. And that was enough to make me happy.

With a my mood back to normal again, I headed home.


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I practically dragged Kai to come with me to the DM, it’s a newly opened food chain store that sells burgers. I know Kai would love it, since he's a burger-fanatic. My only problem is whenever Kai's laziness kicks in, there's nothing anyone can do to make him do anything, and it totally annoys the hell out of me. He's such a lazy bone sometimes.

Kai must've bumped into someone again, since I heard him apologize again and again, I kept dragging him though until we were inside the store.

“Geez… You don’t have to drag me all the way through, I have my own pair of feet you know” he complained, I rolled my eyes at him and changed the topic

“So what do you want? My treat” I decided to cheer him up, with my best persuading smile, he sighed

“I’ll do with anything” I scoffed at his statement, even talking tires him out, he walks away from me and tries to find a place for us to sit, eventually he finds one, nearby the window

‘Miss, what would you like to get’ the lady at the counter asked which took me by surprise

“Umm… I’ll have two DChicken Meat”

‘Okay two DChicken Meat, coming right up’ I took my tray and went over where Kai was seated, except he wasn’t there at all. What the heck? Where did that lazy bone head off to?


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I wonder how that kitten is doing, is it still in that box, or not? Was someone kind enough to take him home? All I could do was wonder in my apartment alone. I never knew leaving home for an easy school to pay for was going to be this lonely.... And I already forgot how hard it was to make friends at a new school, since I was at the same school on elementary and middle school with the same friends.

Anyways, what should I do now? I already finished coloring that anime character I made on Photoshop, and the pizza I ordered. I should probably just go and order a DM burger for dinner or something, its not really that far. Yeah, I'll just do that.

After I locked the door, I looked at the view behind me. That's right, I was on the second floor of the apartment building, I forgot about that. I walked to the view, and leaned on the railing. Wow, I've got a beautiful view, too. There's my school, and that convenience store. And not far from here is DM burgeria, but most of people only call it DM. There's a path nearer to it, but the place has lots of trees. Oh well, nearer is better. I never knew how close everything was in a town, compared to a city, its actually pretty convenient. Oh yeah, I better get going.

While I was getting closer to what looked like even more trees, I saw this guy not too far away from me. Looks like he's following someone. I decided to see what he was up to, so I hid behind the trees in the left side of the street. My burger can wait, in the meantime i'll chew on these candies in my pocket.

After a while, I started to see the trees shrinking in numbers, so I switched to the other side of the street, good thing he didn't see me. Then when I was behind him and the trees, I realized there was a girl sitting on a bench with her eyes closed. So that's who he was following.

The girl opened her eyes and said, "Umm… can I do anything for you?”, looking a little uncomfortable.

“Uh. It’s just that, I wanted to apologize properly from bumping into you awhile ago.” the guy replied. This voice.... Then I realized who the guy was. He was the one who bumped me in the school hallway! So this guy bumped into someone again? Sheesh! He's so clumsy. Turns out he wasn't careful enough in the end.

I guess this is enough snooping around. At least I finally know what he was up to. Oh no! DM's almost closing! So I hurriedly retraced my steps in the shadows. Good thing I dropped the candy wrappers a while a go, I would have been lost!
When I finally got back to the main street and closer to DM, I saw a girl carrying a plastic with two burgers inside. Probably DChickens, since that's what the plastic says. I then realized she was approaching me. Wow, what a coincidence. Its the girl who was probably that guy's friend.

The setting changes from Willow Creek to Earth


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I sit beside Kai's bag, wondering what the heck has possessed that guy to leave a girl all alone on a newly opened food chain store, in a deserted place. I look at his bag, at least he left his bag, but what does he expect me to do with it, bring it home with me?? The nerve of that guy. I got his bag and placed it in front of me, I know he told me before to not rummage through his things, but its his own damn fault for leaving me all alone, with just his bag. There were only two zippers so I opened the first one inside was a pocket book, and a notebook, then I opened the next zipper, its smaller than the first one. I looked inside and found a pen, what the? where are his books?? I closed the zipper and settled his bag aside and finished eating my burger, I don't eat his, basically because I don't have a huge appetite, lucky for him.

I fished out my phone from my pocket after I've eaten my share of burger and texted Kai

Where d heck d'ya go, jerk?!!!!!
if he expects me to carry his stuff well his well wrong about that
M tossin ur stuff in d river
That should show him he can't mess around with me, I glance outside the window and see something pass by, it was so fast, that I wasn't able to catch whether its a human or something else, probably a human. I sighed. I was surprised to see a guy standing right in front of me.

"May I sit here?" he is very polite, and what surprised me is, he doesn't seem to be so scared looking at me
"Umm... Sure" and one thing for sure I'm nervous as heck, his eyes bore into mine, as if he can see right through me
"So, why are you all alone here?" he asked his eyes not leaving mine. It would have been a nice feeling if it was Kai doing that, but it wasn't, it was some random guy whom I just met, and he's very young, probably the same age as mine
"I..uhh... my friend.. umm.. I don't know, ditched me?" I wonder if it could be called ditching when he left his bag for my sake
"You're very pretty" I was too busy thinking probably, because when he said that I was caught aback
"Umm... thanks, you too, I mean handsome that is" okay I'm getting stupider by the second, he laughed at my response
"So umm.. can I ask you something, how old are you?" I hope he won't get mad at me for asking,
"What do you think?" his eyes smiled into mine
"Uh... 16?" he looked at me, oh no was he younger than 16, its freaking me out, he got so silent. Then suddenly he smiled
"I'm 18" now I'm the one surprised, abruptly without thinking I said
"You're so young!" he laughed again
"Thanks, I have to go now" he stood up then leaned close to my ears "nice meeting you Archlinne L'chimyre" then he left.

I'm wide eyed who the heck was that guy, I don't ever recall telling him my name, I don't even know his... Probably I'm tired already, that I think I'm seeing things, or probably I did tell him, but I just didn't remember since I was too tired.

I ordered another burger for my grandmother maybe she would like to have some, I won't give her Kai's share, after all it is Kai's share, besides I did promise I'll treat him.
I gathered all of my things, and left the burgeria, at the same time, I saw the girl, the same girl who bumped into Kai this morning at the school, and her hair was a mess. I decided to approach her probably; just probably she knows where he is.
When I was just a meter apart from her I forgot I left Kai's bag inside the store and turned my back around and ran back to the burgeria and took his stuff, he totally owes me, big time. I look at the window again, just to check if the girl was still there and how surprised I was, there on the path, was not just her, but also Kai, and the both of them sprawled on the sidewalk.

I went outside and stood at the end of Kai's feet

"What the heck are you two doing?" I glared down at them, it was awkward, totally awkward. I can see Kai was uncomfortable at the situation he was in. I bent down and settled Kai's bag at the end of his feet and placed one of the burger on top of his bag

"I'm off" then I left, without looking back, I don't know what happened after that, like I care, I'm used to it anyways, always being left behind

The setting changes from Earth to Willow Creek


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#, as written by Anino
Orange. All I see is orange.

It takes a second for me to realize that I'm actually looking at the sky, cast orange by the setting sun. Once that registers, a rush of sensation assaults me: a dull pain at the back of my head, the stinging of my probably scraped palms, a weight on my chest making it slightly harder to breathe...

Wait... a weight on my chest?!

I feel something push up against my chest and I look down. Hands, with feminine, slender fingers. It's that girl, from this morning. Feeling the places where her weight is settled against my body, I know without looking that this is very, very bad. If anyone finds us in this compromising position, I can't really blame them for anything they might think of to explain it.

Her almond eyes are wide with shock. She looks horrified, to say the least. I don't blame her. I probably look the same.

Before we even get a chance to start blushing, I hear approaching footsteps. I feel myself tense up. I can't get up. The girl makes no move to get off me. Either she doesn't hear anything, or she hasn't quite come to her senses yet. So someone just had to pass by this rarely-used street at this exact moment. If you really do exist, thank you, thank you, whoever you are up there.

"What the heck are you two doing?"

My blood runs cold at the familiar voice. She's standing right in front of me, just at the end of my feet, blocking the view of the sidewalk from the path. Lyn.

Her gaze is sharp and accusatory, although I'm not quite sure what she's accusing me of.

Before I get to say anything, she breaks eye contact and bends down to set what looks like my bag and something else on the ground. She turns around, and with her back to me, says "I'm off" in a voice that manages to sound both completely nonchalant and extremely cold at the same time.

"Lyn--" But she walks away without a backward glance. I don't know if she even heard me.

I lean my head back a against the ground, feel the slight warmth of the setting sun, and let out a loud sigh.

I feel a slight shift in the weight above me.

Without opening my eyes, I say, in a voice as casual as I can make it, "You know, you should really get off me now, while nobody else is looking."


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I walked on the sidewalk, the beautiful orange sky, turned black and now it was night, the dark clouds rumbled. I should get back, it’s about to rain soon, I placed my grandmother’s burger inside my bag, in case it may rain soon, then I ran, my house wasn’t so far from school, but the DM burgeria is.
I stared up at the sky, clouds rumbling, I wondered if I cried would the sky also cry? I looked straight ahead of me and stopped on my tracks, there beside the lamp post was the same guy awhile ago at the burgeria. I don’t know what possessed me but I walked towards him

“Uhmm.. Hi” I greeted smiling, he wasn’t looking at me before I greeted him
“Hey” he smiled
“Uh.. What are you doing here?”
“Getting some fresh air”
“So umm.. can I ask you something”
“You’re already doing it, but yeah sure” he finally looked at me, I don’t know if it’s just my imagination or the post light doing the effects, but I saw his eyes sparkling
“Uhmm… Not to be rude or anything, but, have we met before?” I was getting anxious, I don’t know any reason why but I am
“Hmm… Maybe” Maybe?!? What kind of answer is that?
“Anyways you shouldn't stroll around at night when you’re alone, even if this is just a little town”
“It’s okay, besides it’s not like there were any accidents here in the past”
“Maybe none in the past, but what about today, can you be so sure?” What's up with this guy, why does he keep on interrogating me?
“Anyways, how do you know my name” I asked, his eyes grew wide, as if he was surprised I asked him that question, but then he grinned as if nothing happened
“Let’s just say, I’ve known you for a long time”
“What are you, a stalker?” he laughed at my question, I glared at him but he just ignored it instead he replied
“I could be, but I’m not” he leaned towards me, our lips almost touching “You really are very pretty” I scoffed
“Seriously what kind of answer is that?” he grabbed my hand
“C’mon, let’s get you back to your house, it’s getting a little late” My mind seems to be relaxed, I don’t know what he did to me, but when he’s around I just can’t help but relax and be calm.
We walked and walked, I don’t know where he’s taking me, he did say my house, but the path we’re taking was so different than the path that I’m used to, there were much more posts on this road than the others but our path was much more dimmer, I looked behind me, probably the lights were just really dimmed out, but no, the lights were bright, I tried looking ahead, the same, it seems its only in our area which is dim, which seems weird. I look ahead of me and looked at the guy pulling me, his skin was vibrant, shining, that although the light posts were bright, his skin seems brighter but its completely not eye-hurting.
Then I remembered something

“Uh.. Hey, can I ask, what is your name?” he looked behind me, his violet eyes sparkled through the dark night, smiling he said
“It’s Chalenyx Sephtis” I don’t know what happened next after that, all I know is my mind just completely shut-off and my body felt so weak

The setting changes from Willow Creek to Earth


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I wake up from my slumber finding myself in my bedroom, I look at the time, it read 5:30. I looked outside my window the night was still turning to dawn, suddenly fresh memories comes back to my mind about what happened yesterday. Kai was with that girl, then I left him, without letting him explain, then I met that guy again with the sparkling eyes beside the lamp post. It's all too weird... Ughh... What is happening to me? And the next big question is, if that guy from the burgeria, was the one who took me home, how the heck did he find out where I lived?!? What was his name again... Cha... Chaa... a... argghh... I'll just ask him again when I find him.

I stand up from my bed and takes out my towel from my cabinet, and decided to have an early shower. I turned the knob on and cold water sprinkled to my face. Yeah... its cold, ice cold, but this was a good thing, it helps me relax when I'm completely frustrated. I stepped out of the bathroom after I finished my shower, changed into a mini short and over-sized t-shirt, school doesn't start until 07:00, so I decided to play a game on my phone, to pass some time, then I sit on my bed.

I flipped my phone open, and there, it says 1 sms, I clicked open and found Kai's number, I scrolled down and read the message

Recipient: Archlinne L'chimyre
Subject: I'm sorry

Thanks for my bag. And the burger. I owe you one. Tomorrow's my treat.

Then you can ditch me too if you feel like it :)

I sighed, I hang my head backwards making me stare at the ceiling, I'm so stupid, I'm not in the right position to get mad at him just for ditching me or for getting sprawled on the road with another girl. He's my friend not my boyfriend, sheesh, I should really control my hormones. I lied on my bed, but still... agghh.. what the heck am I thinking! Get a grip girl, pull yourself together.
I looked at the time 06:00, still early, but there's no harm if I go out early is there? I don't reply to Kai's text, instead I stood up and changed into my uniform, my house is a one-storey house, but its huge, and also at the back of the house is a garden, beyond that is a bunch of trees, which I call my little forest.

I made a little breakfast enough for me and my grandmother, I ate my portion and left hers in front of her room, my grandmother is sickly so she rarely comes out of her room. Then I headed outside.

The setting changes from Earth to Willow Creek


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When I left the house it was still 6:10, quite early really. So I decided to stroll around for awhile. I've been thinking really hard how should I talk to Kai, should I just forgive him or should I get angry at him and tell on him on why he left me, but seriously I may not be in position to get mad at him since practically he's my friend... but isn't that the same reason why I should be mad at him, because I'm his friend and he suddenly left me- Wait where the heck am I? The unfamiliar scenery made me lose my train of thoughts. Where I'm standing was a place with no more than 20 trees and some had burnt marks on them, I moved forward from where I was standing, more trees came into view but this time it doesn't have much leaves unlike the ones I passed, and these trees also had some burnt marks.

I stopped walking and there in front of me was the most strange place I've ever visited in my sixteen years, there were trees that had bunt marks and not much leaves, and around the area was a small puddle, then at the center there was a bench, just enough for maybe two or three persons, and on there on the bench was a girl, her eyes were closed, but her face was stained of tears, she was facing the other side.

I looked at my watch just to check the time it read 6:45 Oh crypes! It's almost time, yet the heck I don't know where I am.. I turned on my heels and-

Ouch!! I find myself seated on the ground, my head aching really hard because of the sudden interaction.


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I see a figure, going through the forest, this would be fun, I follow her close behind, I wanted to surprise her, give her a shock, but she turned her heels and crashed right through me. If I crouched any lower I could've kissed her, but damn! I didn't see through her actions. Her head bumped into mine, I lean beside the tree, easing out the dizziness I'm feeling, my head's swirling due to the sudden interaction, once I'm able to relax, I look at her, she was seated on the ground, clutching her head, it must've hurt, I leaned on the tree properly, in what you can say as a cool way, and cross my hands against my chest, smiling I said

“Archlinne L’chimyre, it’s great to see you in such early in the morning, up and about, lively and ready to beat people up, on whoever gets in your way” I got a glare from her
“You again” she groaned “why is it I always see you in such weird places at the sudden time”
“Probably we’re meant for each other, and it’s destiny that’s pulling us together”
“Destiny, yeah right” she mumbled, I pushed myself away from the tree and held my right hand towards her
“Here, I’ll help you” I pulled her up, and she’s amazingly light
“What are you doing here anyways?”
"hmm… Let’s say that I saw you come here and I followed you, and didn’t expect you’d suddenly turn around"
“Hah! Like I said you are a stalker, this isn’t destiny, you’re stalking me” she argued, smirking again I said
“Yeah… right, it’s still destiny that I saw you” she scoffed at my excuse “Anyways, weren’t you in a hurry” I asked her sarcastically. She slapped her forehead, I can hear her mumbling to herself stupid, stupid, then she stands properly and looked at me straight in the eyes
“You do know the way out of this forest right?” she asked I guess hoping that I would know the way out, apparently she's in luck that I'm feeling sorry for her since she'll be 20 minutes late if she doesn't get out of this place soon
“There’s a price if you ask for my help” I smirked
“I’ll do whatever it is, just tell me the way out of this place, or else I’m going to be late for school” Damn, she better pay the price of taking my time and help her way out, she should really get conscious to wherever she's going or else, she'll never find her way back the next time she get lost, and without me, helping her
“Alright, I’ll help” I pull her hand and walked fast, I turned right, then left, then right again
"Are you sure we're going the right way?" she asked
"Trust me, you'll know when you get out"
"What's that supposed to mean idiot" I raised my brow, really me and idiot, this girl can't get enough of it can't she? Here I am helping her, and all she tells me is that I'm and idiot?
"It means, even if you sleep you'll be in your school in no time" So I said, another minute I hear her gasping
"Wow, you really do know your way out of the woods" smiling I said
"Now you owe me a favor" I stopped pulling her and stepped aside, so now she's beside me, I, facing her while she faced the school
"Okay" she looked at me "how much" she asked, I smirk, I cover her eyes and leaned close towards her whispering "you should run now, I'll ask for the payment the next time we see each other, which I know won't be long" I take my hands away from her eyes, then she faced the school and ran. I looked at my watch 6:47 it read, then made my way back, when I've made sure she's gotten into her classroom


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I guess I wasn't walking very fast. By the time I got to school, it was already around seven. Most people probably get to school two times faster if they came from the convenience store like me. I recall these things while sitting on my chair in the classroom. Oh well, as long as I wasn't late, I'm sure its fine.

I look at my watch; 7:08 AM. Wow, the teacher's not here yet. Class is going to start in three minutes. Just when I thought about that, the class rep waves at Lyn, and says something. "Hey you! Can you do me a favor and get the teacher for me? I don't wanna get in trouble again. Thanks!" after this, he goes back to laughing with his friends about something. Someone there probably mentioned the teacher.

Lyn rolls her eyes, but she's probably going anyways. I can tell, 'cause she's putting her stuff back in her bag.

I suddenly hear a girl whisper, "Sheesh, I can't believe how lazy the class rep is. Remember last year? He never changes."
" I know right?! Why's he class rep again, anyways? Its just because he's popular, right??", the other whispers back.
"Yup. No doubt about it."
"Anyways, have you heard of that new teen star?"
"Yeah. I think he's hot, don't you think so too?"

Uh, I don't wanna listen anymore..... hm, popularity, huh? They should've picked someone more responsible to be class rep. He probably just bosses around random people, like Lyn.

Once I see her walking to the doorway, I fish for a fantasy book in my bag. A friend told me to read it, so she gave it to me before I left the city. Its a good way to kill time without being disturbed. I don't notice anyone doing anything interesting, so this should be the best possible way. When I finally find the book, I check the time. 7:09 AM. I'll just read the prologue. Once I start reading books, I don't pay attention to what's happening around me.... well, there's no one to talk to, so this should be fine.


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#, as written by Anino

Just as I'm about to step in the doorway...

I stop.

Because Lyn is right in front of me.

She stood in the doorway. I didn't see her from the angle I was coming from. I'm only a little taller than her, so our eyes almost meet.

"Hey! Er... Good morning...", my hand flies to the back of my neck. "Sorry. About yesterday...", my eyes settle on the third button of her uniform top. It's almost reflex, the way I try to avoid her gaze. Yes, I know. I'm a sorry excuse for a human being.

So I stood there, feeling awkward. Waiting for Lyn's reaction. If she punches me in the face/shoulder/chest--anywhere really-- and/or yells at me, then we're quits. If she ignores me... this is gonna be a long day.

Personally, I hope she'd just go on and get it over with. No matter what she does, I can take it. It's worth it, if she forgives me. These last three years, I've been around her so much, it'll seriously throw me off if she stops hanging out with me.

She's my best friend.

I don't even remember when it happened. I just thought about it one day and I knew it was true. I got along fine with everybody, basically, but I never spent so much time around just one person. I guess I got acclimatized. Now, I can't imagine how I'd kill time if she weren't around.

I know, I know, my best friend is a girl. So what? That's just how it is.

Although I'm not even sure if she wants to be my friend anymore. I checked my phone on the way to school. She hadn't replied to my message last night, and she always replies. It's a 9 times out of 10 thing. And right now, she's not saying anything. I almost want to look up and see her face, to gauge her reaction... but I don't.

What happened yesterday, when she saw me and that girl--Cat, was it?-- I didn't think it was a such a big deal. What really pissed her off is probably me ditching her and making her carry my stuff. Or maybe it's a girl thing. I don't know. One of the cons of having a girl best friend: I just don't get her sometimes.

It feels like I've been standing here for eternity. It's actually been just a minute or so. Still, this is a long time for a reply, especially from Archlinne.

I wonder what she's thinking.


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It's kind of weird, since just 3 minutes ago I was with that weird sparkling eyed guy. Oh Crap! I completely forgot to ask for that guys name again.. urgghh.... I was arranging my stuffs in my table when suddenly the class representative called out "Hey you! Can you do me a favor and get the teacher for me? I don't wanna get in trouble again. Thanks!" I roll my eyes. Great! Why does it always have to be me, I pack up my things again, I hope the class rep. would feel guilty, I mean c'mon he's the class representative not me. I know this kind of job is tough that's why I never want to be part of it. I locked my bag, then went out of the classroom, and near the doorway I find Kai

"Hey! Er... Good morning...", he tells me, while rubbing the back of his neck "Sorry. About yesterday...", I stared at him, expressionless, I can feel his uneasiness since he's avoiding my gaze. I should be really mad at him, but that would be really unfair, since basically he's the first person who befriended me, and he's the first person I ever opened up to, so basically I can't get mad at him for the longest time possible, except if he really betrayed me and left me stranded in a place where it's in the middle of nowhere, so instead of yelling at him or giving him the silent treatment, I beamed at him

"Hey Kai, good morning!" surprised, his eyes flies up meeting my gaze "I was about to call for the teacher since he's running late, and the class representative seems to care less about his job, and ordered me to take his place to call for the teacher" I blabbered on and on, he still seems surprised, though I don't really know why, is it that impossible for me to be cheery in the morning? or does he really want me to be mad at him? Anyhow I waved my hand in front of his face

"Hellooo... Anybody there?" I grab Kai's wrist and dragged him with me "come with me to the faculty, I don't want to be alone" I turned back, his face seems to relax a bit now, whew.. good

In front of the faculty's room, I hear the teacher gasping "oohhs" and "ahhs" as if they're amazed or something. I knocked twice and opened the room, stepped inside dragging Kai with me, I see a guy probably the same age as me or older a bit, 'He might be the reason why the teacher's running late' anyways, the guy has eyes colored crystal almost like transparent and his hair was black as the night, suddenly fear overcomes me, not because I'm scared, but because of the fact I know who this person is, this person, who is one of the most reasons why I moved here, and now he's here, in front of me...

I clenched my hands, forgetting I was holding Kai's hand, it dawned over me, knowing, this will be the last of the days where I can be who I want to be..


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#, as written by Anino

I look at my hand in hers. More accurately, my wrist in her hand.

My apology had gone smoother than I dared hope. Almost... too smooth. She didn't even yell at me?! Maybe something good happened this morning? She must be in an excellent mood... That, or she's keeping it bottled up again. It seems contradictory to her personality, but I realized it after a while.

No matter how explosive and loud and cheerful she is, or how carelessly she seems to throw her emotions around, she's actually really guarded. When she decides to keep something in her heart, it stays locked up in there, tight. I know because although I've been her friend for three years, I still know next to nothing about her life before she moved here. She doesn't like to talk about it. Avoids it the few times I try to bring it up. Not that I've been really persistent or anything. I understand. I know there are things people would rather keep to themselves.

Sometimes though, she slips a little. Like that time I'd stayed over her house at Christmas Eve, since her grandma was nice enough to invite me when she found out I'd be spending it alone that year. We had an awesome dinner and stayed up late, watching movies, making fun of the action stars and their respective damsels in distress, basically just goofing around. I don't remember exactly what I said, but I was probably telling her we should go to sleep or something, because she had said, in a voice softer than I ever remember her using, "But I don't want it to be... tomorrow yet."

She had talked a little about herself then. I remember trying not to seem too eager, thinking that showing too much interest might make her change her mind. I learned what little I do know of her past then. About how she had been a "witch" in her old school. About being alone. About missing her mother. About wishing she'd had friends to celebrate days like this with. She shared all this with a self-deprecating smile that looked out of place on her face, and quiet eyes, sadder than I thought they could ever be.

I knew then that I'd been wrong about her. She had hidden a lot of pain and loneliness in those eyes, and she had done it so well, I had never noticed. Or maybe I was just pathetically insensitive. I don't know. I'd never had to worry about being insensitive.

The movie had still been on in front of us, but I barely payed attention. She stared at the screen with that sad smile on her face and I didn't know what to say. Thank you? I'm sorry? It'll be ok? All of them felt trite and insincere. So I placed my hand softly on her head and ruffled her soft, dark brown hair. We've never talked about that night again.

While I was lost in my impromptu, random flashback, we had continued walking. She's leading me down the hall and we're almost right outside the faculty room now.

The teachers are gathered around. There seems to be some kind of commotion over something. They're gathered around... a guy?

The teachers are staring at him in admiration as if he's the best thing to grace this planet since burgers. Who is this dude? He looks to be about my age, although the way he carries himself makes him seem older. He doesn't look at all intimidated or uncomfortable in any way around all this authority. He's dressed all in black, the same color as his jet-black hair. A stark contrast against his pale skin. He's just as pale as Lyn. He looks our way and I notice his eyes. They're a startlingly bright shade of blue, lighter than Lyn's, but just as remarkable. He gazes at us coolly, eyes sharp as glinting ice.

I feel a tightening pressure on my hand. It's Lyn. Her grip is vice-like on my hand. And turning colder by the second. I look at her face and it is even paler than normal. The blood has left her lips and her eyes are wide with shock and somehow, fear.

Do they know each other? Are they related, perhaps? The questions start pouring in, but right now they aren't important. Lyn's hand is cold with shock. Whoever he is, she probably isn't too happy to see him.

I step forward then, both to somehow block him from Lyn's vision and to get the teachers' attention.

"Oh, Mikail, Archlinne!" Our homeroom teacher finally notices us. She was apparently on her way out, judging from the stack of material in her arms, when she was caught in the commotion. "Did they send you to call for me? I'm sorry you had to come all this way."

"It wasn't a problem, Ms. Romero," I say, attempting a casual smile. Our homeroom teacher was nice enough. A little clumsy maybe, but maybe that's just because she's new at teaching.

She passes through the doorway and I follow after her, not looking at the dude in black. I pull Lyn along with me. There's some resistance but when she finally turns around and falls into step with me, I hear what seems to be a sigh of relief.

I know I shouldn't pry into her past, but that had me worried. She looked scared of him. Or at least she did to me. So against my better judgement, I give into my curiosity and ask in a whisper, "Did you know him?"


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Blood scattered on the floor, I close my eyes, trying to forget this horrifying scene. I try to forget those lifeless eyes looking at me, as if this lifeless body can look through my soul. I shut my eyes tightly, immensely trying to lose that memory.
My mother's eyes bloodshot, bore through mine.

"Hey Arch, come sit" he taps the space beside him, and I obediently followed and sit beside him

"You okay?" he faces me, and gently caress my cheeks. I feel my tears about to flow, it trickled slowly, and I sit there silently

"C'mon Arch, talk to me, don't you remember, we have the chemistry, you said so yourself" he touches my hair
as if everything will be okay, as if nothing actually happened

"Hey... talk to me sweetie" he calls me sweetie, and he kisses my cheek. I give him the silent treatment, maybe, just maybe he'll get tired of me and leave me
"Y'know, even if you don't say anything. You can never change the fact, you killed your own mother" No! I never did it

"What do you say about it? Only I can make you happy" this is so wrong. You're the murderer not me, don't blame me
I think of something, something that he'll never know what hit him and he'll regret everything he did

"You do know that you can't over power me and escape from who you really are right?" I sob my tear has flooded my eyes, that my sight is all too blurry to be able to see properly

"Please.... just.. let... me..g-g-go" I hiccuped


"It wasn't a problem Ms. Romero" a familiar voice, brought me back to my senses, still a little dazed but I finally remembered where I am. That memory, which I try to forget for the longest time, came back all at once, just one look from him. It's freaky.

I feel a light tug from my hand, I was still trying to shake some senses into my brain, since it's still a little shaky, it finally registered in my brain that Kai just pulled my hand, and I followed him, not looking back at him
Kai then asked when I was walking beside him "Did you know him?"

and slowly I nod

"His name is Eldrick Weinston" heaving a heavy sigh I continued "He- he's my ex-boyfriend"


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#, as written by Anino

If I had had anything in my mouth, I would have choked on it.

Ex-boyfriend?! Whatever I was expecting, it wasn't that.

I stay silent for a while after. Mainly because I don't know what to say. I look at Lyn, secretly, from my periphery, and wonder why I'm so surprised. I know that I don't know much about her past, and I mean, it's not that she isn't attractive. She thinks she looks like a "witch", but what she doesn't know is that when she came here, in Willow Creek, she was all every other guy talked about for a couple of days. Yeah, her skin and her eyes and her hair stand out, sure. But what she doesn't realize is that a lot of guys--at least, from around here--actually think that's pretty hot. And those guys bothered me nonstop for a while, asking me all kinds of questions about her. Some of them still do.

I know for a fact that our useless class representative--the one who sent her out on this annoying errand--actually has a thing for her. He probably bosses her around just so he can talk to her. I don't know how he thinks that'll help him, but hey, to each his own. I think some guys even asked her out, although I don't know how any of those attempts went. She's never mentioned anything, and honestly, it's not something I wanna talk about, I mean, she's my best friend and all, but that doesn't mean I wanna talk boyfriends or anything like that. God save me from boyfriend talk.

Oh... maybe that's why.

She's never mentioned anything about dating to me, so I just assumed she was the type who wasn't interested. That's why I'm so surprised that she has an ex-boyfriend. That's probably it. Probably.

I sneak another look at her and meet her eyes. She's waiting for my reply? Ah, crap. What am I supposed to say?

"Uh... So that was your ex-boyfriend?" I laugh a little, and it sounds a little nervous to me though I hope she doesn't notice, "Thought your were related or something, when I saw him. You kinda look alike."

Then, I realize something, and the words are out of my mouth before I can catch them, "But why is he here? Did you know he was coming?"

The moment I say it, I know I probably shouldn't have. It isn't any of my business, and if she did know he was coming, and didn't want me to know about it... well, that would make it kind of awkward if she admitted it now. And I don't wanna force her to lie or anything.

"Okay, here we are. Thank you for coming to get me. You two are such nice kids!"

The perky, cloyingly sweet voice reminds me that we aren't really alone. Ms. Romero's just a few steps ahead of us. And she's just a few steps away from the classroom door.

I'm suddenly aware that I'm still holding Lyn's hand. I drop it in a knee-jerk-reaction kind of way. Like it was a hot potato or something. Seriously.

"Ah, hahaha... I'm not that nice Ms. Romero. Lyn's the one who was actually going. I just kinda tagged along." I can't look at Lyn, so I answer Ms. Romero instead. My hand is at the back of my neck again before I notice it.

"Oh really, you are too modest, Mikail. Now come on, you two. We need to start class now, or forget homeroom all together," she says with a smile as she turns around to enter the classroom.

I step forward to follow her. Not looking at Lyn.


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I close the book and looked at the watch. 7:12 AM. I finished chapter one along with the prologue, and yet Lyn hasn't come back yet. It seems Kai hasn't arrived too. I would've thought he left the classroom to get something from his locker, but his bag isn't on his chair. Then again, he might have left his bag in his locker, or maybe he's just absent. If he was absent, I hope I don't get any news about a broken spine, or something. That would be insane! No way I'd be that heavy! Anyways, I wish he wouldn't be absent...

Lyn hasn't come back too. I wonder if anything's up. Maybe the teacher isn't in the faculty room, and Lyn has to look for her. Lyn. I wonder what her full name is. What if Lyn is just a nickname made because her name was to long? That would make her almost like me, like how my name is shortened to Cat...Wow, I sure do wonder a lot about random things.

Then I come back to my senses. The first thing I notice is a weird feeling. That feeling when you think something's out of place, or when you get nervous, but you’re not. Its really hard to describe.

My friends made fun of me when I told them about this feeling. They said stuff like 'ooooh~ Cat can feel the bad spirits!', or something like, 'the souls are within reach!’ I always thought this was just them being all interested in the supernatural and stuff like that, since it was really popular at that time. Anyways, I’ve always thought it was just my gut feeling.

In the middle of my thinking, someone near the door suddenly shouts, "The teacher is comiiing!!". Everyone starts running like headless chickens-- except the chickens where trying to get to their seats and hiding their cellphones.

By the time the door opened, everyone was already in their seats. The teacher comes in with a smile. Behind her is L--Kai?! How?...My guess would be that Lyn saw Kai while she was on her way, and dragged him along with her. Just as I thought, Lyn was there, but she was behind him, silent. very silent...

Most of the people I've met would be shocked at how accurate I was at guessing stuff, must be a gift. But if I knew they would be together, I would imagined their entrance differently. Kai would have been behind Lyn, while she dragged him by the wrist. I think her personality is like that. Maybe she's just being like this because she's in front of everyone.

Before I realized I lost my gut feeling for a while, it comes back. This doesn't seem right. I want to ask, but that feeling says I should just observe. But you can try asking for Procky Sticks-- if you remember to do it.....I will remember, just you wait, brain!!

"Wow, I'm surprised to see everyone in their seats, the class representative is doing a great job! This class is wonderful, two people even volunteered to come and get me! Such nice kids." the teacher smiles.

I smile at the thought of how the teacher has no idea what really happened. She will probably never know what really happened. And how much of a jerk the class representative really is. My face turns expressionless.

I glance over to Lyn. She's still silent in her chair. I wonder what happened? I'm pretty sure something's bothering her, I just don't have an idea. Even though she's normally silent, her eyes are always wondering around the room, but right now, she's staring so hard on her palms, I wouldn't be surprised if she bores a whole into them. Did something bad really happen? I wonder, hoping an answer would suddenly hit me hard...

"My, I'm sorry for being late! I'll start the class right away!"

There's no pain at all.


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Why is Rick here? Is it to cause me more trouble than I can handle. He already gave me enough trouble back in Ashpeak, so what is it that he wants here. I'm sure I left as soon as I stabbed him, and I'm sure that nobody can actually locate my grandmother's house, even my own father doesn't have any idea where his mother resides now.

But that isn't the problem. My problem is why is Eldrick here and not in Ashpeak, why is he here when he knows my mother no longer exist. He couldn't be targeting me can he, I mean, no matter what happens, he'll always be stronger than I, so what is it that he wants from me?

Then suddenly it hits me-

He couldn't be targeting Kai... could he... no that can't be, I mean Kai couldn't possibly possess any sort of- no that can't be. I'm pretty sure the people here in Willow Creek are just the average ones, like the one you'll see in average teen movies. But if he's targeting someone close to me because I refuse to accept his feelings then- Oh no, why did I let this happen. But if I distance myself from Kai starting from now, he'll hate me, and I don't ever want that to happen. Kai, I consider Kai as my very first friend, no Kai is my best friend, but if Kai's life would be in danger because of me, then I'd rather... No- I can't, I'll just have to make sure I'll be extra careful, as well as stay beside Kai the longer possible time.


The sudden ringing of the bell, distracts me, and now that I am out of my trance I can feel a pair of eyes looking at me, I glanced whoever it was looking at me, and find the new girl, the one Kai was with the other day. Now that I think about it, I kept seeing her but I don't even have the slightest idea who she is.

The next class doesn't start in 15 minutes, I know since it has always been like that. I don't know why the teachers just love to be late in their own assigned class.

I stand up from my seat and approached Kai, there's no use in crying over spilled milk. When I reached Kai's seat, I find him staring through the window, seems like he's in deep thoughts.

"Hey! Stop frowning so much, it makes you look old" I slapped his shoulders. He looked at me with wide eyes. Pouting I pinched his cheeks, that made him rub me it afterwards
"You're so mean, stop looking at me like that, it makes me feel guilty, as if I've done something bad"
"Sorry" he muttered softly
"Anyways, about the burger you promised don't even think I've forgotten about it yet, because I haven't, so it's your turn to treat me! That okay? By the way, let's invite that girl over there, the one you keep on bumping into. What's her name?"
"Hm? You mean Cat?"
"Cat, like a pet?" I looked at Kai confusingly, that made Kai sigh heavily
"Her name is Catheroura Sylvain, but she prefers to call herself Cat"
"Oh! So let's invite her for lunch, I want to get to know her better, she seems interesting since, you practically keep on bumping at her" smiling I continued. "The teacher's here. Talk to you later. Bye" then I walked to my place at sat there.

My thoughts unconsciously drifts away again